Thursday, December 20, 2012

Your Right to Stay Alive

That's what it's all about, you know — Your right to stay alive.  Your right to defend yourself.  They never put it that way, you know.  The talking heads never never mention the concept of deterrence when it comes to gun rights.  The concept, you see, means that if you are armed, or are assumed to be armed, or even thought maybe to be armed, your life is considerably safer than if the evil and crazy out there feel safe in assuming that you're not armed, and therefore helpless.  Like if you're in an official "Gun Free" zone such as a school, church, restaurant, or whatever with an idiotic sign up proclaiming that the place is full of potential victims.  Or, in certain places, you don't even need the sign.  Vox Day explains that not only do you have a right to defend your own life, you also have an obligation to do so.  Read it HERE.

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  1. In math and philosophy there are things called axioms, things so obviously true that all discussion requires we assume their truth. Your absolute freedom, right, and responsibility to defend your life is greater than any other obligation, including obedience to laws against theft and destruction of property. You only give up this right when you initiate force against another. The right to bear arms, to police assistance, medical attention etc. all derive from this. That people need to be reminded of this is a sign of the moral turpitude and complete collapse of our politcal discourse.