Friday, August 2, 2013

More Liberal Neuroticism - Girlish Crushes on Muhammad Ali

In keeping with the last post, here's another piece on yet another aspect of the twisted liberal psyche, and it has to do with the primal sex thing.  Or maybe more decadent than primal. Whew!  It's true, when you think about it, that White male liberals seem to be either sociopathic sexual predators, à la the Clinton/Weiner/Filner/ad infinitum type, or a sort of submissive deviant, as Charles Martel describes in this essay.  And before you point it out, it's true that there are lots and lots of appropriate illustrations out there for this post, but I didn't want to look at any of them, and neither (I hope) do you.  So instead, here's one of the Joshiraku girls, Gankyō Kūrubiyūtei, a much more pleasant sight than those other images I preemptively rejected. And now, the essay:

July 30, 2013 Charles Martel

One of the real pleasures I get in life is confronting liberal white men over their notion of Muhammad Ali. They often mimic what they have heard: “He was so principled, what with standing up against the war and all. He was a dedicated civil rights leader, a real humanitarian!” Thus and so, I often hear.

Their only education on the man is from a few flattering documentaries or from the Hollywood movie “Ali” starring Will Smith—all of which are written and directed by other liberal white men. To gather anything from them would be like watching Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory to learn the life of Gene Wilder.

The truth is Muhammad Ali was a dedicated racist, who once attended a Ku Klux Klan rally. That’s right; he rallied, joked, clapped and cheered with the same organization that had been, up to that time, killing his kind for one hundred years. How’s that for principles?

He mocked those “dumb ass niggas,” as he often referred to them, who marched for desegregation, and laughed at images of water hoses and police dogs let loose at protests. To his credit, however, he hated whites and “niggas” just the same. The only people he tolerated were black Muslims.

He humiliated and tormented Joe Frazier because of his classic Negroid features. Mr. Ali constantly referred to Frazier as “the other type of negro.” He would say Frazier was “the Uncle Tom nigga.” Mr. Ali never missed a chance to refer to Frazier in public as “ugly” and “dumb Joe Frazier.” His audience, liberal white men, lapped it up and laughed at Frazier’s expense.

It’s hilariously ironic that anyone could get offended having been called dumb by the moronic Ali. It’s equally puzzling how anyone could find a moron humorous when insulting the intelligence of someone else.

Ali failed his Army entrance exam twice. That put his mental development below a sixth grade level. He could hardly spell and was a very poor reader. He lifted many of the now famous rhymes and catchy one-liners from members in his entourage. At any rate, how’s that for a civil rights leader?
(It gets more interesting, but no less disturbing.  Read the rest HERE.)


  1. The wiggers are the norm, and the caricature is equaled by racialists that can find nothing but Hitler as an epoch of Western civilization. Still the pathology goes unnoticed, as psychology is dumb-downed for negro-phobes and negro-philes alike. By Christenings and civilizations rite, the negroes want not natural law's individual autonomy, but one far greater and real. These Blacks will not be getting their personalities from a white supremacist stereotype; and nor will such whites claim christening and civilizations rite.

  2. I thought you could not get anymore ridiculous but you have really outdone yourself. Describing an entire group as sexual deviants as a way to drum up anger against them is really as low as you can sink. If you honestly believe that the actions of a few define an entire group than no wonder you have not been able to make a valid argument thus far. I suspect that this was merely a tactic to try to denounce liberals without actually haveing to understand them but instead use the oldest trick in the book. And frankly I do not know who you are refering to as those who look to Ali as a civil rights leader. I surely dont. He was a boxer and thats it. But the fact that you have to belittle a man who clearly was no great thinker in order to make yourself feel superior only proves how low you truly are.

  3. Ali's IQ was 78, and after he mocked Frazier, Frazier told him in the ring, in the first fight, he was going to kick Ali's "half-breed ass." And he did.

    Ali brought religion and politics into boxing. He was the worst thing that ever happened to the sport.

    1. Like I said he was no great thinker, so what good does it do to ridicule him? What can anyone possibly hope to prove with that?

    2. Ali's own friends referred to him as a moron. No ridicule....just the truth.