Saturday, March 2, 2013

Gender Identity — What a Drag!

When Benny Hill did it, it was funny.  When Dustin Hoffman did it, it was still funny, but maybe a little creepier.  When a little boy does it, or has it done to him, it's pretty sick.  Why is that?  I think the answer is simple. Benny Hill did it totally for laughs, and he was obviously male, and wasn't fooling anybody and wasn't trying to fool anybody.  The humor came from incongruity and absurdity, as a lot of humor does.  In Hoffman's case, some of that was there, but the movie was also a little touchy-feely and Hoffman "got in touch with his feminine side," which is creepy.  So in the first case, Benny Hill wasn't confused and wasn't confusing anybody.  When Dustin Hoffman did it, it was at least a little confusing.  In the case of the little boy, it's confusing to everybody, because a little boy, before puberty, is rather feminine by adult standards, so cross-dressing him works.  This confuses everybody, and especially the little boy, who very probably will have his life permanently screwed up by such treatment.

I'm well aware that there are, and have been, cultures where little boys do serve female roles, as with the savages of Afghanistan (see The Kite Runner) and somehow or other with ancient Greeks.  And of course there's the Chinese practice (I have no clue how widespread it is) that we see in Farewell, My Concubine. But that's not what we want in our culture, and unless you're a multiculturalist or some other kind of sociopath, you don't want it starting up in our culture.

But some people do want it to start up, and want the rest of us to cooperate, nay, assist them in starting it up.  There have been a lot of cases mentioned lately about very young boys who "identify" as female.  This is almost surely absolute nonsense in every case, because very young kids pretty much identify themselves as what adults tell them they are.  So if you want males who think they are, or ought to be, females, you can probably abuse them until they do with a fairly good rate of success.  Sometime you can do it more or less by accident, by fixing it so that the only available role models around for little boys are women.  This is yet another accomplishment of feminism and the "single mother" movement.   Nicholas Stix has been looking over a current such case, and has the following to say:

Child Abuse Victim Coy Mathis, 6: Mommy Wanted a Girl, but Got a Boy, and So She Has Turned Him into a “Transgender”; She is Trying to Force His School to Let Him Use the Girls Room; Dad is Also “Transgendered”; He Lacks the Balls to Stand Up to His Insane/Evil Wife

The mother has of course, invented a story, whereby her son knew, at 18 months, that he was really a girl.

I know that I’m really seven feet tall, but everyone else insists that I’m not, and that I have to accept being what nature made me.

Apparently, what I need to do is create a pressure group of psychotics who believe themselves to be much taller than they really are, and I can then force non-psychotics to surrender to my madness, and agree that I am really seven feet tall.....

Seeing this story is like witnessing a deadly auto wreck a second before the collision. You see death coming, but you can’t do anything to stop it.
(Read the rest HERE.  It just gets creepier.)


  1. I'm pretty sure that mama needs to be separated from child, locked up, and not allowed near other kids. There are some rare cases of people "born in the wrong body." and even rarer cases of people born in a body that appears to be the other gender. This requires treatment by really well trained medical professionals not parents trying to fit into a political agenda.

  2. When I read about this I wondered if the idiots masquerading an parent have ever heard of David Reimer.

  3. You believe in the dubious claim of scientific evidence for "races" and accuse Liberals of only subscribing to science when it suits them but what about you? science can back up that transgenderism is a real, veritable human phenomenon (which is ironically supported by the fact you mention, that it exists in many culture during many epochs)

    I'm not totally up on the latest info about this but apparently the brains of people identified as transgendered really do have brain structures that align more closely with the opposite sex they claim to feel they are.

    So I don't see how it can fully be nothing more then some political anti-western anti-christian liberal feminist homosexualist plot point when really those ideologies were only invented in the last century and still are not dominate in in most places in the world.

  4. Ex-Army, I am sorry that you have such hate in you. I would feel that way too but my parents loved me enough to make sure that I received an education. If you believe in god, you had better pray that the bible isn't literal. Otherwise, you will burn for eternity for your bigotry and hate. ~ Equality Compassion!