Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Another Trayvon/Zimmerman Race Card

Isn't it amazing how many details the press can dig up when it wants to? Soon we'll learn that Mitt Romney's barber has a third cousin who knew a guy who once attended a KKK meeting.  But once the media found out that George Zimmerman was a White guy (see Illustration) that was all they needed to know about him, and all they thought you needed to know. But the press isn't monolithic, though God knows it'd like to be, and now we find out that Zimmerman has not only American Indian blood from Peru, but also has a Black ancestor from Peru!

So now, I guess, it can be redefined as Black-on-Black violence, which is disappointing to our anointed leaders, but it's still okay, because Black-on-Black violence is Whitey's fault, too.  More details about Zimmerman in this STORY.

And just after I finished posting this, I checked out Steve Sailer's site, and he's quoted and commented on the same story I linked to.  As always, what Steve has to say about such things is well worth reading,  His post is HERE.

And Vox Day comments on the implications of this HERE.

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