Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Genocide: An Older Idea Than You Might Think

Genocide.  Nasty word. We hear it a lot, and see, well, hundreds of documentaries and books about it. A nasty word for a nasty thing.  Just look at what the Germans did to people in this illustration.... Huh?  Oh, sorry, wrong photo.  This is what was done to the Germans by the Allied carpet-bombing of Dresden.  Something hardly anybody would have even heard of if it weren't for Kurt Vonnegut, bless his memory.
My point here is that there's nothing new about killing a whole bunch of people, even (or especially) about killing, or trying to kill, every individual of some race, tribe, religion, nation or whatever that you don't like.  We remember (or do we?) the recent attempt of the Hutu of Rwanda to murder all the Tutsis in the country.  Actually, such things are popular in Africa, with the regimes in Zimbabwe and South Africa encouraging an enthusiastic but clumsy genocide of all White people in both countries.  And we all know about the Turkish attempt to kill all their Armenians a century ago.
The Irish Savant has located the plans for an even more ambitious genocide project from before anybody had even heard of the Hitler Holocaust.  Check it out:

Germania delenda est

A classical Jewish response to accusations of German hatred (and I’ve personally heard this) goes ‘they tried to exterminate my people, literally wipe us off the face of the earth, every last man, woman and child.’ Except that they did not. The Germans wanted all Jews out of their sphere of influence, to seize their property and to work them as slave labourers. After that to banish them to the wilds of Russia where their ultimate survival would be a matter of indifference.
Callous and cruel yes, a policy of extermination, no.  In the fog of war vast numbers of Jews were murdered, starved or worked to death. But nowhere, not even in the minutes of the famous/notorious Wannsee Conference, where the details of the alleged extermination were supposedly worked out, has such a plan been found.  And trust me, they’d find it if it were there.
Now if it’s a detailed carefully worked out plan for racial extermination that you’re looking for, well I can help. Exhibit 1 Julius Rosenberg lookalike Theodore N. Kaufman, a New York based Jewish businessman who  in 1941 wrote a book with the cheery and unambiguous titleGermany Must Perish. Here the author made clear that Germans as a race must be wiped out.  He ruefully acknowledged that the direct murder of upwards of fifty million people was ‘impractical’ and instead proposed a neater but equally effective solution: Sterilisation for every German male (not sure if he had females in mind as well).  In one fell swoop the extermination of the German race would be accomplished within a generation. You might imagine that such malevolence would have resulted in his being committed to jail or a lunatic asylum, but far from it.  The press gave it respectful attention and he earned handsome money by lecturing on his plan throughout the country. 
(Surprising, eh? Read the rest HERE.)

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