Tuesday, August 13, 2013

DailyKenn asks, Why are white people so gullible?

DailyKenn says:

I believe it is both immoral and idiotic to dislike individuals because of their ethnic heritage. I also believe it both immoral and idiotic to hide one's head in the sands of political correctness and ignore the realities of such issues as black crime, immigration, intelligence disparities, and the destruction of Western culture. Problems can't be solved if their existence is denied. Violent black crime is a persistent epidemic. While not all blacks are violent criminals nor all violent criminals black, it is true that 52.2% of homicides are committed by blacks [source], most committed by males aged 18 to 49; about 3 percent of the population. It is also true that the black-offender homicide rate is 8 times greater than the white homicide rate [source].
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And then he asks:

Media blindness is a phenomenon that
deceives white people into believing
that blacks are victims of white racism
and the black communities are
populated with passive victims
like those seen on TV and in the movies.
Why are white people so gullible?
by DailyKenn.com

Well, it happened again.

A white guy was taking a casual stroll through a black neighborhood. Now he is clinging to life in intensive care.

Apparently 26-year-old Raymond Widstrand was unaware that a perennial gang warfare is waging in the black community -- virtually every black community.

News accounts report that Widstrand was taking a walk near a gang fight when the feuding black guys turned on him.

How is it possible that any white person living in America cannot be aware of the extreme violence that is epidemic throughout the nation's black neighborhoods?

I suppose such ignorance may be attributed to the constant flow of nonsense from the media. Television fiction almost never portrays blacks as violent thugs and movies tend to cast blacks as victims of white racism. the make-believe version of black Americans is that they are passive victims of white bigotry. That's not to suggest that all blacks are violent thugs or that all violent thugs are black. It is, rather, to acknowledge reality for what it is: If blacks don't mind killing each other, they certainly won't mind pounding the occasional white people who are naive enough to wonder onto their turf.

Widstrand isn't alone. Below is a list of other black-on-white violent crimes that occurred in recent days. While some of these attacks are due to white gullibility, many are the outcome of government mandates that force white people to be placed in harm's way, such as the 13-year-old beating victim who was forced to ride a school bus with violent black classmates.

2013-08-10 MOB ATTACK Ray Widstrand
2013-08-06 MURDER Alyssa Oakes
2013-08-06 BEATING/ROBBERY Gideon Hackett
2013-08-05 BEATING Unnamed
2013-08-05 TORTURE,MURDER Gary Nagy
2013-08-04 CARJACKING 2 women, 1 girl
2013-08-01 STABBING Natasha Martinez
2013-07-31 ASSAULT/ROBBERY Carre Ramirez
2013-07-31 MOB ATTACK unnamed man
2013-07-30 MOB ATTACK T.C. Maslin
22013-07-29 SCHOOL BUS ATTACK 13-yr-old boy
2013-07-29 ASSAULT cab driver
2013-07-29 ASSAULT young mother
2013-07-28 MOB ATTACK unnamed man
2013-07-28 MOB ATTACK 4 victims
2013-07-27 MOB ATTACK unnamed victim
2013-07-25 SHOOTING elderly trucker
2013-07-19 HOMICIDE Stacey Moulton
2013-07-19 HOMICIDE Terri Moulton
2013-07-19 ASSAULT Zack Finkelstein
2013-07-19 RAPE 5-yrold girl
2013-07-15 ASSAULT Georgia [withheld]
2013-07-14 MOB ATTACK Christopher (withheld)
2013-07-14 MURDER Matthew Bohannon
2013-07-14 MURDER Andrew Bohannon
2013-07-14 MURDER Joseph Orlando
2013-07-14 ABDUCTION/MURDER Brenna Machus
2013-07-12 MURDER Lina Lim
2013-07-12 MURDER Khin Min
2013-07-12 MURDER Pat Mahaney
2013-07-10 SHOT Father, children
2013-07-10 ASSAULT/THEFT 3 victims
2013-07-04 ASSAULT/THEFT Joe Stapf
2013-07-02 MURDER Molly Conley
2013-07-02 MURDER Kelly L. Hunnewel
2013-07-02 KNIFE ASSAULT 2-Yr-Old
2013-07-01 MURDER Joshua Chellew Kenn comments...
2013-07-01 ASSAULT Cassandra Struve
2013-06-30 MOB ATTACK young woman
2013-06-27 ASSAULT Hayley Aldridge
2013-06-26 HOMICIDE Amy Gibbins
2013-06-26 HOMICIDE Amy Gibbins'5-yr-old son
2013-06-26 MOB ATTACK Unnamed Family
2013-06-26 MOB ATTACK unnamed boy


  1. Why are white people so gullible?

    Relentless indoctrination by media, academia, and government or the MAG.

    Don't expect a peep about it from Obama, Holder, Nancy Grace, Al Charlatan, Jesse Jackass or any of the idiot PTB.

  2. I find this post rather stupid and trivial in light of the facts that, numerous blacks have been murdered by whites since the countries inception. Black communities have been bombed and many killed by perpetual racist attitudes. Get a life and grow up! Speak true facts. The media crime reports are "self-reported" so please, I can get many articles where whites are the perpetrators of crime. Your lack of actual reporting and creating a blog to justify your point or lack thereof, fails short of anything so-called intellectual.