Friday, March 8, 2013

The Indignogasm at Oberlin

Remember how Oberlin College canceled classes and had an indignogasm a while back, when some student thought she saw somebody in in Klan outfit?  Whether the student is a hoaxer or an idiot hasn't been determined yet as far as I know, but Nicholas Stix has been keeping up with the fun, collecting and organizing information on the event as only he can, and you can read that, and the comment he tried to post at the New York Times (but they wouldn't let him), and become generally enlightened at Stix's site here:

Still Banned at the New York Times! Thread Gestapo Blocks Writer’s Comment on Oberlin Hate Crime Hoax

By Nicholas Stix

Apparently, a string of hate crime hoaxes have been pulled at Ohio’s Oberlin College, whose left-of-Stalin politics is extreme, even for today’s academia.

The hoaxes started with spray-painted “hate speech.” Then, someone announced that a lone figure had been seen outside of the Afrkan [sic] Heritage Center, which is actually a racially segregated black dorm, wearing a “KKK” hood. (Keep reading HERE.)

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