Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Jonathan Pollard Redux

Cartoon from BALOO'S WEBSITE
It's no accident that the word "chutzpah" comes from Yiddish.  No, seriously. Jonathan Pollard has been serving time for spying against the US for Israel.  Now, he's not an Israeli spy, he's an American Citizen who treasonously sold classified information to a foreign country.  You'd think that the Israeli position would be to hope everybody just forgets about the son of a bitch, because their spying on the hand that feeds them, so to speak, kind of makes them look bad.  And untrustworthy. And like back-stabbers.  You'd think that Israel, and Zionist supporters of Israel, would at least downplay the whole business, and not take out ads in newspapers and parade around with signs denouncing the United States for not turning the bastard loose.  You'd be wrong.  That's exactly what they're doing.  When they get that done, they'll demand a medal and pension for him.  Steve Sailer says this:

The full details of the crime committed by Pollard and Israeli intelligence against the U.S. remain secret, but it appears likely that Pollard gave American secrets on the ultimate line of defense in case of nuclear apocalypse, boomers -- ICBM submarines -- to the Israelis, who traded them to the Soviets. That's really, really bad.


  1. And then dig him up and do it again.

  2. GLong ago the US should have announced that the next time anyone asks for Pollard's release a cap will be busted in Pollard's ear.