Thursday, May 17, 2012

They don't call it "The Right" for nothing.

Whenever there's a big dispute about a given fact, with the left on one side and the right on the other, just wait a few years, and it just about always turns out that the cranky old right-wingers end up being right, and the left ends up being dead wrong. There are several reasons for this — for one thing, the right actually strives to be right, while the left strives to be perceived as right.  This goes along with the leftist disdain for objective truth and their basic wishful thinking, which is of a piece with their whole infantile personality profile.

When the Soviet Union fell, and a lot of hidden facts came out, a lot of right-wing beliefs were shown to be true, among them the Katyn Forest massacre.  For decades the left had been blaming the Nazis for it, and saying Stalin was innocent.  Voilà. The reverse is true.  Also there was Holodomor, which the left assured us was just right-wing propaganda, and, again, the right turned out to be correct.

And now to something much more mundane.  Those of us on the real right, as opposed to the thumb-sucking wannabe liberals known as "neoconservative," have long doubted that Obama was born where he says he was, and also are skeptical his legal credentials to be President. Turns out, according to the Drudge Report, that his first book was publicized with a brochure announcing that he was born in Kenya, and evidently Obama never tried to "correct" it.  Full story HERE.

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  1. Holodomor: hadn't heard of the Ukrainian famine by that name before, The Wikipedia article is so full of weasel-words it makes you want to set out traps. Truly nauseating.

    For what it's worth, I have _known_ about this ... "mass murder" hardly says it .. since I was in junior high school about a thousand years ago and first read about it in George N. Crocker's _Roosevelt's Road to Russia_ which I bought through the Ayn Rand book service. Crocker's estimate was ten million dead.