Wednesday, March 14, 2012


Anti-Americanism is inevitable, really, just like anti-Britishism, anti-Sovietism, and anti-Romanism.  Any powerful country is going to have its "anti" reaction, because its influence impacts everybody. But its not all inevitable. Paul Gottfried says that there are three current forms of anti-Americanism.  He explains this HERE.  I'll wait while you read it.......

Okay?  Good.  Now I'll react to all this.  First, Islamic fundamentalism. Gottfried is dead on here. Our messing around in the Middle East is completely and totally misguided and always has been. It started, you might say, with our recognition of Israel as a nation, quickly followed by our commitment to support its sovereignty with money and military power.  This permanently annoyed the displaced Arabs and the ripples have spread all over the Islamic world.  And its not just that.  When we're not messing around on Israel's behalf, we're naively trying to Americanize people who sincerely don't want to be Americanized, and almost always ending up with a worse mess in place than the mess we tried to clean up in the first place.  We overthrow dictators like Qadhafi and Mubarak, with no serious thought about the chaos that will certainly follow.  We can't seem to get it through our heads that some countries are better off with a nice mean halfway-benevolent dictator who keeps the peace and also prevents somebody worse from taking over.  We think that with bombs and propaganda we can turn any country into a New England town meeting.  We can't.  Nobody can.  In short, Islamic fundamentalist anti-Americanism is mostly our own damn fault for not minding our own business.  Good intentions run amok.

Gottfried's second anti-American group — nonAmerican multiculturalists — are most definitely our own fault.  We export all kinds of daffy leftist ideas from our own home-grown America haters to everybody else in the world.  Just look at a few movies and books.  It seems like about half the movies Hollywood puts out are devoted to teaching everybody that American Whites are just more casually-dressed Nazis, who take pleasure in oppressing everybody from Blacks to women to Hispanics to homosexuals.  Interestingly, our intellectual elite seems to be more anti-American than the Soviets were at their worst, and they're determined to spread their nonsense to the rest of the world. What we need to do, one way or the other, is shut these hateful idiots up by answering their arguments, ridiculing them, boycotting their products, and, in the academic realm, stop subsidizing them.

The third group Gottfried mentions is the European right.  I'm inclined to think of them as not anti-American at all, really.  At least, I tend to concur with most of the critique of the United States that they produce. When groups like the British National Party and the various national front groups in Western Europe, or the nationalists in Russia, criticize us, they're mostly criticizing our anti-American elite ideas mentioned with Group 2.  Many of these parties are devoted to preserving their own countries and traditions, and resent the American notion of acting as cop/social worker to the world.  They have a point, don't they?  In fact, we need a party like that ourselves, devoted to preserving our country and its traditions.  Instead, we have the Republican Party, devoted to meddling in other countries while destroying our own institutions, and the Democratic Party, devoted to doing the same thing in reverse order.  Closest thing to such a party is the American Third Position.  Go check it out HERE.

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