Thursday, March 21, 2013

Republican Treason

For quite some time now it's been obvious that the Democratic party is out to destroy the United States and the American people.  They hardly even bother to deny it any more.  It's the party of Kenyan Presidents and Bahamian Attorney Generals, and immigrants from all over the world as long as they're not White.  It's the party that sues the state of Arizona when it tries to enforce immigration laws that the Feds refuse to enforce.  It's the party that lets illegal aliens loose even when they have criminal records. It's the party that invites Muslim immigrants in while it makes war on their home countries. (As Steve Sailer would say, "What could possibly go wrong?")

But the Republicans aren't like that, right?  Wrong.  They have decided that the way to success is to be just as anti-American as the Democrats are. Even Rand Paul, for whom so many of us had high expectations, has done the double-genuflection, to protecting the borders of Israel while leaving the borders of the United States wide open.  Matt Parrott says he's doesn't want a seat at the table any more, he just wants to take a chainsaw to the table.  He writes:

Republican National Committee Report 2013:

A Declaration of War on White Americans

The RNC’s apparatchiks recently published a landmark report, The Growth and Opportunity Project, on their strategic challenges and potential responses to those challenges. It’s bursting with info-graphics, tables, and charts which lend an air of gravitas and finality to what’s essentially a bundle of biases and conclusions drawn from the false premises cherished by Beltway elites.

The report arrives at three basic conclusions:

1. We need to silence our ignorant and bigoted constituents;

2. We need to actively replace White party leadership with minority tokens; and

3. We need more wonks generating more reports with bigger computers.

To recap, the 2012 election was one in which the most data-driven wonk in the entire history of national politics was crowned by these party elites against the protests of the disorganized and splintered majority of the Party. Mitt Romney focused almost exclusively on economic talking points, minority outreach, and ignoring social issues, as if he had somehow received an advance copy of this very report at the beginning of his campaign and obeyed it faithfully (save for an obligatory, disingenuous, and temporary nod to border security during the tight primary race).

The result was a disastrous loss, one caused almost exclusively by an unprecedentedimplosion of enthusiasm among his Middle American conservative (read: White) base. While Barack Obama’s campaign patiently and pragmatically pandered to and whipped up the people who were his natural base, Mitt Romney pursued the strategy outlined in his report: churning out reptilian economic talking points to historically hostile groups through a vast analytically-driven political machine.

According to this report, Mitt Romney wasn’t reptilian enough, and his mainframe he used to track and extract money and votes didn’t have enough vacuum tubes and flashing lights on it! (Read the rest HERE.)


  1. Mass immigration has always been about replacing the white population whether we're talking about Europe or the USA.

    The simple fact of the matter is that society's elite can't accept that their grand social and economic visions have fundamental flaws. They consider themselves too smart and enlightened for their grand plans to be failures so they need a scapegoat. For this, they have turned to the white working and middle class as the problem. It's them that the elite believe are the reason that the gears of their machinations don't pan out and if only they were gone then all their plans would work out just find.

    It's not about needing workers for the so called jobs that they claim its citizens won't do. It's about importing the subjects that they think will allow their half baked schemes to work.

  2. Nothing is being said about non white immigrants that wasn't said about Irish, Italian, and Slavic immigrants. That said, never have either parties been so adamant about denying that that immigrants should assimilate into the general American culture (English speaking, based on Northwestern European, specifically English Protestant values and the freedom loving values that have evolved from them). As long as this going on the least desirable elements of the immigrants and their descendants will join forces with nanny state liberals to prepare a delicious goose dinner. The day after there will be a news special in which the Democrats blame the Republicans for hiding the golden eggs and their source.

  3. Robert Linsay has a few words on this:

  4. The above picture is rather apropos for discussing The Tribe that dictates the ideology of both Democrats and Republicans. They don't really understand the concept of nations (apart from their own), but they do want to kill ours.

  5. The above picture is rather apropos for discussing The Tribe that dictates the ideology of both Democrats and Republicans. They don't really understand the concept of nations (apart from their own), but they do want to kill ours.