Sunday, February 10, 2013

The Wisdom of Barack Obama

Despite his supporters' insistence that Obama has a staggeringly high IQ, sort of a combination of Stephen Hawking and Moms Mabley, most of us are slowly coming to the realization that he's quite likely the most dull-witted President we've ever had.  Yeah, yeah, Harvard Princeton Sorbonne and the University of Chicago all know how to jolly an Affirmative Action student along, and how to seal all the records afterwards.  His lack of brilliance is somewhat obscured by his glibness, but even that apparently fails him in the absence of a teleprompter, and the unaided Obama makes Dubya sound like Demosthenes.

Well, he may be dumber than any other US President, but he's smarter than at least one Roman Emperor, Gaius Julius Caesar Augustus Germanicus, AKA Caligula.  Caligula was too slow of wit to disarm the Praetorian Guard, while at the same time behaving like an unreliable, murdering idiot.  And the results were predictable, just not to Caligula.

Well, Obama's smarter than that, at least.  Ain't no armed Marines getting close to him!  Nosiree.  Vox Day explains HERE.


  1. The painting depicts the discovery of Claudius after Caligula's assassination, I'm guessing?

    1. That was my guess. I found it by googling
      Caligula assassination