Monday, May 21, 2012

More on Faux Squaw Elizabeth Warren

I've blogged about this ditz before, a lily-White Harvard Professor of Ditziness who thinks she belongs in the Senate. It's one of those family legends, common to just about any White American family that's been here for a few generations, that some great-great-somebody or other was a Sioux or Seminole or something.  Though it's usually Cherokee, because everybody's heard of them.  It's a cheap claim, usually impossible to prove, because even if you could demonstrate that your great-great-grandmother was a Cherokee, chances are she was known as a Cherokee because her great-great-grandmother was said to be a Cherokee.  Usually, it's just a harmless notion because most of us think it's kind of romantic to have an Amerindian ancestor, but in the case of Warren, she used it to attain the rarified status of oppressed minority at Harvard, and would use it to get into the Senate if she wasn't already a laughing stock because of it. This reminds me of Oprah Winfrey's fantasy that she was descended from Zulus

Anyhow, a video about all this has been prepared, using some wonderful old footage.  I swiped this from Nicholas Stix's website, which you should VISIT NOW.


  1. Excellent! Politicians, politics....poly tics, parasites all.

  2. Check your Indian privilege.