Thursday, March 7, 2013

Liberals Wax Indignant about my "Gender Identity" Post

A few days ago I posted about the poor six-year-old in Colorado who, his mother decided, is actually a girl deep down inside, and who dresses him that way and wants him to use the girl's room at school.  An anonymous (they always seem to be anonymoust) commenter had this reaction:

You believe in the dubious claim of scientific evidence for "races" and accuse Liberals of only subscribing to science when it suits them but what about you? science can back up that transgenderism is a real, veritable human phenomenon (which is ironically supported by the fact you mention, that it exists in many culture during many epochs)

I'm not totally up on the latest info about this but apparently the brains of people identified as transgendered really do have brain structures that align more closely with the opposite sex they claim to feel they are.

So I don't see how it can fully be nothing more then some political anti-western anti-christian liberal feminist homosexualist plot point when really those ideologies were only invented in the last century and still are not dominate in in most places in the world.

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Now, first, I invite you to go read the original post HERE.   Okay?  Okay.  First off, Anon refers to the "dubious claim of scientific evidence" for races, which is a very popular idiot liberal meme flowing around, which has been debunked over and over again.  All by itself, this reference shows that he's a doubleplusgood duckspeaker, and has the liberal talking points memorized.  And then he hilariously segues into the fact that while the differences between Louis Armstrong and Charles Lindbergh are imaginary, the difference between a regular guy and a guy who likes to pretend he's a girl is deep, significant, scientific, and undeniable.  Only a bigot could disagree.  Now, I'm a skeptic that the brain-structure "transgenderism" is anything real (it sounds identical to what is said to be the cause of homosexuality), since it's so trendy, but assuming it is, there is no indication that the poor kid I posted about has it, unless his mother has induced it over the past few years. Likewise, there's no indication that the practice of using boys as women, sexually, in various human cultures is at all based upon any "transgenderism" on the part of the boys, but, rather, on the desires of the men using them.

So, like a good liberal, Anon completely missed the point of the post, but used the opportunity to preen about how "accepting" he is of abnormality, while going through the little litany there of "anti-Western anti-Christian"etc., so as to sarcastically imply that that's how I think. They always do something like that.  And, of course, there are plenty of grammatical errors in his comment. Synchronistically, Kathy Shaidle has chosen to write about the phenomenon of turning vague tendencies and eccentricities into full-blown psychoses and proceeding to wallow in them and celebrate any weirdness any starved-for-attention dink might come up with.  I guess Kathy gets out more than I do, because some of these deviancies are new to me:

My Otherkin Headmate is a Two-Spirited Starseed!

I picked the wrong year to quit drinking.

If you’ve never been to an old-school AA meeting, imagine Vince Lombardi’s locker room if he’d been coaching Pilgrims with Tourette’s: a spartan, Quaker-meeting setup, all bootstrapping, no bullshit. A newcomer dumb enough to whine about their “feelings” gets ordered to scrub out the coffee urn by a gruff “old timer.”

That’s not what I slunk into in 1992, by which time then-faddish PBS fixture John “Finding Your Inner Child” Bradshaw had accidentally turned Alcoholics Anonymous into a New Age unicorn-and-rainbows therapeutic weep-fest that would’ve disgusted Greatest Generation founders Bill W. and Dr. Bob, who probably kept their fedoras on in the gutter.

Some meetings even served decaf.

Believe me: “Low self-esteem” is not your typical boozehound’s problem. Then again, about half the people I met in “the rooms” weren’t even alcoholics, just neurotics too cheap to get real therapy.
“There were so many ‘multiple personalities’ at some meetings, we were probably breaking fire codes without knowing it.”

Remember, it was the 1990s, the era of The X-Files and Oprah at her tabloid low: at every 12-Step meeting, you’d meet “survivors of ritualistic Satanic abuse” and “recovered memory victims” and alien abductees and even “starseeds,” the self-proclaimed spawn of spacemen who’ve been sent to Earth to…do something or other. (Luckily the latter two never came to blows.)

There were so many “multiple personalities” at some meetings, we were probably breaking fire codes without knowing it.

And I lived in Boystown, so lots of the real drunks were gay, bi, trannies, lesbians of convenience, and even “two-spirited” (AKA gay Indians).

Despite all this, I never drank after my first meeting (ODAAT), worked the Steps, got a new job, and ten years later, I looked around at all the people who still hadn’t and thought, “I didn’t get sober so I could spend the rest of my life with these losers.” (You ain't read nothin' yet.  Keep going HERE.)


  1. There's quite a bit of evidence that transexuality - and even a fair amount of homosexuality - is induced through childhood trauma. But, you know, facts are just another form of Hatred. Here's a great article on the subject:

  2. One of the more amusing things about liberals if that they think they know what you think better than you know what you think.

    It's was kinda fun using "think" that much in one sentence.

    Anyway, I consider liberalism to be a mental illness.

  3. My comment was about transgenderism in general and not that specific case. I was trying to make a point about hypocrisy, when it comes to race and science you guys regularly make a mountain out of a molehill but when it comes to something you don't like you throw science out the window. Unless you were implying and I think you were, that those studies are rigged with liberal bias, more hypocrisy on your part because you think you would be more worried about the bias on your side. mainstream scientists who research race are Black, Asian and White. But literally every researcher on your side is of white male origin. And then you act like they're all impartial judges because we all know white males finding out white males are superior would have nothing to gain from that finding.

    Also I was merely responding to your charge that transgenderism is the direct result of both feminism and single motherhood.. I was only following your own logic that your side often displays ad nauseum that everything is the direct effort and result of the Feminists, Communists, Gays, and Jews.

    By the way, kids killing themselves because their parents "forced" them to not a thing, literally not a real thing. Self identified transgenders are by definition "self identified" no one forces it on them, on the contrary the large suicide rates I assume you are offering to are about familial rejection and homeless etc

    and one more thing the reason I am anonymous is because whatever you may have to say with liberals maligning, name calling and trying to get you fired I literally have to think about my safety because it would be dangerous for me to expose myself to this crowd and that say's everything about you need to know about your ideology.

  4. "mainstream scientists who research race are Black, Asian and White. But literally every researcher on your side is of white male origin."

    Leftist whackjob! Science is based on the race of the individual! That's what the Nazis said - Aryan vs. Jewish science. BTW, even though I know this really hurts your brain, due to cognitive dissonance, the Nazis were leftist.

    Any mother who decides her six-year-old son is transgendered is a mental case. Wait until he reaches puberty. Of course, if he ends up with horrendous psychological problems, including suicide, you will, like all leftists, ignore that, as all leftists ignore what doesn't fit into their groovy little fantasy world, and we'll never hear a peep out of you again. That's one of the the main reasons leftism is a mental illness, and all leftists are four years old emotionally. Considering your garbled post, you certainly fit the bill.

    I almost forgot - there are no black scientists who research race, and the Asian ones agree with the white ones. You made that up. But then, since when does a leftist have the ability to tell the truth?

  5. By the way, kids killing themselves because their parents "forced" them to not a thing, literally not a real thing


  6. What exactly does the case of David Reimer have to do with transgenderism? nothing.

    on second thought, like David transgendered people are forced to ascribe to gender roles at birth that don't fit them.


  7. "on second thought, like David transgendered people are forced to ascribe to gender roles at birth that don't fit them."

    That didn't make any sense at all, which illustrates the fact leftists have always been considered "fuzzy-minded."