Friday, May 18, 2012

If Isaac Asimov had been a Hindu.

Taking a break for a minute from the Neverending Story of Trayvon....You all know by now that I like Japanese cartoons, but they pale in comparison to the glories of Bollywood!  In comparison, Japanese anime is timid and unimaginative and dull. And never mind Casablanca and Birth of a Nation and The Third Man.  They all suffer from a pathetic dearth of robots. What we have here is a clip from what is obviously the Greatest Movie Ever Made.  Arnold Schwarzenegger, eat your heart out! And I have no idea why there's a Russian voiceover, but upon reflection, that seems just fine, too. It's called Endhiran (Robot), sometimes spelled "Enthiran," which is evidently Tamil for "Robot." (It's a Tamil movie, not the usual Hindi/Punjabi thing we usually get, so while it's Indian, maybe it's not technically Bollywood.) My thanks to the unique Robert Lindsay for putting it on HIS BLOG where I could find it.

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