Tuesday, March 20, 2012

White Liberal Hypocrisy

Seriously, is there anything more hypocritical than your average White liberal?  I say average, because there are a few White liberals who are honest and not hypocritical, like Robert Lindsay, but they're thin on the ground and pretty much shunned by the White Liberal Hierarchy.  Most White liberals are breathtakingly hypocritical.  How so?  Well, the White liberal position on what everybody ought to do is one thing, but what White liberals actually do is usually the opposite, which is the very definition of hypocrisy. Some examples: White liberals are all for racial integration, and favor coerced integration by the government, but they seem to inevitably end up living in all-White areas, far from the minority groups they're so eager to have all other Whites integrate with.  Connected to this is their staunch support of public schools, while whenever possible, they send their own kids to private schools. They are also very big on gun control for all of us who can't afford to live in gated communities guarded by cops, but for themselves, of course, anything goes for defense of their precious lives.  I'm reminded of the story, maybe apocryphal, that Jane Byrne walked into a Chicago City Council meeting and argued that nobody needs a handgun for personal defense, while she herself was accompanied by armed bodyguards. And of course White liberals are very antiwar, but inevitably strongly support "humanitarian intervention" all over the world, especially when Democratic Presidents are in charge of it.

And now we get to taxes.  As I've said before, Obama isn't a White liberal, but he was brought up by White liberals and is handled by White liberals, so he is with the White liberal program 100%.  Obama doesn't like income inequality, despite his own wealth, which he shows little inclination to redistribute. So he's eager for everybody to pay their "fair share," which means you and me, of course, not his rich pals, or the millions who don't pay any income taxes at all.  In effect, of course, this means taking more money away from the middle class to give to the welfare-dependent tax eaters, both rich and poor.

But Pat Buchanan has a solution.  A way for Obama and the Democrats and all the White liberals to demonstrate that they sincerely want to ameliorate this awful income inequality, unless, of course, they are actually oligarchs in populist clothing.  Read about it HERE.

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