Friday, February 24, 2012

A = A, More or Less

There's a phrase running through my mind — "A thing is what it is, and not something else." Anybody know where I picked it up from?  Sounds like something a rabbi said, or maybe Confucius.  But whoever said it, you have to admit it's true.  It's equivalent to A=A, as Aristotle said, and as Ayn Rand liked to remind us. So when you're talking about a thing, it's really helpful to know what that thing is, and for those you're talking to also to know what it is.  That's getting harder and harder.  A long story this morning, that Fox News keeps repeating over and over, about "shoppers" rioting in Orlando because some new sneaker went on sale.  Yeah, "shoppers." Much more accurate to call them Blacks, but of course somebody will point out that they're not all Black, and they'll find some White punks involved, too, just as they always do when Blacks riot, or at least standing nearby, so they can end up with a politically correct news item after all.  So in this case, A=A, but you can't call it A, of course.  You have to call it a hieroglyph or a pattern of lines on paper, or something else, because just "A" can't be said aloud, unless you have a story about how A's are being discriminated against by all the other letters. Then you can say it.

And that's just the news.  It's just the same in politics.  When a halfway decent politician is aware of a certain fact, he knows damn well that he can't actually talk about the fact, or he'll get smashed.  So he talks about other things, in the hopes that some people with be made aware thereby that he's actually aware of the taboo fact.  Let's say immigration.  The fact is that we're getting millions of illegal Latino immigrants who don't fit into our culture at all.  They have a quite different set of social values than basic White Americans do.  They have little interest in what we call civic pride or the rule of law.  They consider drunk driving macho.  They've been told before they got here that Whitey oppresses them and show up looking for revenge.  They have little interest in education and have an attitude towards women that doesn't fit our paradigm at all.  Many of them seem to consider rape and murder no big deal. And they have virtually no interest in assimilation and many actually try to keep their offspring from assimilating.  That's the fact.  Now, politicians who recognize this fact as a problem are thin on the ground, but even those who do are scared silly to mention that fact, so they say other things instead.  At the top of the list, they talk about how we're a "nation of immigrants," which is a really stupid thing to say.  What we actually are is a nation of Northwest Europeans who left Europe and organized another Northwest European country here.  The only politician who's dared say that lately is Pat Buchanan.  No, instead they say how crazy they are about legal immigration, and act like the big problem is that these people came here illegally.  It's not.  The big problem is that they're here, where they don't fit.  Then they talk about "immigration reform," which is usually just a way of saying amnesty.  That's like having a big rape problem and talking about "sex reform."

And of course this applies to the whole race/culture problem which affects education, foreign policy, law enforcement, and economics.  They have to carefully avoid the facts and talk about some of the effects without ever mentioning the causes. This, of course, means that the fact that the liberals/Democrats/neocons control the dialog, making it virturally impossible for any of the real facts to even be mentioned, let alone be discussed.

Steve Sailer expands on this phenomenon, with a particularly interesting insight on how it's affected the gun control debate over the years,  HERE.

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  1. "a nation of Northwest Europeans who left Europe and organized another Northwest European country here"

    The share of the USA's population that is at least nominally Protestant of mostly NW-European ancestry (without nonwhite admixture) is probably only 40-45% today, and significantly less in the Northeast (down nationally from ~95%+ for the first two and a half centuries of white settlement, if slaves are not counted).

    Is the classical USA already gone?