Monday, January 23, 2012

Feminism Again

My recent post on "Feminine Fascism" caused a bit of a reaction. I've been using the term "feminism" in its broadest sense (accidental pun, there) to mean a pro-woman philosopy which can include everything from thinking girls should be educated all the way to crazy-assed feminism of the type we're usually confronted with.  Seems that my definition is too broad, as just about everybody who reacted considers the bad parts of feminism to be the fundamental building blocks of it.  I submit. I will no longer use the word to mean anything other than what it popularly means — a psychotic, self-destructive hatred of men and masculinity on the part of ditzy females and the even crazier men who agree with them.  Okay?

Coincidentally, I just read a related post by the unique Robert Lindsay, who calls himself a leftist, but who is remarkably free of some of the left's most popular blind spots.  One is the dogma of intrinsic human racial equality.  Another is that he thinks feminism is corrosive and evil.  Read his post HERE.

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  1. Again I must quote the Women's Lib motto: That's not funny.