Monday, April 30, 2012

Gays Gone Wild

Lately, the love that dare not speak its name has become the love that will not shut up.  Not too long ago, homosexuality was considered a vice, like alcoholism or gambling, that was tolerated if the practitioners refrained from shoving it in everybody's face.  The drunks and gamblers, we're still allowed to look askance at, but homosexuals have gone from being tolerated to being sympathized with to being Just As Good As Everybody Else If Not Better.  As Alexander Pope would have put it if he'd thought of it, we first endure, then pity, then embrathe.

We are now expected, as heterosexuals, not only to admire and encourage homosexual behavior, but even to feel a little inferior to their more advanced, nobler lifestyle.  We've stopped giving them advice on coping with the perversion they can't seem to resist, and now solicit their advice about how best to adapt ourselves to their new hegemony.  And those of us who are Christians are especially required to apologize endlessly for our previous lack of understanding of their innate superiority.

Recently, the homosexual activist and all-around sicko Dan Savage was unaccountably invited to speak to the National High School Journalism Convention.  He behaved, well, Savagely, though most savages I've heard of wouldn't put up with listening to such garbage, and neither did some of the students. Jim Goad analyzes this strange event, and comes up with the best anti-pro-homosexual rant I've seen so far.  You can read it HERE.

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