Monday, March 18, 2013

Nicholas Stix goes all terse.

Nicholas Stix is famous for very long, detailed posts that tell you all you need to know about the topic, in contrast to slapdash bloggers like me who paint with a broad brush. That's why I link to him so often.  But now and then, he eschews the super-sized posting style in favor of a Zen-like terseness and speed — as the lady in the illustration, it's slash and destroy in one smooth motion.  No hesitation, no details, no redundancy.  His latest of that sort is HERE.


  1. Joe McCarthy was right? Sorta. In fact the problem was much worse than he realized. He underestimated both the number of communists and the number of crypto-, semi-, and pseudo-communists in government, media, academia, etc (what is often referred to now as "the Cathedral"), and their sympathizers and fellow travelers. Joe was taking on the entire political/cultural/social establishment and didn't even realize it.

  2. McCarthy went after the wrong commies, prvided cover for actions of "right"commies.