Thursday, April 19, 2012

Just a little bit more on profiling

On a lot of TV crime shows, there are cops or consultants called "profilers."  Their job is to study an unsolved crime, and, using knowledge of previous crimes and statistics and logic in general, to make an informed estimate of what sort of person the perpetrator is.  In short, it's exactly what detectives are supposed to do in order to do their job.  But the way "profiling" is usually meant is going at it from the opposite direction.  That is, when you see a particular sort of person, you make an informed estimate of what that person is likely to do, especially with regard to illegal and/or violent behavior.  Usually, when it's said that a person is "profiled," it's meant that he's evaluated as likely to do something wrong, but it's also profiling when a person is evaluated as probably harmless and benign. Or anything else.  As I said before, profiling is simply using logic and experience to evaluate people.

Can you imagine not doing that?  Can you imagine leading your life not evaluating people you see?  Liberals say you ought to.  Now, little kids are that way.  They crawl into strangers' laps, say anything to anybody, and can't even distinguish male from female. (Some liberals think that's a good thing, too.) Indeed, one of the things you have to do as a parent is teach little kids to evaluate people.  You know, so they can stay alive.  First, you teach them to distinguish strangers from people they know and behave differently to the former, i. e., don't talk to them or trust them. But liberals, who are against profiling, very frequently use ignorant children as some sort of ideal that we're all to aspire to.  I've heard over and over that little kids don't notice racial differences, but are all kum-ba-ya, so we shouldn't notice them either. (Actually, studies have shown that even babies damn well notice racial differences, so that's another liberal mantra that continues despite proof to the contrary.)

So it's ignorance piled upon ignorance.  Profiling is just knowledge, experience, and logic, and the left hates all three things.  The left is powered by emotion and dogma, and facts the left dislikes are called, no kidding, "hate facts."  How Orwellian is that?  Just google "hate facts" and see what you find.

So to be against profiling is to be in favor of ignorance, stupidity, and never learning anything from experience.  This is more or less the official policy of the MAG (Media, Academia, Government), all the way from being against "profiling" non-citizens and not letting them vote, to poor old George Zimmerman trying to defend his neighborhood from thugs.

I'm getting into a rant again, so I direct you over to calmer, cooler Steve Sailer, who asks if there's anything more to say about profiling.  The comments on his post are well worth reading.

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