Thursday, March 28, 2013

Disparate Impact

When the left doesn't get its way, it has a lot of fallback positions, and one of the cleverest is "disparate impact."  It's the concept that a rule, law, or some sort of policy impacts different groups differentlyl  Well, duh, you might say.  Who expects all groups to be alike?  Liberals, that's who, except when they don't want to for some reason.  "Disparate Impact" is used all the time.  Recently, the notion that voters ought to present some kind of identification before they're allowed to vote was said to have "disparate impact" on the usual protected classes, because, I guess, minorities just don't seem to have identification in the exact same percentages that White voters do, so asking for identification is the same as not allowing Blacks to vote, or enslaving them and making them pick cotton.  What liberals want, of course, is no voter identification so that it's easier to commit voter fraud, and screeching "disparate impact" is a handy method to achieve that.

And even better is invoking "disparate impact" when hiring or admission standards don't result in automatic minority success.  It's well-established by now that having plenty of Black firemen is infinitely more important than having competent firemen, and that applies also to cops, faculty, and students.

Fred Reed assumes his Huck Finn persona to examine the meaning and consequences of "disparate impact."

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A Bumpkin's Eye View

March 25, 2013

I’m trying to figure out what a “disparate impact” is. Help me. It’s slow going. I don’t guess I studied much in school, back in Wheeling, and big words make me itch.
It seems like up in New York they got these three high schools for smart kids, called Stuyvesant, Bronx Science, and Brooklyn Tech. To get in you gotta take a test to see if you are smart. So what happened was they gave the test. Stuyvesant said it would let in 9 blacks, 24 Latinos, 177 whites, and 620 Asians. Bronx Science would let in 25 blacks, 54 Latinos, 239 whites, and 489 Asians. Brooklyn Tech would let in 110 blacks,134 Latinos, 451 whites, and 960 Asians.

Hooboy, I thought, that’s a train load of Asians. Now, I always thought Asians meant people who worked in Chinese restaurants, like Wong Chong Willie’s Noodle Chute in Bluefield. But all right, I figured, if Asians are who’s smartest, that’s who ought to get in to those schools. It looked pretty simple to me. If you have a wrestling match, the one who wrestles best gets the prize. On the other hand, if the Chinese all went off to be scientists, I wasn’t sure who was going to make noodles.
But then I saw where some black folks were all mad, and said not enough blacks got in and it was a “disparate impact.”

I thought and thought about it. It seemed to me that “disparate impact” means if you ask a question, and you don’t like the answer, you just have to say “disparate impact,” and the answer don’t count. Then everybody gets in a uproar and lets in whatever kinds of people you want. It’s like in NASCAR there ain’t a single blind woman driver over eighty with a wooden leg and a crank habit. That’s a disparate impact, so you got to find some pegleg grannies. And feed them crank.
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  1. Here's an example of disparate impact that libs or anyone won't talk about:

  2. Ask a Black man which doctor he wants taking care of him, the one trained in the specialty bing dealt with or the one whose color is right.