Wednesday, March 6, 2013

White Inventions

Cartoon from BALOO'S WEBSITE.
We didn't invent hip-hop, or jazz, or voodoo, but us White folks have a few accomplishments we can be proud of.  Maybe thousands of scientific innovations (including the concept of 'science' itself) go a little ways to make up for our white-bread boringness, and, let's face it, our deficiencies in violence and funkiness.  But they'd miss us if we left.  Maybe not now, maybe not tomorrow, but...  DailyKenn explains how it would go:


Try this exercise. Fill an arena with a cross-section of 25,000 Americans, regardless of ethnicity. All are asked to surrender anything that is the product of white innovation.

The first to go will be electric lights as the arena is bathed in darkness. After all, the advent of electric power -- from the light bulb to the power grid -- are white innovations. Both the air conditioning and ventilation systems are shut down.

Each of the 25,000 will surrender cell phones, cameras, eyeglasses, hearing aids and any other peripheral gadgets in their possession. False teeth and braces will be surrendered as will other health enhancements such as wheel chairs, crutches, prosthetics, braces of various sorts, etc. Tragically, those with life-supporting devices including heart valves and insulin pumps will find themselves facing termination.

Aside from the few wearing silk garments, the crowd will strip naked, surrendering textiles devised by white innovation. Ultimately, the crowd will be forced to abandon the arena itself as the geometry and architectural techniques used in construction were largely birthed in the minds of Western civilization. The material used in construction, including steel and concrete, were also invented by white people and, therefore, taboo to our experiment.

Remaining is a horde of 25,000 naked people, less the few thousand who lost their lives when their pacemakers and such were removed. They have nowhere to go because, once outside the arena, they are surrounded by a physical infrastructure conceived in the minds of white people. They are forced to seek out a wilderness location where they will live off the land, hunting berries and game for sustenance, and constructing shelters without the aid of white people. Transportation to a wilderness site is, of course, not allowed. Every available means of transportation, from automobiles to bicycles to roller skates, are white inventions. The crowd must walk.

While the above scenario may seem silly, we should dig into the recesses of our recent national memory and review the mayhem that emerged during the Katrina disaster as thousands were ushered into the Superdome.

We could also look to the present as Detroit and many other non-white American communities struggle with limited benevolence of white innovation.

Then we can peer into the future.

It is the prospect of a future without white innovation that reminds us that Western culture has greatly contributed to the well-being of non-whites, that the notion of white privilege is intentionally exaggerated far beyond reality, and that the continued contribution of Western civilization is essential to the well-being of non-whites.

Those who are serious in their quest to help non-whites will enthusiastically strive to protect Western civilization.

Virtually every technological advancement this side of grass huts, grass skirts, and voodoo medicine is the direct result of white innovation. Cultural Marxism doesn't merely minimize that reality, it wholly ignores it, supposing trains, planes and automobiles popped out of nowhere along with computer technology, micro biology, health care advancements, etc.

Western culture dominates the civilized world with vibrant, intelligent leadership with an inherent knack for innovation that enjoins the rule of law with a free market economy and thereby launching the planet's population into a stratospheric realm of technological advancement.

It is that domination that is hated by cultural Marxism. They care not that the world's non-white population benefits from white innovation. Advocates of multiculturalism demand an equal outcome, even if it means a return to grass huts and voodoo health care.

The question begs to be asked: What will happen when the white infrastructure is disabled, then destroyed? Who will know how to turn the lights on?

The demise of the Eurosphere, including Australia, Canada, Europe, New Zealand, the United States, and other outposts of white culture, will plunge humanity into an apocalyptic dark ages. It is ironic that the destruction of white culture will imminently be devastating to non-whites.

To preserve and advance white culture is to preserve and advance non white people groups who benefit from Western innovation. That is an abstract most are unable -- or unwilling -- to comprehend.

Cultural Marxism is more than a multicultural, melting-pot mindset. It is a movement that distorts our perception of reality by intentionally demonizing white culture. Rather than acknowledge that white contributions to world civilization have been so vast as to be literally incomprehensible, our minds are inundated with abject distortions that paint Western culture with a broad stroke, demonizing us as racists and supremacists.

The demonizing of white culture is made manifest in white guilt and irrational hatred of white people. Meanwhile, whites are hyper-sensitized to abandon any serious, objective conversation about race. (That sensitivity is likely experienced by some who are reading this post -- by mere virtue of the fact that they are reading it.) Like cattle spurred along by painful electric prods, we are mentally shocked when we dare address reality and speak the truth. Our minds are tamed and corralled. We echo the sentiments of those who are destroying us. Call it the Stockholm syndrome on a universal scale. It is genocide by concession.

The conclusion?

Those who strive to preserve Western culture are demonized as racists. In reality, the opposite is true. Those who strive to destroy Western culture are racists whose short-sightedness and lack of abstract thinking will cause incomprehensible harm to non-whites.

Those who are determined to disable and destroy Western culture are, in fact, destroying non-whites. It's akin to killing the goose that laid the golden egg.


  1. If you'll read "Human Accomplishment" by Charles Murray you'll find white men created 98% of everything in all of recorded history.

  2. I cannot address European white self hatred. I can see what is happening in the USA. Conservative racists have blocked non whites from assimilating into general American culture on the assumption they were not "morally good enough" to do so, while
    Liberal racists have blocked their assimilation becauase it is "too hard" and because it would be "oppressive" to even let them try.
    Thing is, America is "browning up." Culturally absorb the non white or watch white culture die as white folk become the largesdt minority instead of the majority of Americans.
    Of course, the Liberals will resist this point, as assimilation militates against brown and black dependency on the nanny beloved by the left. The questionis, do conservatives have the courage to aborb non whites and I think most do.