Friday, April 6, 2012

Race Optimism and Race Reality

We all enjoy seeing Shawn and Gus pal around, but it's TV, you know, and while such cooperative relationships aren't impossible, they're improbable to an extreme degree.  What we actually have, instead of the Brave New World shown on TV and in other fiction, is racial tension between Whites and Blacks increasing rather than decreasing.  The Trayvon affair proves that.  Virtually every Black "spokesman" in America has condemned Zimmerman and sanctified Trayvon, telling us, in effect, that they will not be satisfied until it has been made a mortal sin for anybody to defend himself against a Black thug.  And, with their universal condemnation of the "stand your ground" law, they want it to be made not only sinful, but illegal and impossible as well.  That's the state of Black opinion in America, like it or not.  And, given that few enough Whites are aware of the reality — that Blacks prey on Whites about sixteen times as often as vice-versa — it seems that only a handful of Blacks suspect that it might be the case.  For proof of this, check the posts at  Just browse around at random.  You'll find plenty.

In fact, Black criminals terrorize Whites daily, while Whites attack Blacks once in a blue moon.  But the MAG (Media, Academia, Government) routinely claim the reverse.  Routinely, and with enough emphasis that, as I say, a lot of Whites believe the nonsense, and practically all Blacks do.  That increases the inchoate guilt-feelings of White liberals and the misplaced resentment of Blacks.  That leads to more victimization of naive Whites, and more encouragement of young Black males to adopt the gangsta creed.

Fred Reed, who has been around the block a few times, and has few illusions about such things, describes the situation clearly, pungently, and with justified pessimism here:
We Are Screwed.

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