Sunday, March 24, 2013

And Dumber Still

This time a little too dumb.
Canada, you can come and get Jim Carrey and take him home now.  He's crossed the obnoxious line.  I'd advise everybody to boycott his movies, but it seems like that's already happening for other reasons.

Anyhow, I hereby coin a new term, "tinseltown totalitarian," just for Jim.... Well, I just googled it and I'm a little late.  It's already been used on such deep thinkers as Sean Penn and Ed Begley, Jr.


  1. Jim Carey is an asshole. Frequently he is an entertaining asshole, but he remains....

    He is also ignorant. His comments on vaccination alone have endangered more lives than any number of "loopholes " in gun laws ever will. (Biggest loophole, allowing politicians to control the guns in the hands of cops and soldiers.) He does not get that the reason millions of Americans own guns is to protect their kids and believe that holding on to their guns is a necessary act to carry out this responsibility.

    I find much (not all or necessarily even most) of Mr. Carey's ouvre to date amusing. However, he is what he is and needs to stop confusing his farts with intelligent statements.

    Sorry about the vulgarity Rex, but I thought I'd speak about Mr. Carey in his native language.