Friday, December 7, 2012

Smearing the Founders

When our elite thinkers aren't elevating adulterous plagiarizing Marxists like Martin Luther King to sainthood, or extolling the transcendant beauty and genius of Michelle (dumbbell) Obama, they're busy trashing the memory of the Founding Fathers.  And one of their favorite to so trash is Thomas Jefferson.  In hindsight, Jefferson wasn't perfect, and even during his own time he was clearly wrong about a thing or two.  But compared to our modern scumbag politicians he certainly seems perfect, not least in his constant efforts to figure out what the right thing to do was and to procede to do it.

College students who can't find Europe on a map can nevertheless tell you that Jefferson engaged in a lifetime sexual affair with his slave, Sally Hemings, the MAG (Media, Academia, Government) has been so enthusiastic in getting that historical fact across to everybody.  And that, as a result, thousands, if not millions, of American Blacks are descended from Jefferson.

This is supposed to teach us, especially those of us who are White, that seemingly great White men are just a bunch of unreliable hypocrites, and that our current crop of statesmen — Obama, Clinton, and their ilk — are morally far superior to such slave-owning wretches as Washington, Jefferson, and indeed, most of the Founding Fathers.

The trouble with the Sally Hemings story is that it isn't true.  Jared Taylor tells us about it:

Miscegenation at Monticello?

December 06, 2012

Every so often some clown decides to call Thomas Jefferson a “racist,” and other clowns let him publish the charge. The most recent clown is Paul Finkelman, a professor at Albany Law School, and the accessory clowns are The New York Times. Prof. Finkelman is shocked to find that Jefferson thought blacks were less intelligent than whites. And since Jefferson wrote the words “all men are created equal” but bought and sold slaves, that makes him “a creepy, brutal hypocrite.” Like all clowns of his kind, Prof. Finkelmen tells us Jefferson fathered children with his black slave, Sally Hemings. 

In other words, it’s the usual rubbish.

James Callender, a transplanted Scotsman, started the Hemings rumor in September 1802 after Jefferson turned him down for a patronage job. Callender claimed the president was sporting with “dusky Sally,” a “wooly-headed concubine,” who was part of his “Congo harem.”

“By the wench Sally our president has had several children,” he wrote, later claiming that the total was five. Callender called Sally a “slut common as the pavement” who was “romping with half a dozen black fellows.”
“Jefferson’s reputation will survive, but that of The New York Times may not.”

Callender never claimed he met “dusky Sally” or explained how he got the dope on her rompings. The next year, Callender drowned in two or three feet of water in the James River, reportedly too drunk to fish himself out, but Jefferson’s Federalist enemies never stopped whooping up the Hemings story. Callender may have been right to claim he had done more damage to Jefferson’s reputation in five months than all his other critics had done in ten years. Deviants have cackled with joy ever since at the thought that Monticello was a love nest of miscegenation.


  1. So, it turns out that the widower Jefferson had an affair with his sister in law (Sally was Martha Skelton's half sister.), who bore a resemblance to her more racially pure half sister (Sally was about 7/8's white. more or less.). She had ten kids, some of whom had TJ's DNA. 6 lived to reproduce. Martha had four, only one of whom lived to have kids. Tell this story to compare the benefits of mesclation over inbreeding (mesclation is race mixing seen in a positive light,).
    Sorry, mixing races is not the horror to me it is to so many, and I'm too culturally close to a society where men enjoy the favors of women under their authority to see these as more than weakness rather than monstrous depravity.

    Jefferson did believe that Blacks and Indians were inferior to whites but he also believed that they were evolving to catch up and considered the work of the poetess Priscilla Wheatley as evidence that they were catching up faster than he thought and rejoiced in this fact.

    Of course all this was all before Yankee liberals decided to rewa rd Black depravity and punish Black virtue.

  2. You can always count on Taylor to leap to a defensive posture instead of understanding politics for what it is and calling for an investigation into the gangsterism, wife-beating and child-molestation of Abraham, Moses and David.

    210 years later and people still listen to losers like Jared. Geez.

    You don't respond to a Finklowitz like this by articulately explaining how logical, technical and civilized you are. You return fire with fire. Finkle's 'founders' rightly have the worst reputation of any people in history and favors deserve return.