Thursday, April 5, 2012

"The Talk" — The Ditzy Version and the Rational Version

What with the Neverending Story of Trayvon, we here a lot of talk about the talk.  That is, Black parents are said to need to talk to their sons about how they should behave so as to not be taken for potentially dangerous thugs.  That's good advice.  White parents have similar talks with their kids all the time — dress and behave so as to make people regard you as a decent and reliable person. I blogged a few days back about Malcolm X and how he might have handled this problem.  But what would such a talk actually amount to in practice?  All too often, it won't be a rational statement that young Black men have a bad reputation among Whites, because of a record of anti-social behavior, and if you are a young Black man, it would behoove you to be aware of that and take steps to behave in such a way as to not fit that stereotype.  No, more often it will be some repetition of the White liberal dogma that White people (except for the enlightened White liberals, of course) are racists, and you have to watch out for them because they'll discriminate against you and oppress you.  In short, most such talks will reinforce all kinds of dubious stereotypes and increase resentment.  And they won't advise you that dressing and talking like a thug will minimize your social mobility.  On they contrary, they'll advise you that it's your right to dress and talk like a thug, and that anybody who finds such behavior repugnant is, again, a racist or bigot and there's a problem with their behavior.

Now, that's about what Black parents should say to their kids about race.  What should White parents say?  There are two possibilities.  One is to keep the kids in La-La land, and blather about tolerance and understanding ad nauseam, and most definitely protect them from reality in every sense.  That's the Way of the White Liberal, who cares more about maintaining his unrealistic world-view than about the welfare of his own children.  Listen, White liberals, we've been preaching tolerance to kids for at least fifty years, and we've managed to make most of them neurotic, self-hating, self-destructive, roll-over cowards in racial terms.  You seem to want to make them even more so.  Here's a White liberal blog post on the subject that Gloria Bunker or Lisa Simpson would be proud to have written.  Note that she swallows whole the narrative about angelic innocent Trayvon being cruelly murdered by some evil guy.  Note that she cried about it instead of thinking about it.  Note that she advocates more tolerance preaching to White kids instead of any facts of any kind.  Note that advising prudent, sensible behavior doesn't occur to her at all.

The second possibility, of course, is the taboo notion of telling your kids about reality as it is.  Who was it who said, "A thing is what it is, and not something else"?  He was right, and very illiberal indeed, because the essence of liberalism is the creation and maintenance of a fantasy world where things are the way you want them to be, instead of how they are.  Well, a good example of this second possibility is that of John Derbyshire, who has the best summary I've ever seen about what a parent should tell White kids about race.  Read it HERE.


  1. Black parents should say, "If you don't want to get shot, then don't attack people."

    White parents should say, "For your own personal safety, stay away from black people."

  2. The really funny, curious thing is that "The Talk" that black parents give to their children ("Dress nicely, mind your postures isn't slack, speak properly and without raising your voice, show deference to officials in authority, don't make any threatening or sudden moves, keep your hands out of your pockets") is EXACTLY the same talk my two white parents, my two white grandparents, and all my white aunts and uncles and other white elders gave to ME! And Derbyshire's talk to his children contains just as much common sense as "The Talk" that black parents give to their children. The problem is that you cannot persuade our all-powerful bien pensant Diversity nomenklatura, apparatchiks, and commissars, or persuade our mainstream Media-Pravda that BOTH of these talks consist of pure common sense, because the Diversity Industry doesn't build its empire and its minions do not keep and expand their jobs on...common sense.