Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Genosuicide in France

Genocide is an evil thing, but genosuicide is just pathetic.  That's where a race or ethnic group destroys itself, and that's what France just did, basically. Oh, it's a gradual process, with slow, incremental moves towards death, but this last election was a bit of a giant step.  Not that Sarkozy was worth defending, or anything.  Marine Le Pen certainly didn't think so. Figuring out exactly what happened is difficult what with the preposterous left-bias of the media, but, as Sherlock Holmes said, there is truth in the news if you know how to find it.  What France has is a party that seems to keep changing its name, but is usually referred to as center-right, which is silly, because France doesn't have a right any more, and the Socialist party, which just won the Presidency and at least has a reasonable name, and then the National Front, founded by Old Man Le Pen and now led by his daughter, Marine Le Pen, who got 19% of the vote and refused to endorse the twerp Sarkozy for the runoff.  I don't blame her.  Interpreting all this, we have the Socialists, who want to go to Hell right now, no waiting, and invite the whole goddam Third World into France to commit crimes and go on welfare.  Then we have the center-right, who want to go to Hell systematically and with more dignity, feebly asking the hordes of immigrants to behave but never insisting on it.  And then, the National Front, which looks pretty wonderful when contrasted with the other two, but which is all too politically correct itself, shunning any notion of "racism" or "ethnocentrism."  But I'd have voted for it, of course. Just like I'd vote for Tom Tancredo here, because at least he knows there's an immigration problem, though he's never mentioned an effective solution to it.  Like a drunk, a country with an immigration mess has to start by admitting that it has a mess.

Colin Liddell explains the state of France and the mess it's in, and tells us what might happen next HERE.


  1. I still think it's the re-election of a Sarkozy that would more properly be called genosuicide, as would be the election of Romney in the US. They have been the ones who have deceived the natives into supporting the policies of their enemies. Resisting that urge to support anything labeled 'opposition' is a sign of health. It's a no confidence vote in the fakers. It provides the necessary contrast that was absent when most all information was controlled by the regime. It invites comparison between a falling Sarkozy and a rising Le Pen, which then invites comparison to the ruling anti-European regime. No one said it'll be easy.

  2. As for the mildness of Le Pen and Paul, we all know that most of their support comes from more radical sources than they're permitted to broadcast. The left has always been right about that no matter their exaggerations of the horrors that might ensue. We certainly know it to be the case with the left itself.

    The elevation of a party seriously unapproved by the regime to a level close to or at par with their approved parties seems mild because it, by itself, won't have done anything yet. Once it begins to act, well, things happen.