Wednesday, March 13, 2013

Baseball Humor

Guest post by Baloo.

Now, I do humor for a living, and one thing I've never seem much humor in is sports.  I don't know if that's an objective fact or one of my many character flaws.  Now, we have Dan Jenkins, who wrote funny football book, but I always felt that Dan Jenkins was being funny, not the football.  And Roy Blount, Jr. did write About Three Bricks Shy: And The Load Filled Up, about the Pittsburgh Steelers, but it, though interesting, was about the least funny Roy Blount, Jr. book I've read.  It's more of a mildly funny doctumentary.  Anyhow, I recommend all that stuff, but I still don't find football funny. And golf is frequently thought of as funny, when it's just silly.  There is a difference.  Now, we also have Tank McNamara, which is a pretty funny comic strip, but it's more about how funny sports announcers are than about how funny sports are.

One exception to all this is baseball.  I first realized how funny baseball is by reading H. Allen Smith. You can still get his book of baseball anecdotes, Low and Inside: A Book of Baseball Anecdotes, Oddities, and Curiosities, at Amazon.  Reading Smith led me to reading Ring Lardner, who is also funny about baseball.  And for awhile there we also had Scroogie.

But Smith and Lardner and McGraw are from a long time ago.  Right now, the funny baseball guy is Joe Glasgow, whose website,, is a good, funny read even if you don't like baseball.  Kind of like how the Car Guys appeal to those of us who know zilch about auto mechanics. Go over there and have some fun, and tell 'em Baloo sent ya.

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