Monday, August 5, 2013

May the best carnivore win!

Biology is a fuzzy thing.  Boundaries between species are sometimes clear, and sometimes very blurry.  There are some critters that might be mammals and might be reptiles. We're even finding out lately that some Homo sapiens sapiens have quite a bit of Homo sapiens neanderthalensis blood, and others may be partly descended from Denisova hominins, so even that is fuzzy.

But one thing I always took for granted without thinking much about it is that some species are herbivorous, some carnivorous, and some omnivorous.  And of course it can't be that simple.  Here's a scary letter from A. X. Perez, warning us to be careful of those gentle-looking Bambis. I was going to use a clip or still from the Simpsons, the episode where deer snarl at Lisa and chase her, but I couldn't find it.  So I used this illustration instead, which might be even more disturbing.  At any rate, be warned.  Go HERE to read answers to his note.

Carnivorous Deer
Deer eat meat. I can't think of any other way to put it. Deer and many other herbivores will eat meat and do so with some relish. I read about this in Omni back when and a recent short story in Analog reminded me of this. Don't take my word, see [HERE] and [HERE]
Heinlein warned us of false flag pacifists in his novel Time Enough for Love, and repeated in his collection of aphorisms The Notebooks of Lazarus Long. People who don't know better think that deer and other herbivores are sweet and lovable and peaceful, disregarding reports from people who have observed male herbivores fighting over mates and dominance. For that matter, we city types would do well to listen to our more rustic friends when they discuss mean cattle and horses.
Humans are in fact omnivores. We have evolved digestive tracts meant to process meat, fruit, nuts. and artificially prepared vegetables, grains and legumes. We can get by on vegetarian diets and all meat diets, though I've been told we are healthiest eating a diet made up of 20% meat, 80 % veggie.
So, when a fellow omnivore tells me to give up meat because vegetarianism is more natural and points to herbivores as an example of moral behavior I have to wonder if they are sneaking Porterhouses in private. When a people guarded by professionals tells me I must go disarmed I have to wonder how they plan to rob me. When a man who approaches Woodrow Wilson's record of enthusiasm in foreign adventurism get's the Nobel Peace Prize I am reminded of Heinlein's opinion of pacifists.
Meanwhile, if you're hunting this season, and the deer look scrawny and seem to be stalking you, watch your back.


  1. Actually from an anthropological stance early man lived on a mostly gathered diet, man the hunter was not a reality. But I gladly eat meat! True pacifists have no goal beyond a world where swords are beat into plowshares. The level of weapons that we currently have available cause so much destruction that it is impossible to justify their use.

  2. Those who beat their swords into plowshares, will plow for those who haven't.

  3. Then let that be our problem and do not force acts that are so evil and unjust to be done in our name. Because when America acts it does so in the name of the citizens, so we are each resopnsible for the acts of the state and will be held accountable by people around the world, and I will not stand idle while deaths of men, women and children are done for me.

  4. Let me know when you've convinced the governments and common criminals to disarm, then we'll talk.

    Come to think of it, universal disarmament, even if achievable, would be a horrible thing. It would put the weak at the mercy of the strong, the innocent victim at the mercy of the rapist, the one or few at the mercy of the murderous mob.

    I have weapons for the same reason the police (at least say) they have theirs: protecting innocent life and property from criminal agression.

    "That rifle on the wall of the labourer's cottage or working class flat is the symbol of democracy. It is our job to see that it stays there." -George Orwell

  5. If you are speaking of nuclear weapons, I am right there with you- no government can be trusted with them. This week in history, 1945: Democrat US president drops a nuclear bomb on Japanese civilians to frighten Soviet communists...

  6. Just because it is a far fetched dream does not mean that it is not still a noble dream that should be aimed for.

    Well the weak are already at the mercy of the strong except the strong have stockpiles of guns. I am not familiar enough to really speak on it but what comes to mind is the town with the cop who was suspended for his videos where he shoots and says he is going to kill liberals. But from what I understand since then he and some other armed towns people have taken over the town to the point where the other townspeople are now asking the national guard to step in. Iam not sure if you saw it but I responded to your somments in another post. Basically I explained that even though yes I would like to see limits on guns it is only to what I understand as responsible gun ownership. I grew up in central pa where most everyone owned guns but it was for hunting, they were not crazy people who stockpile weapons for the zombie apocalypse and they kept them in gun safes. On the flip side I explained that now living in a suburb of Philadelphia I have witnessed unresponsible ownership and thats what I do not like. My ex's dad was one such example he owned more than 20 guns, did not hunt, lived in an extremely safe neighborhood, bought them on a whim, and kept them in glass cases where they could be taken and used in a crime and he honestly would never know. Frankly if gun owners want to get the rest of the country on their side they need to be headed by the moderate, and responsible, not the crazy people that want to start a revolution.

    Partly its about nuclear weapons, they are an extreme danger. I would post a paper I wrote on them for you to look at if the blog master will allow me. But I also mean drones, they essentially turn the us into terrorists. They are silent, indiscriminate killers that often kill civilians. But back to nuclear weapons, yes I know that a democratic president gave the orders to use them, that is why I do not call myself a democrat but a liberal. I often disagree with the democratic party so while I understand what you are getting at it is not as cut and dry.

  7. "I am not familiar enough to really speak on it."

    Aw hell, that's never stopped you before...

  8. Thats no argument at all. My point was I do not live in the town so I do not know the actual situation but from what I understand those with the guns are using them to control those without. Guns have not made them equal it has made them a menace, and the same thing could play out in small towns across the country because some idiots thought it was their right to be able to own semi-auto weapons...and hold their neighbors hostage.