Monday, April 23, 2012

Race War

There's nothing new about race war.  History is full of it, with various definitions of "race."  Point is, war happens when two or more human groups, in conflict about something or other, resort to violence to settle their dispute.  And human groups are very commonly defined by race. And yes, despite the nostrum to the contrary, violence very often does solve things.  Race war, and the threat of race war, has successfully ended White rule all over Africa, if you've been paying attention. Race war was instrumental in extending White American rule over what is now the United States.

And now we have threats of race war in the United States again. The current most vocal agent of the threat is Al Sharpton, though he has many co-belligerents vying for pole position. You see, the appeasement strategy that American Whites have been using for the last sixty years isn't working. With a mixture of guilt, fear, ignorance and just plain wrong-headedness, our Government has been Neville-Chamberlaining the civil rights issues for decades.  Assuring us that every retreat would lead to a victory and utopia, the MAG (Media, Academia, Government) has followed one capitulation after another, and lo and behold, race war is closer than ever.

I suppose it started with forced school integration.  The Supreme Court decided to further deteriorate the barriers between state governments and the Federal government, and decided that segregation was unfair and unconstitutional.  They also said that integration would greatly improve education for Blacks.  It didn't.  You can argue about the unfair and unconstitutional part, but you can hardly argue that Black education is in better shape than it was in 1950.  That thinking was ratcheted up when it was decided that schools that were not segregated, but which were insufficiently 'diverse' because of the geography of school districts, were de facto segregated and had to be treated just as if they'd done in all on purpose, so we got massive school busing, which satisfied nobody, and arguably made education inferior for both races.

And then, the Civil Rights Bill of 1964, the handiwork of the Worst President in History, did for just about everything else the same that had been done for the schools — forced integration on everything from hotels to restaurants to bars — with the same results. That is, made life a little harder for both groups.  Oh, it also had the unintended consequence (great ideas in legislation are just full of unintended consequences) of destroying a lot of Black-owned businesses that catered to Blacks, because their customers left them for White-owned businesses.

Since then, we've had lots more forced integration in the form of Affirmative Action, which has, of course, further wrecked education for Blacks, because to meet quotas, many colleges admit unprepared Blacks, who flunk out, while they might have done just fine at a lower-tier college.  This is explained better than I can explain it by Thomas Sowell HERE.

But the point of all this is that none of this appeasement has made American Blacks happier.  Actually, it's made them more discontented, because White liberals and their own con-artist leaders keep telling them that all their problems and shortcomings are caused by White racists.  In short, they keep calling for more appeasement in the form of more affirmative action, more welfare payments, and more toleration of bad behavior.  So all of the appeasement, designed in part to prevent racial animosity, has increased it instead, and brought race war ever nearer.  I'm not at all optimistic, because the MAG, having failed to improve things with their counterproductive programs, just call for more and more counterproductive programs.  Fred Reed isn't optimistic either.  His evaluation of all this is HERE.

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  1. Race war? What race war?

    Black mob beats Mobile man unconscious on his porch and shout "Now that's justice for Trayvon!"