Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Diversity and Education

Diversity.  It's a fetish word these days, and denying its goodness is taboo.  And it's especially a wonderful thing in the context of education. The theory is that any school or college that is predominantly White, or Black, or male, or female, or predominantly anything, is inherently defective and can be improved by adding gobs of diversity. Liberals worship the idea of diversity in education, even as they search frantically for all-White private schools to send their own kids to.

Diversity in education for the rest of us, though,  is so important to our liberal ruling elite, that they demand more and more tax money to be funneled into the education industry to attain this diversity, and never mind the basic quality of the education itself.  Bad schools will be automatically improved if we can just get the proper ethnic mix into it.

All over the country, we find money being diverted from boring stuff like science and foreign language classes into diversity programs, and bureaucrats especially trained to shove it down our throats. All this costs money, of course, so spending on education must go up, and tuition has to increase.  And even if you're not involved in paying tuition directly, you can pay more in taxes to keep the interest on student loans below the market rate. See how it all works?

Even among the neocons, who are mostly complicit in the Great Diversity Debacle, you find some grumbling about all this.  Michael Barone has THIS to say.

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  1. All black, all Asian, indeed all (insert any non-white group) schools are perectly fine. It is only white schools that need diversity, apparently. And you don't know how true it is that liberals/lefties always send their own kids to all white schools, I have worked in education for 30 years and ought to know.