Saturday, June 16, 2012


Cartoon by BALOO
Obama says that it's "unfair to punish" kids who were brought into the country illegally by their parents, so we shouldn't deport them.  We should let them stay here because "it's the right thing to do."  Now, suppose a married couple robbed a bank and used the proceeds to buy a house. When you catch them, is it unfair to punish the couple's kids by not letting them live in the house? What is the right thing to do?  In almost every case, when justice is done to a criminal, the offspring of that criminal suffers unfairly.  Why are we so outraged that the children of illegal aliens are disadvantaged when their illegal status is made known?

Anyhow, the fact that these under-30 "children" are here right now is proof that we haven't been deporting them, so what's the big change?  Just guessing here, but it seems to me that the number one effect will be to encourage more illegals to flock in and bring their families.  Because the kids now will be allowed to stay, obviously, and it would be "unfair to punish" the kids by deporting their parents. So, basically, everybody who's here illegally can just stay here.  There are other criteria, of course — they don't qualify if they've committed felonies, but who's counting?  If they're juveniles, I'm sure it'll be illegal to even ask.  And they have to have been here, what, five years?  How will they check on that?  They won't, of course, they'll just say "You've been here five years, haven't you?" and the answer will be yes, end of story.

And of course they'll all be covered by Obamacare.  I know Obama said this would never happen, but of course it will, because Obama may be pretty incompetent, but he is good at lying and breaking promises. And once they're declared legal while illegal, they'll qualify for any and all giveaway programs the Government can come up with.  So many that they'll write home to their friends and invite them to come dine at the trough, too, because it's the Right Thing To Do.

Anyhow, we expect this sort of crap from Obama, but why do the Republicans have to be complicit? Why, especially, does Romney have to be complicit?  Why can't Romney seize the issue by opposing Obama's amnesty?  James Fulford thinks it'd win the Presidency for him.  His reasoning is HERE.

But to me the strangest thing about the whole controversy is the notion that everybody in the world has a God-given right to live in the United States.  This is part and parcel of the ideology of liberals, neocons, and, alas, many libertarians.  But most such people are also supporters of Israel, and of Israel's right to exclude immigrants for racial/religious reasons.  In short, they seem to feel that the destruction of the United States through mass immigration is a good thing, but if the same thing happened to Israel it would be a bad thing.  Steve Sailer writes about this odd phenomenon HERE. And he also calls into question the assumption that even more immigration would make everything even better HERE.

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