Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Miscegenation Nation

Miscegenation is a bad idea.  I'm against it.  There used to be laws against it, for very good reasons.  But now it defines us.  We have a President who's the product of a typical case of miscegenation — Slutty White mother, irresponsible, undependable Black father, brought up largely by the White grandmother.  Sound familiar?  It's interesting to think about how these things actually manifest. While I was on vacation recently, I actually saw a couple, rather middle-class looking, he Black, she White, with a clearly mixed kid.  It hit me how rare that is.  Not the mixed-race kid.  No, no.  They're everywhere from the White House down.  All the time you see mulatto kids being led around by White mothers, and very frequently by White grandmothers, and you never see any fathers around.  Also, you see lots of White girls accompanied by Blacks, without any kids.  What happens, of course, is that when the kids show up, the fathers tend to wander away.  You know, like Obama Sr.

In the days of Obama's momma and her baby daddy, interracial sex was still looked on askance, because all the right-wing bigots said it would have bad consequences, like mixed-race kids being abandoned by feckless fathers.  And, as is so often the case, the right-wing bigots were right, and the liberals were tragically wrong.  And the country is full of bewildered White girls — one hesitates to call anybody that naive 'women' — saddled with mulatto kids and living at the welfare trough.  And these mulatto kids are growing up, on welfare, with damn few decent role models.  Most of them are Trayvon wannabees, I expect.

Steve Sailer has been blogging a lot on this subject lately.  The best thing is to go to THIS POST, and then look at all the posts right before it.  It is all quite enlightening.  But I want to add something.  All my life, we've been bombarded with propaganda urging White girls to have sex with and marry Black men.  It started with the Sidney Poitier meme, that Blacks are Just as Civilized as Whites if not More So, which happens all the time on film and practically never in real life, of course.  And then it moved on to saying that Blacks are cooler and more masculine and just better in all ways than White men.  White girls have been taught all this, in school and in church, and are now informed in various ways that it's actually racist and churlish to not have sex with Blacks.  It used to be shameful to have interracial sex, and now it's shameful to refuse to.

And here's some more on the same subject at Spearhead.

If you can think of some way to turn this tide back, I'd like to hear about it.


  1. is a good place to start...

  2. Given that by definition mestizos like me are members of a mixed race I have to mostly disagree with this post. My observation is that males ( I can't consider these feckless fools men) of all races are pretty adapt at fathering bastards and not meeting their obligations to their offspring. I will admit that children of welfare mom's are pretty good at letting the nanny state also be the step pa state. I'm also noting that a lot of females are realizing that a toy boy sperm donor of whatever race may not be someone they want in their family ( "Her father would rather have a bastard in the family than Lazarus Long._ 'The Cat Who Walked through Walls). The one issue I have to agree with is the disgust for pressuring people to have interracial sex to prove that they are not racist and criticizing people for not shtupping across racial lines for being racist.
    That's all the world needs, another BS line for "players" to use to get laid. And yeah I've heard girls criticized in third person for not being turned on by people of a particular race and it angers me. The heart and points south want what they want, hopefully the intellect and will will be applied to decide if the potential partner is truly desirable. Given the surplus of adult boys of all race and the shortage of men, and speaking as a father of daughters, Better a Black man than a latino or white boy. BTW, why is there not quite as much pressure for interracial sex between White Men and Black Women by a long sight?

    1. they're promoting White genocide through mixing, and generate no identity mixed garbage, nice to became like in slums

  3. One of the wifes "Asian" friends (and I use the term "Asian" in inverted commas in that really patronizing way of waggling my middle and index fingers whilst saying it, as the wifes friend is from Uganda) asked her "What would I say if one of the daughters ever came home with a "Asian" (there's those fingers again) and the wife said "What do you think, and more to the point, what would happen if Fizah (her daughter) came home home with a white boy?" Wifes friend (Henceforth named "Shanaz" as that's her name) said "The lads (her sons) would kick the shit out of him".

    The conversation progressed, and Shanaz revealed that she didn't like "Asian" lads going with white bitches, as it (what's the word I'm looking for here?) reduced the availability of potential husbands for her daughter.

    Now Fizah is something of a looker, and had I been 25 years younger, I'd have been sniffing round that big style (her brothers wouldn't worry me too much now, let alone in my prime), and has got herself a nice lad.

    What I want to know is, why is it that it's only white men that are "Racist" (there's those fingers once again) when we object to our daughters date those of a darker hue? It's a completely different story when it's our sons.....

    1. I've noticed the same thing and wondered about it. Now round about my parts thee is a shortage of Anglos, Blacks and other ethnic groups are small enough groups and Mestizos by definition are not noted for a high value on racial purity.Mostly works, and the desert tests and judges all to take care of those who won't let it work.

  4. Slutty, left-wing, atheist, socialist mother who died of ovarian cancer.

    Hundreds of years ago doctors noticed many prostitutes died of ovarian cancer. They theorized repeated infections caused it. Turned out a fair amount of cancer is caused by chronic infections.

    Now what does that say about Obama's slut of a mother? It'd pretty obvious what it says.