Friday, July 20, 2012

Piers Morgan is a steaming pile of leftism

I hereby invite Piers Morgan to take his sorry ass back to the UK, where they have plenty of gun laws.  I can't imagine why he left.  And I invite everybody else to join me in boycotting his show and anything else the scumbag is connected with.

What apparently was an evil insane person just shot up a movie theater in Aurora, so Piers Morgan and others like him think that therefore, sane good people should all be disarmed by the government.  We have enough home-grown malignant morons like that.  We don't need to import any.  Story from Breitbart HERE.


  1. Don't forget, Piers Morgan was the newspaper editor who published fake pictures of squaddies "peeing" on captured insurgents. These pictures went round the world in seconds, particularly in the Arab world. We shall never know if any British soldiers were targetted as a result of those pictures, but I hope that all army and ex-army personnel do not buy the rag that published them. They know which one I mean.

  2. How can you boycott something you never pay any attention to anyway?

  3. I've always been puzzled by Europeans who move here, stay here, and think European "values" should be imposed on the U.S., such as gun control and universal "health care." On the other hand, I've met some who moved here, realized they were brainwashed in Europe, and have become more patriotic Americans than most Americans.

  4. Morgan published those pictures knowing them to be false and had some looney tunes reason for doing so.
    That and losing a million sales by being in charge of a declining newspaper made him a perfect employee for CNN.