Thursday, March 21, 2013

The Burden of War Falls on Guess Who?

People who know what they know about history from movies and tv, which is most people these days, have some skewed ideas as a result.  Many of them have a feeling that the Tuskegee Airmen won World War II, and that the North triumphed in the Civil War largely because of the leadership skills of Morgan Freeman and Denzel Washington.  One little related meme that we've all heard a thousand times is that "minorities are hit harder" when it comes to war and war casualties, just like they're hit harder when the housing bubble bursts or New Orleans has a flood or when funds are sequestered by evil Republicans or when it rains.  But y'know what?  That's not the case.  The truth is the opposite of that little urban legend.  Fact is, White males are hit harder.  They suffer more casualties per capita than do minorities.  A lot more.  Steve Sailer has the facts HERE.


  1. Surprise! Guess what happens after years of teaching minority members not to be patriots? White liberalism strikes again. (Note, double check what percentage of minorities enrolling in military have assimilated into majority American culture, especially in combat units.)

  2. As a black male it is obvious.