Sunday, October 21, 2012

Watch your step, China!

I've blogged before about trouble spots in the Far East that could erupt into actual military conflict.  Most especially, between Japan and China.  We've been led to think of China as unstoppable lately, what with the sheer size of its population and its recent embracing of free-market reforms that does indeed make it a powerhouse.  And its Army had to be enormous, right?  Well, if push ever comes to shove, we might not be ready ourselves, but Japan sure will be.  Look at the training they're giving their high school girls! Imagine what the boys are doing!

You can see more of Girls und Panzer at Crunchyroll.


  1. Fun to watch.

    Somehow, I don't see huge-eyed preteen little girls in mini-skirts running around in pink Grant tanks being the saviours of Japan... or anywhere else.

    But - as usual - I miss the point.

    Speaking both Japanese and German... interesting touch.

  2. Don't sell Japanese pre-teen girls in miniskirts short! We may need them come the revolution. Actually, they just _look_ pre-teen. They're supposed to be in high school. I can't be serious ALL the time:)

  3. Their boys are being trained to stair at computer screens and jerk off.
    Perhaps they could fly drones.