Thursday, January 24, 2013

Finally, Ladies in Combat

A wise man once said, "Never let your ideology trump your common sense."  That's because any rational person has to recognize that his ideology is an approximation of reality.  When the assumptions of your ideology are found not to be absolute, your conclusions from those assumptions shouldn't be absolute, either.  This is a good thing for libertarians and conservatives to keep in mind.  Since I have a foot in both camps, I like to think of the two ideologies as complementing each other and acting as a curb on each other to prevent each other from going off half-cocked.  That's an awkward sentence, but you know what I mean.

Libertarians can and should do just that.  Constantly temper their ideologies with common sense.  Unfortunately, liberals and their Marxist and neocon sisters can't really do that, as their ideologies (one ideology, really, just mild-to-extreme manifestations of the same Weltanshauung) are based on the rejection of common sense.  Libertarians and conservatives, if they haven't been contaminated by liberal memes, reject the idea of equality.  As the saying goes, "Free men are not equal; equal men are not free."

And one way they are breath-takingly unequal is sexually.  No, not gender, dammit.  That's a grammatical term.  I'm talking about sex.  Male and female, men and women.  They're different.  But recognizing these differences is absolutely taboo, and acting on them is a hate crime.  We're not even supposed to notice crying Secretaries of State and incompetent policewomen.

And maybe the function women are the least qualified for is infantryman, and that's exactly what Obama and Panetta and other idiots want to push them into. One doesn't know where to start. The idea of women carrying around all the junk a combat soldier has to carry, and being able to fight at the same time is outrageously ludicrous, but remember what I said about common sense?  Vox Day evaluates this latest fiasco HERE.

We should, of course, be heading in the opposite direction.  At the very least, military women should be in women's military branches, the WAC's the WAVE's, etc., like they used to be.  There they can be under the command of women officers and they can be placed in roles they're actually good at.  And that should be held to a minimum, I think.  But that's debatable.  What isn't debatable is that the armed forces should be sexually integrated.  It's the dumbest goddam idea in history.  Even the libertarian/libertine writer Robert Heinlein kept the sexes strictly separate in the "Mobile Infantry" in his book, Starship Troopers.  (They changed that in the movie, of course.)  But I digress.

I'm a polemicist, but Nicholas Stix is a journalist.  He writes:

The New Matriarchy

The Pentagon surrendered to the matriarchy even before Bill Clinton became commander-in-chief. During the past twenty-odd years, a number of females have undermined the services, using those weapons of mass destruction, the lawsuit and the sexual harassment claim. Militarily incompetent females have worked their way up the officer corps, by playing politically correct media and politicians like fiddles. Pols like former Rep. Patricia Schroeder and Sen. Olympia Snowe, seek to turn military men into gender slaves. Women who couldn’t fly have been certified as fighter pilots, and women who couldn’t lead, have been promoted all the way to general officer.

Years ago, a feminist ex-girlfriend of mine had a name for men like the sort of generals you increasingly find in this woman’s army: “pussy-whipped.”

And his whole, long, wonderful piece on the subject is HERE.


  1. Give the girls a shot. No "gender norming". There will be some women who can kick ass with the guys an a bunch that wash out. The potential problems with women in combat stems from lowering the bar to let in the unqualified.

  2. lololol my husband just said "great, put the cunts on the front"

  3. Spot on. Great post. Of course it is a ludicrous idea to have integration of the sexes in combat. But nothing will bring about the unmasking of feminism faster than a bunch of brainwashed women crying in their foxholes waiting for the enemy to descend upon them giving them some time to think about what retarded ideologies got them into that mess. They will recant. Then it will be women who will abolish the idea of feminism. In the mean time, I welcome the weakening of the U.S. military.

  4. You have joined the legion to find a place to die and we will help you find it. Combat is about dying not getting on the fast track to promotion. When feminists learn this the hard way we will hear a clamor to remove women from combat infantry.

  5. and can’t carry a wounded comrade to safety.

    I saw the Katy Perry video that showed that this is wrong!

    1. I hope your being sarcastic...OH well if the Katy Perry music video showed it then....I'm a woman and I'm betting you are too...just making us look stupider. Thanks.