Wednesday, March 13, 2013

Dumping on Orson Scott Card again

I blogged about poor old liberal Orson Scott Card awhile ago, and how the gay mafia and their liberal sycophants (I was going to say "fluff-boys," but that would have been in poor taste) were having a weapons-grade hissy-fit because he'd been hired to write for Superman comics.  It seems Card actually thinks that people who do what homosexuals do are doing something perverted.  And said so.  Decades back.  Enlightened people know that what homosexuals do is sacred and admirable, and actually a far, far better thing than anything boring old heterosexuals do.  Just like they know that Sandra Fluke is a feminist role model and Sarah Palin is a slut.  Times change, you see.  Look at the hideously insensitive jokes about homosexuals in the work of the liberal icon, Mel Brooks.  Time was, mainstream liberals shared the universal aversion that practically everybody else in Western civilization has toward homosexual behavior.  That was okay because they didn't know any better, I suppose.  I don't know how liberals feel about the great and magnificent Fidel Castro's attitude towards homosexuals.  I expect they mostly ignore it, like liberals always ignore things that don't fit into what somebody (that was you, wasn't it, Bob Wallace?) called their "groovy fantasy world."
See?  I'm trying to write funny about this, but it's really hard to rival Kathy Shaidle, who writes this:

Gay Kryptonite

Gay activists insist that “faggot” comes from the word for the kindling beneath the feet of heretical homosexuals. That’s a lie.

But while the word “faggot” doesn’t come from “a bundle of sticks,” the word “fascist” does.

Funny, that.

Behold: In the name of “truth, justice and the American way,” a renowned science-fiction writer has just been condemned to (professional) death for expressing his views on homosexuality in a tiny Mormon magazine almost twenty-five years ago.

Orson Scott Card wrote the beloved 1985 Hugo and Nebula Award-winning novel Ender’s Game “about the innocence of a child winning out over war and hatred,” an “irony” which seems to be making his “homophobia” all the more heartbreaking to his lifelong (liberal) fans.

So what did Card say?

Back in 1990—and again in 2004—he objected to the legalization of sodomy and “gay marriage” by judicial fiat. If unelected judges can nullify thousands of years of civil and religious law in a trice, he asked, what else will our robed rulers force us to accept? Will ordinary people someday rise up against this tyrannical system?

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