Wednesday, April 11, 2012

White supremacy rules the world (That's a bad thing?)

Guest post from the DailyKenn:


I agree with Rev. Jeremiah Wright.

Last week, while speaking at a 'revival' meeting in West Virginia, he told parishioners that White supremacy was driving world policy.

While Rev. Wright's racist hatred for White people is unwarranted, the point he makes is valid. In fact, I would take it step further beyond mere agreement: White supremacy has historically driven civilization.

Here's a simple test.

Stop what you're doing and look around the room in which you are sitting. Focus your eyes on any object in the room. It may be your computer, lamp, stereo system, drywall, paint on the dry wall, telephone, calculator, your own shirt, McDonald's pickle stain on your own shirt, spandex that holds up your sweat pants, lens of your glasses through which you are peering, ink pens, and tattoo on your ankle.

With the exception of the tattoo, virtually everything you see is a direct product of White ingenuity. White people have reigned supreme in technological advances since the onset of the civilization.

Why is that a bad thing?

Your environment is impacted with the positive contribution of White innovation. Jeremiah Wright also benefits from White achievement, as do the throngs that clung to his racist rants in West Virginia.

The problem is this: We've allowed social engineers to define White supremacy as 'racist.' But white supremacy in technology and innovation is nonracial.

For example, when you flip on a light switch, the light bulb -- invented by the supreme intellect of a White man -- does not know if you are White, black, Hispanic or Asian. The advances in electronics provided by Thomas Edison and competitor Nikola Tesla, who gave us alternating current (AC/DC), were the products of superior White intellects.

Why are we ashamed to admit it? We should be proud of our contribution to the advancement of civilization!

That White folks are smart enough to enhance the lives of civilization does not constitute racism. Rather, it is anti-racist. When a cancer patient submits to chemotherapy, that person is reaping the benefits of White supremacy in medical research. When a diabetic extends life through insulin injections, that person literally owes his life to White supremacy in medical technology. Without White supremacy in medical research, innovation and practice, millions of humans would not be alive. The ethnicity of those who benefit from White supremacy is not relative.

To further drive home the point, consider what the world would be like if all innovation that stemmed from superior White intellect and innovation was reversed. Your travel to China would take weeks, not hours. The airplane, remember, was invented by White people as was jet propulsion and advancement. Virtually every gadget that makes your life convenient -- from washing machine to automobile -- is the product of White supremacy.

Some would argue that blacks are supreme on the basketball court. I agree. I would note that the game, however, is the invention of White innovation, as was the physical basketball. The polymers and other molecules that cover the basketball floor were developed by the supreme intellect of White people in laboratories.

So, when Rev. Wright derides White people for being 'supreme,' I wonder if he's willing to surrender every benefit of White supremacy.

I think not.

If electric lights only lit for White people, I would say the White supremacy argument carries weight. But White supremacy in innovation, technology and other policies has, with few exceptions, benefited all of humanity.

That's not to discredit the contributions made by non-Whites. It is to underscore the fact that the term 'superior' has been demonized to the point that we are ashamed and embarrassed to admit that our culture has contributed to the advancement and well-being of peoples everywhere. Again, we've allowed social engineers to define 'supreme' as an evil, racist and hurtful aspect of Western culture.

Truth is, the real White supremacists are not plodding about in cow fields wearing white sheets and pointy dunce hats. White supremacists don lab coats, study CAD, engineering and development and invest their lives further developing an advanced world society. They are, as Rev. Wright unwittingly confessed, 'driving world policy.'

That's a good thing.

The tragedy is we are allowing the social engineers to deplete White supremacy through intimidation and irrational immigration. When Western civilization is destroyed, who will innovate? Who will provide food to feed billions? Who will send aid to Africa? Who will develop aircraft and advanced medical devices? Who will fly advanced aircraft and control advanced medical devices?

Perhaps the time has come for people of color to end their racist hatred for the one ethnic group that has most enhanced their lives. Perhaps it is time for Rev. Jackson, Rev. Sharpton, and Rev. Wright to say 'thank you' to White America for all we have done for blacks. Perhaps it is time they call for an end to black-on-White violence and to be grateful to live in civilization's most advanced society -- thanks to superior White innovation.


  1. Problem is that black people have been told in school and Hollywood that they too can share the supremacy with us. And when that does not happen they get very angry and blame us for keeping them down. I blame our schools and our government and Hollywood for lying to them. Also the trouble is that most white people have been brainwashed into believing that they are just like us. I have met many even educated whites who believe that God made us all equal.

  2. You do see the comment above mine? Supremacy at it best. Yes blacks should share supremacy, thats what a post-racial society is.

  3. Do all those technical advances ensure happiness? No. Whose to say someone living in the jungle of New Guinea, is not living a happy and content life, while a white person, living in a luxury highrise, suffers from depression or annorexia and is miserable?

    1. That's exactly my point too.

      It amazes me at how arrogant white people are when they seem to always think that if white supremacy never existed we would all be worse off? How could a world built on love and compassion for fellow human beings ever be worse than the white supremacy genocidal brutality that this world was built on and under which many people around the world are still suffering oppression from?