Tuesday, March 26, 2013

Vengeance as an Adaptation

"Vengeance is mine," sayeth the Lord.  Well and good. I can see how that notion might initially appeal to people tired of blood feuds, but it's a sort of dysgenic way to think.  Put simply, a group that routinely foregoes vengeance finds itself constantly decimated by groups that don't, and eventually vanishes.  That's not to say that you should never forego vengeance, just that it's a bad general principle.  Vito Corleone didn't really forego vengeance, you know, he was just biding his time.

Now, I have a dubious feeling about Christianity and the whole 'turn the other cheek' notion.  I can't understand how anybody could think that a rational way to behave.  Maybe the whole thing is a misinterpretation.  But whether it's a valid Christian way of thinking or not, it's the one bit of Christianity that liberals have decided to keep, because it fits their ethos of self-destruction.

Here's something that calls for vengeance.

Two Black Teenagers Murder 13-Month-Old Toddler, Wound White Mother

  Full story HERE.  It's interesting that I heard all about the murder, on Fox News no less, and they told me all about the facts of the murder, the ages of everybody, etc., but just couldn't bring themselves to mention that the murderers were Black and the victims White.  And, I repeat, that was Fox News.

Well, regardless of what suicidal Christians think, or what self-destructive liberals say, every decent person who hears about this should want the perps dead.  Jim Goad talks about the validity of vengeance in this case and in general — Here's part of what he writes:

Last Thursday morning in a small coastal Georgia town, a white woman was strolling her blue-eyed infant son when a pair of young black males—she said the younger one appeared to be only ten years old—confronted her at gunpoint and demanded her money. She says she told them she didn’t have any money, at which point the older male fired two bullets at her, one grazing her ear and the other hitting her leg. He allegedly then pushed her out of the way and fired a shot point-blank into the infant’s face, killing him.

On Friday, police in Brunswick, GA arrested 17-year-old De’Marquise “Money-ville” Elkins—who, judging from pictures, appears to be a “Blood” gang member—and an unnamed 14-year-old accomplice on suspicion of murder.

The dead baby’s mother, Sherry West, says she hates the accused killer and wants him to die.


  1. This might be a tipping point, as was the case with Adria Richards, who got fired for making up a story about two guys supposedly making sex jokes.

    Now these kids murder a baby. I don't see how even a liberal can blame this on racism, not after shooting a baby in the head at almost point-blank range.

  2. Bob, I wish you were right about liberals' reaction to this vicious murder, but I can quite easily imagine how they could justify it. "Generations of oppression" and "Broken home" come to mind. Or, given that this dirtbag's nickname indicates a fixation on cash, they could diagnose a mental defect that made him unable to control his emotions when denied his daily fix of money. I wish I was being snarky and satirical about this, but I'm afraid I'm not.

  3. Vengeance: You messed with me and I will mess you up. What I will do to you and yours will be so horrible that people will kill the next person who looks at me cross eyed rather than risk my next rampage, that people who harm my loved ones will commit suicide rather than face my wrath.

    I approve of this treatment for baby killers and the persons who raised them to be monsters.

  4. I've already seen in response comments on the story, people insisting it was the mother who shot her child and the police are bullying the low-IQ and poor black family.