Tuesday, April 10, 2012

The Lynching of John Derbyshire

Everybody's always apologizing for what they say, especially when what they say is true. One of the more recent examples of this is the Great Limbaugh Capitulation.  And by now we all know what John Derbyshire said.  One of the wonderful things about it all is that what Derbyshire said, of course, was pure common sense, hence taboo, but he hasn't apologized for it!  Hooray! It wouldn't do him any good, it never does, but everybody from James Watson to Tony Bennett (google away!) thinks apologies help, so they do it.  But Derbyshire is evidently smarter than that.  He knows that loving Big Brother is just the final step before execution. (Read 1984 if you haven't.)  The admirable VOX DAY has reproduced part of an interview with Derbyshire, in which he does not apologize, HERE.

And back at the scene of the crime, Takimag, the equally admirable Paul Gottfried analyzes the totalitarian politically correct lynching bee the liberals and neocons have organized for Derbyshire HERE.


  1. "He knows that loving Big Brother is just the final step before execution."

    That's a great line ex-Army, and so true. When the heat reaches the point that a public figure has to apologize, its too late - his fate is sealed. So might as well not apologize.

  2. David Yeagley weighs in on current news trend: