Monday, August 26, 2013

Every Manning for Himself

Guest post by Baloo:

As near as I can tell, I had a job sort of like Bradley Manning's 40-odd years ago.  My primary Army MOS was 96C, interrogator, but my secondary was 96B, which was intelligence analyst, and that's what I worked as for about a year and a half. I really can't tell what Manning's actual job was.  My job was to rewrite rough intelligence documents into readable reports.  I was an editor, in effect.  And of course I, and everybody I worked with, had to have a TS (top secret security clearance). They weren't easy to get.  Obviously, you couldn't get one if you had a police record, or if your known political stance was considered incompatible with the job (I was about as far right as I could be and still get the clearance), or if you had relatives behind the Iron Curtain, or if you had a drinking problem, or a money problem, or any psychological problems at all, because the theory was that unstable people were both intrinsically unreliable and vulnerable to blackmail.  How far we've come since then.

In my day, suspicion of homosexuality could get you booted out of the Army, never mind deprived of a security clearance.  Now it seems to be an excuse for bad behavior. If a heterosexual had been behaving like Manning had, he's probably have had his clearance pulled.  But being gay or one of the LGBT letters, Manning could act totally nuts and everybody near him pretended nothing was wrong, not wanting to wreck their military careers by being labeled homophobes.

And, of course, the same thing was the case with Nidal Hasan.  He also got away with absolutely outrageous behavior because everybody around him was afraid of being labeled Islamophobic.  A few people have pointed out what the Manning and Hasan cases have in common, but no one explains it as well as Jim Goad, who writes:

Dangerously Sensitive

Political correctness, that great misguided ennobler/enabler of disgruntled losers and embittered misfits, may have helped pave the way for Bradley Manning and Nidal Hasan to achieve infamy.

Before his decision to start leaking highly sensitive military information to svelte albino panda cub Julian Assange in 2010, Bradley Manning gave his Army superiors every reason to suspect he was a mentally unstable and potentially violent homosexual who was perhaps too emotionally hypersensitive to be trusted with highly sensitive documents.

Before he decided to blow away a baker’s dozen (plus a bun in the oven) with two handguns at Fort Hood in late 2009, Nidal Hasan gave his Army superiors every reason to suspect he was a jihadist turncoat gunning for his 72 virgins because he had trouble getting laid.

(Full disclosure: Not for a moment have I approved of the US military’s foolhardy forays into the Middle East. If I had my druthers, I’d bring all the boys—and they’d all be boys, meaning no girls and definitely no boys who suddenly decide that they’re girls—home to guard the true national-security threat, the one along the Mexican border. Before any of you perpetually sour-pussed pea-picking peckerwoods in the peanut gallery start grousing that I’m some sort of neocon, allow me to sternly instruct you that it’s possible to simultaneously disapprove of Islam and Zionism. It is also possible to deplore American military expansionism while being concerned about the fact that bullied loners and cultural outcasts lurking within the armed forces can throw tantrums and endanger American lives because people are terrified of calling them fags and/or ragheads.)

It appears beyond question that inadequate screening and culturally masochistic Islamo-tolerance allowed Nidal Hasan to claim American lives. Whether you view Bradley Manning as a hero or a heel is largely a matter of taste, but on August 14, he claimed his actions led to “unintended consequences” and had “hurt people.” That comes straight from the little sparkle pony’s thin lips.

By the way, his name is Bradley Manning, and he’s a guy. To claim he’s suddenly a chick is to deny biological reality. Last Thursday, the day after being sentenced to a 35-year prison bid, Manning issued a statement containing the following gems:

As I transition into this next phase of my life, I want everyone to know the real me. I am Chelsea Manning. I am a female….I also request that, starting today, you refer to me by my new name and use the feminine pronoun….
NO, dude. And as a preemptive strike, I also rule out the possibility of ever calling you Bradley Womanning.
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  1. Strangely, this poor,sad case of a confused creature is morally superior to the people mismanaging our government whom he exposed for misusing our system of keeping diplomatic and military secrets. We really, really need to hit this nation's reset button.