Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Mass Immigration Metaphor

People have always been migrating from one place to another.  When they migrate to a place that already has people in it, they can either be welcomed because the current inhabitants are happy to have them move in, or they are able to force their way in because they're more powerful than the natives. Generally, people don't want to have strangers move in because that's the way people are. But human beings form complex societies, and sometimes some of the natives want immigration and some of them don't.  If the pro-immigration group is powerful, they'll allow immigration in spite of the fact that the anti-immigration group doesn't.  America is somewhat confused. Immigrants naturally exacerbate unemployment problems, because they try to get jobs away from the natives.  They soak up public funds for welfare, education, correction, and crime control. They cause hospitals to close down because they demand free health care and drive the hospitals to bankruptcy. They of course commit lots of crime, which costs money and also diminishes the quality of life for the natives.  So who does benefit?  Well, businessmen who want cheap labor are delighted with having lots of immigrants, especially illegal ones.  Bleeding-heart self-hating liberals want them here because of their free-floating guilt complexes.  Government workers benefit because much of the increased government expenditures to cope with the immigrants goes into their paychecks.  And, of course, the Democrats benefit, because immigrants tend to vote Democratic, whether they're here legally or not.  Lower and middle class Americans don't benefit at all, but are hurt by all this, but they don't seem to have any political power to oppose it.

Merlin Miller, the American Third Position candidate for President, has come up with a chilling metaphor for those Americans who want mass immigration.  He says:

I view controlling global elites as spoiled, cruel children, rather than as the Gods they think themselves to be. An elite child might look at America, as one might an ant farm, containing a large homogenous colony. With self-absorbed malignancy, this child might throw in a large quantity of another ant species to compete for the farm’s limited resources. He adds another and then another, watching with cruel intent as the ants begin to fight. The global elites, through policy control and media, are doing this to America and we must now be alert for racial “false flags” – as this child prepares to “shake the ant farm”. Let us break the glass and allow the ants to repair to their natural colonies.

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