Wednesday, August 31, 2011

White Self-Destruction

Cartoon by BALOO
White people are behaving in a very self-destructive way these day.  Our birth rate is way down, here and in Europe and in other White countries like Australia.  The reasons for this are many, but the result is clear: fewer White people.  We're an aging population that isn't replacing itself.  Some swine like Tim Wise applaud this.  I don't. The White race has accomplished quite a lot, if you hadn't noticed.  Starting with Ancient Greece, the White race has been responsible for most of what we call "civilization."  This is not to minimize the contributions of the Far East and the Indian subcontinent and the Middle East, but to say that any White person should be other than proud of his heritage is absurd.  But a lot of us have been taught by MAG (Media, Academia, Government) that on the contrary, we should be ashamed of our White heritage — and this is because of slavery, conquest, etc., all of which are universal human sins, hardly peculiar to the White race.

But this idiotic meme has caught on, and while just about everybody else is told they should be proud of their own race or ethnic group — Black, Orientals, Hindus, (I know I'm mixing categories here) Gypsies, Aleuts, Jews, Japanese, you name it — Whites and Whites alone are taught to be ashamed. We Americans are supposed to be ashamed of how we treated American Indians, despite the fact that we pretty much treated American Indians precisely the same as they treated each other.  Massacre, conquest, forceable removal, etc.

Slavery, which has been practiced by every known human group organized enough to institute it rather than just kill the people they conquered, has been somehow a particularly White sin.  Baloney, of course.  Well, despite its intrinsic illogic, the White Shame meme has spread everywhere.  The MAG has embraced it, and they preach that first of all, the White race should give money to all nonWhites in the form of massive foreign aid.  We should apologize constantly, and beg forgiveness from the descendants of those who our ancestors allegedly oppressed.  Even so-called "conservative" White are totally with the program, as described HERE.

Of course, money isn't enough.  All White countries are expected to admit an unlimited number of nonWhite immigrants, that's all there is to it.  Sane countries only accept immigrants that will be good for themselves — Mexico, Israel, and Japan are good examples of such sanity — but White countries are expected to do the opposite, i. e., admit immigrants to benefit the immigrants, no matter how expensive and disruptive the immigrants might be.  And the United States has gone further than most White countries, and effectively elected itself an African President — not an African-American in the usual sense, mind you, like Walter Williams or Ed Brooke or Julian Bond or Thomas Sowell or Colin Powell, but a guy whose father was an African visitor, not even an applicant for US citizenship.  And this African President has on many occasions expressed his contempt and resentment of the White race.

Well, I'm ranting.  If you want to know the dynamics of White shame and fear, read this by Kevin MacDonald.

Uncle Omar Busted, Aunt Zeituni Gets Freebies

They're creepy and they're kooky... 
Obama may or may not be an illegal alien, but he sure is related to a lot of them.  You can read about Uncle Omar HERE, and about Aunt Zeituni HERE.  What's the matter with the rest of the Obama bunch? Don't they know a good thing when they see it?  Lord knows Obama's bureaucrats will take good care of them.  And they really don't need to worry about Rick Perry.  He talks big, but he's a pussycat at heart, and will gladly grant all the Obama Family in-state tuition if they choose to go on welfare in Texas.

Finally, can anybody help me with a caption for this photo?  I've got writer's block or something.  I can't think of anything ridiculous enough.... Quartermain wins the prize!

Cavemen and Comparative Advantage

Cartoon by BALOO
People are different.  Individuals differ from one another, families, tribes, nations, ethnic groups, religious groups, races, all these groups differ from each other — that's why they have different names, you see, because they're different from and distinguishable from one another.  In these days of ideological equality, it's a little dangerous to point out this obvious fact.  But it's an important fact, and it's the basis of — surprise! — economics.  Economics is about human trade relations in terms of goods and services.  If everybody were the same, they could pretty much not bother to trade anything, because each individual could produce for himself as well as any other person could for him, so why not just do that?

Economics seems incomprehensible to many people because it's seldom taught properly, and is all too often confused with finance, which is a branch of economics dealing with money and currency and the manipulation thereof.  There was economics, in the form of barter, long before anybody thought of money.  Also, governments hate it when the population understand economics because it makes it really hard for governments to lie about economics.  You know, like "food stamps create jobs."  Or "Socialized  medicine saves money."

[Note:  A correspondent pointed out that food stamps and socialized medicine of course does bring some jobs into existence that wouldn't be there otherwise, while using up money and resources that would probably have created more jobs in the private sector.  So it's a Bill Clinton kind of lie — technically true, but it leaves out the downside and hopes you won't realize it — Ex-Army.]

I'm not saying that government should be separated completely from the economy — the very fact that government has to buy things from private producers guarantees that government will affect the economy in many ways — but I'm saying that it's really bad at managing the economy, partly because its incentives are warped.  That is, government is intent on what will happen in the next election, so it always goes for short-term economic improvements at the expense of the long view.  On top of that, as has been demonstrated time and time again, no government can possible know enough about what's going on economically to intervene in the economy without heaps of unintended consequences.  But the government can always hire lots of pet economists to explain why it should do what it feels like doing anyway.

A good first lesson in economics, comparative advantage in the Stone Age, is HERE in THE FREEMAN.

Tuesday, August 30, 2011

A Tribute to Flight 93

Jon Chandler's Tribute to Flight 93.  His website is HERE.

Nutty Professors

Academia is one of the Three Pillars of the New World Order, the other two being Media and Government (Together they spell MAG).  I was going to call them the Three Horsemen of the Apocalypse, and I may do so later.  Anyhow, I went to college long, long ago, in the unenlightened days of LBJ, but even then, there were lots of PC types running loose.  But it's gotten much, much worse, especially since my generation took over.  You see, in those days, you could get out of the draft by staying in college.  This resulted in draft-dodger types getting degrees while the patriotic, anti-communist types didn't.  Many of the former ended up with advanced degrees, and now they're running the university world. Consequently, there's an overwhelming bias in academia against the military, patriotism, Christianity, etc. — all the good stuff.  Indeed, if you're not in actual contact with the academic world right now, you're not likely to believe some of the preposterous nonsense that goes on.  Paul Gottfried seems to have just retired from academia, or so his essay implies.  He has some great stories about it all HERE.

Monday, August 29, 2011

Tell Us It Ain't So, Bill!

What happened, Bill Cosby?  Black Americans were in pretty good shape, but weren't being treated perfectly, back in the 50's, so things were changed, and civil rights bills were passed, and affirmative action was put into place, and cops were disciplined for insensitivity, and White kids were taught to be tolerant in school, and the churches joined in and apologized themselves sick for prior mistreatment of Blacks, and we elected Black congressmen and mayors, a few senators, and, finally, a President, so Blacks are much better off than they were 60 years ago.  Their families are more stable, they're better educated, and... Huh? What the hell happened?  I'll tell you what happened — White liberals happened.  Throughout history, here and elsewhere, Whites have felt themselves superior to Blacks.  Nothing shocking there.  Japanese feel themselves superior to Chinese.  French feel themselves superior to Germans. Everybody thinks they're superior to the guy down the street.  It's human nature. But usually not that superior.  Most Whites have felt superior to Blacks such that they want to live apart from them and not mix with them.  But White liberals are really superior.  Of course, they live apart, in their gated communities and Kennedy Compounds, but they don't leave it at that. They're so superior that they know what Blacks need and want better than Blacks do themselves!  Amazing insight!  They know that Blacks need all kinds of special treatment because, of course, they're not nearly as smart as White liberals are and can't figure these things out for themselves.  They knew that it would be really helpful to Blacks to be bussed around all over town and put in integrated schools.  They knew it would help if Blacks were granted mortgages they couldn't pay off, and if they were forcefully admitted to colleges they weren't prepared for.  They knew it would really be great if they made excuses for Blacks whenever they misbehaved, and always shifted the blame to White racism.

Actually, things are a hell of a lot worse after a few decades of White liberal social engineering for Blacks and Whites.  When Fred was a kid, thuggish behavior wasn't considered cool for either race.  He tells us about it HERE.

Lindbergh Got It Right

There aren't too many people left these days who remember Lindbergh.  One interesting fact:  Part of Jack Kennedy's "charisma" was based on his resemblance to Lindbergh, who was still vivid in a lot of memories fifty years ago. You can get the basic bio of Lindbergh on Wikipedia, of course.  I guess those of us who are vaguely aware of him know that he flew the Atlantic, and that his son was kidnapped and killed, but his political and cultural significance is pretty much unknown now.

And the most important thing that's been forgotten is the fact that FDR did all that he could to destroy Lindbergh because he opposed his war plans.  Yep, Lindbergh thought that participating in a World War wasn't necessarily a great idea, what with the death and destruction and all.  He gave a speech to that effect in Des Moines in 1941, and you can hear an excerpt from it and read more about it Here.

Essentially, he doubted that it was in America's national interest to enter the war, and he was almost certainly right about this.  Even back then, the theory a large number of our political leaders operated under was that we should use our military power to defend other people, not ourselves.  If you'll notice, that's the theory they all operate under now.  We're all over the Middle East, and the Government keeps saying that we have to be there for the benefit of the people there. Why?  Did the Founders form a government for the benefit of the American people or for all other people?  Never mind the fact that it's questionable whether we are benefitting other people, it's still the Accepted Dogma that our military might is there to benefit the Human Race, not the American people.

Now, Ron Paul didn't fly the Atlantic or invent an artificial heart as far as I know, but he resembles Lindbergh in that he thinks the American military is there to defend America, not to stride around the world righting wrongs, real and imaginary.  And he's being trashed for that opinion by the Established Political Order, just as Lindbergh was.  They're calling him an "isolationist," just like the did to Lindbergh, and for the same reasons.  You see, Lindbergh was right, and Ron Paul is right, too.  I'll be voting for him.

Sunday, August 28, 2011

Of Bunnies and Guitars

Flash! — A late-breaking development is HERE.

Awhile ago I blogged about our Federal Government's valiant efforts to protect us from illegal bunnies.  Now the emphasis has shifted to protecting us from illegal guitars.  Well, not illegal here, but illegal in India, or would be if they were in India. Or something.  Anyhow, the Gibson Guitar Company got raided by the Feds because somebody in Indian might have violated some kind of law there.  At least the bunnies weren't from India.  Part of the problem was that the Gibson Guitar Company is a contributor to Republicans, while its competitor, C. F. Martin & Co., which uses the same wood but did not get raided. Read more details HERE.  One of those peculiar coincidences.  May I recommend that the bureaucrats who work for the Bureau of Bunnies and Guitars be diverted to the border to help keep illegal people out?  Or, if they can't stomach that, maybe we could just lay them off and cut the deficit ever so slightly?  Or does bunny and guitar raiding create jobs like food stamps do?

In keeping with all this silliness, Hatsune Miku sings "While My Guitar Gently Weeps."

Free people are not equal, and equal people are not free.

Cartoon by BALOO

I found a reference to this set of principles below on Jerry Pournelle's Blog.  The speech these principles come from is by Lawrence Reed and can be found HERE.  Of course, all these principles are in direct contradiction to what the MAG (Media, Academia, Government) stands for. My comments are italicized.
“Seven Principles of Sound Public Policy”
1) Free people are not equal, and equal people are not free.

The MAG believes that freedom and equality are the same thing, and believe in severely limiting the first and establishing the latter by Government fiat.  And their idea of equality is an equality of outcomes, certainly not equal rights or equal opportunities.
2) What belongs to you, you tend to take care of; what belongs to no one or everyone tends to fall into disrepair.

The MAG believes the opposite — that human nature can be changed by education and legislation so that people will learn to work as hard for the benefit of strangers — even illegal aliens — as they do for themselves and their families.
3) Sound policy requires that we consider long-run effects and all people, not simply short-run effects and a few people.

Au contraire.  The MAG looks only as far as the next election, and will gladly sacrifice the future for buying votes today.
4) If you encourage something, you get more of it; if you discourage something, you get less of it.

As Milton Friedman said, if you pay people to be poor, they'll happily be poor.  Most all our public policy pretends that the opposite of this principle is the case.  That if you reward people for being irresponsible it will somehow encourage them to become responsible, and that if you punish people for working hard by taxing them more, they'll continue to work just as hard.  Madness.
5) Nobody spends somebody else’s money as carefully as he spends his own.

The MAG feels that the Government will spend your money much more wisely than you ever possibly could, so you should gratefully hand it over to them.
6) Government has nothing to give anybody except what it first takes from somebody, and a government that’s big enough to give you everything you want is big enough to take away everything you’ve got.

The MAG knows this is true, but likes to have everyone believe the opposite.  That the Government has a big money bin like Uncle Scrooge's, and all that is necessary for prosperity is that wise liberals and neocons distribute it properly.  See #5
7) Liberty makes all the difference in the world.

To the MAG, liberty is an annoyance, like the Constitution.  It just makes people unruly and disobedient.  The only liberty the MAG approves is criminality, which makes people want a stronger Government to protect them from criminals, and self-destructive behavior, which makes people weaker and more in need of Government to take care of them.

Saturday, August 27, 2011

Random, Chaotic, Inexplicable, Coincidences that just Happen, or Happen to Happen

Cartoon by BALOO
There's an English phrase, "happen to be," that is used these days in an excruciatingly politically correct way.  It implies a coincidence, that two things happen at the same time and/or place by entirely random chance.

"I happened to be at the grocery store when the power went out."

That is, the two events are unrelated.  One didn't cause the other.  I might just have easily been somewhere else.  This differs from

"I was at that grocery store when the power went out."

in that the latter leaves the possibility open that I planned to be there at that time, or that the power went off because I was there.  Neither of those things are required to be true by the form of the sentence, but the possibility of their truth remains.  By phrasing it "happened to be," it's made clear that those connections are not possible.

Now, generally speaking, the MAG (Media, Academia, and Government) simply refuses to identify favored minorities — anybody who isn't White, basically — when they misbehave.  Black thugs are called 'youths,' or 'teens,' and the MAG does everything it can to conceal their ethnicity. But when for one reason or another they're forced to reveal that ethnicity, the phrase is pressed into action.

"Many of the rioters happened to be Black."

It was a wild and crazy coincidence, you see.  God forbid that any listener might think that there's more of a tendency among Blacks to be rioters than among people in general.  Now, when Blacks are victimized, they're clearly identified, and of course it's explicitly stated or strongly implied that there is a connection.

"Blacks go to prison at a higher rate than Whites."

You see, they're imprisoned by the usual suspects because they're Black, but when they commit the crimes they're imprisoned for, they just happen to be Black.

Did Orwell ever say anything about this "happen to be" phenomenon, or has it developed since his time?

Now, this is a usage created by the touchy-feely left, of course, but it's spread to all of us, which is why you hear idiotic things like, "The Israeli Prime Minister, who happens to be Jewish.."  And you'll even hear it from people who have allegedly conservative credentials.  John Derbyshire tells us about one of them HERE.

Friday, August 26, 2011

Qadhafi a Victim of Racism!

Typical Right-Wing Racist Libyan Revolutionaries
The truth is out!  Qadhafi has been overthrown by evil right-wing bigots, probably Nazis or Republicans, and Uncle Tom Obama is complicit!  You just can't trust anybody these days.  These arrogant Libyan bigots simply objected to the fact that Qadhafi was bringing immigrants in to do the work that Libyans aren't willing to do.  Check out the details HERE.

Bishop Tutu in the news again

Cartoon by BALOO
Remember Bishop Tutu?  He's a twofer.  A Black revolutionary and a psychotic Christian clergyman.  I insert here that I have heaps of respect for Christianity and its history and its essential role in the creation of Western Culture.  I'm a big fan of C. S. Lewis and G. K. Chesterton and people like them.  However.  Some people use Christianity as an excuse to say and do crazy things.  John Brown was a prime example. Jim Jones another. We're all trained to show knee-jerk respect for clergymen, which is crazy in itself, considering that clergymen don't have to pass any standardized tests for integrity or sanity.  When Christianity recommends treating others decently it's a good thing.  When it recommends assisting people in need, that's a good thing, too, as long as the assisting is checked out to ascertain that it's helping and not actually hurting.  When it recommends self-sacrifice, that's often a good thing, in the sense that we should give up some money or leisure time to help those down on their luck.  But when it recommends suicidal behavior, I part company with them.  Here in the West, the suicidal behavior recommended is often open borders, where anybody is let over the border to at best undercut wages and bollix up our working class, and at worst to rape and murder.

In South Africa, which left the West a few years ago, Bishop Tutu is with the program.  He recommends a special tax on White people, who should sacrifice themselves this way so Black South Africans won't have to work so hard, or maybe not work at all.  It's only fair.  The fact that he has chutzpah enough to suggest this shows just how much crazy crap we've gotten used to putting up with.  I'm sure there'll be plenty of White Christians out there who will applaud and stamp their feet at this wonderful new suggestion.  Irish Savant elaborates HERE.

Thursday, August 25, 2011

Obama's True Origin

There's been a lot of nonsense about Obama and his birth certificate and what his grandmother said and where and who his half-brother is and yadda yadda yadda. But, finally, we know where Obama really came from — not Hawaii, not Kenya, not Indonesia, not Pakistan, not Krypton, not even Chicago.  Never mind tacky muck-raking journalists.  Real scientists with real degrees have gone to work on the problem and they've solved it! Only a place like this could have produced such a precious person! Click for the revelation!

Funny Money

Over at Robert Lindsay's site, which I read faithfully, he has a very strange post advocating that the Gummint just print more and more money to pay off the debt.  I know that's nutty, and so do you, but I'm looking around on the net for a very simple explanation of why simply printing more currency doesn't work, and always has a downside, whether it's simple inflation or even worse stuff.   If you know of such a thing, please send me a link and I'll link or reproduce it here.  For the time being, this is the best explanation I've found.

Elizabeth Wright, R. I. P.

Elizabeth Wright has died.  Never heard of her?  No surprise.  I know very little about her myself, though I've linked to her on this blog from time to time.  Here's an announcement of her death in the Booker T. Washington Society Newsletter.  She didn't fit any of the establishment pigeonholes, being a Black female conservative.  She's been held in such obscurity, I can't find a picture of her anywhere on the net, hence I've used the closest thing I can think of instead.

Her blog is Issues and Views.  It includes such classics of insight as "Bribing the Poor," and "Laughing at Conservatives."

Here's a reminiscence of her by Jared Taylor.

And more here from Richard Spencer.

She will be missed

Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Obama is out to destroy Joe Arpaio

Received in e-mail. The copied links probably won't work, so Joe's campaign website is here. 

Joe Arpaio

Did you see this?

“Bowing to pressure from immigrant rights activists, the Obama administration said Thursday that it will halt deportation proceedings on a case-by-case basis against illegal immigrants who meet certain criteria, such as attending school, having family in the military or having primary responsible for other family members’ care.” – Washington Post, August 19, 2011.

Translated, this means the administration will grant backdoor amnesty to illegal immigrants by making changes to internal enforcement policies rather than an act of Congress.

Secretary of Homeland Security Janet Napolitano even had the audacity to say, “This case-by-case approach will enhance public safety.”

So while the Obama administration seeks to grant a back-door amnesty program to those who break the law – they come after me for enforcing existing immigration laws!
How, you might ask? Barack Obama’s Justice Department has sued me for enforcing illegal immigration laws here in Arizona…They even opened a “civil rights” investigation into my policies…They even worked hand-in-hand with the ultra-liberal ACLU to bring a lawsuit against Arizona for passing a tough anti-illegal immigration law.

You have been such a staunch supporter of my campaign for re-election as Sheriff, so I’m writing to you again today to ask for your help.

I won’t be intimated by the Obama Justice Department…just as I won’t be intimated by the Mexican Drug Cartel’s placing a $1 MILLION bounty on my head…and just as I won’t be intimated by the daily death threats I receive…all for doing the job I was elected to do!

Nothing – not even Barack Obama’s back-door amnesty scheme – will keep me from doing my job of enforcing the laws on the books.  Our great nation was founded on the rule of law – not of men!

I made it clear that the Justice Department can make whatever threats they want to, but I swore an oath to protect and defend the Constitutions of both the state of Arizona and the United States.  As long as the laws are on the books, I’m going to enforce them unapologetically.

But I desperately need your help. It's going to take a lot of resources to combat the attacks and false allegations against me and my deputies. We anticipate a very expensive campaign to defend myself and my record.

I cannot compete with the local and national media machines that distort my record and the job I’m doing to protect this country. And, I don’t have the personal resources to defend myself from these vicious attacks. I have to go directly to the people for their support. I need good people like you in this country to stand behind me and help me fight this fight.


Sheriff Joe Arpaio
Maricopa County, Arizona

P.S. Please don’t delete this email. Your support is critical in standing up to the Obama Amnesty scheme. They’ll be coming after me with everything they got, but if you stand with me we will claim victory. Please contribute today and forward this to at least five of your friends who share our concern about the direction of the country.
Paid for by Re-Elect Joe Arpaio 2012

Twins and the Origin of Language

Let's take a break from politics and talk about language for awhile.  Linguistics is a life-long hobby of mine, and like the origin of life itself, there's controversy about the origin of language.  The Bible explains the diversity of language with the Babel story, but it doesn't seem to indicate what the origin of the first language is, so we're free to speculate.  To begin with, it seems that no, no other animals use language.  Just human beings.  And all human beings have language.  Deaf kids brought up in the boonies invent their own sign languages.  We seem to have a language instinct (See Pinker's book on the subject) that all other animals lack.  These chimps and gorillas who have been taught to use sign language with great fanfare, it seems, haven't really learned it.  The thing about language is that it's not just noises or gestures that convey meaning.  All animals have that ability to one extent or another.  Language is noises or gestures that symbolize things and can be arranged with syntax to talk about those things.  That is, your chimp can make the sign for coke when he wants a coke or sees a coke, but he can't say anything more about the coke.  He can't say, "This coke is better than the coke I had yesterday."  He doesn't have the brain structure to create the concept, never mind to express it.  Wikipedia lists these theories of language origin.

The phenomenon of 'twin language' could help illuminate how language came about in the first place.  Essentially, twins spontaneously create their own language under certain circumstances, and it has characteristics that differ from the usual rules.  Steve Sailer talks about it HERE.

Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Picking a Fight with Russia

I've always liked Russia and Russians, even back when they were trapped in that slave-pen called the Soviet Union.  I like Dostoevksy and Solzenitsyn and Gogol.  I love Russian music and dance.  I posted this on the Tolmachevy sisters awhile back, but it's worth another look:

They gave up communism awhile back, and it proved to be damn difficult to dismantle a mess like that without a lot of looting.  Our neocons zipped right over there to show them just how looting was done. Yeltsin was a heroic chap, climbing up on the tank that way, and I give him heaps of credit for that — unfortunately he also stood by while international vultures gnawed away at the Soviet corpse.  To all too many of our neocons, who pose as conservatives, capitalism means government-assisted looting, and that's just what they taught selected Russian pals of theirs.  Well, Yeltsin did one more good thing, and that was to arrange for Putin to be his successor.  No, Putin isn't perfect, but in contrast to our last few Presidents, he seems actually to have the welfare of his own country as a high priority.  He wangled his way into being Prime Minister after his Presidency, so he basically just continued being President on a technicality, but it shows the progress Russia has made that he needed to come up with a technicality.  He went after most of the oligarchs, and a lot of them are now living the high life in places like the UK and Israel, and I for one, if  I was US President, would gladly look the other way if he arranged for whatever they call the KGB these days to put an end to their fun.  And Putin lifts weights and goes skin-diving and probably wrestles bears.

Putin does make our current crop of Republican candidates look pretty feeble. Rick Perry is inviting more illegal aliens in to work at under minimum wage for his contributors, Michele Bachmann is a nice, smart lady, but she is a lady at a time when we need an Alpha Male running things.  Ron Paul is being ignored by all the media except John Stewart.  Mitt Romney still looks like a guy modeling shirts in the Sears catalog.  And Huntsman and Cain and the rest probably couldn't whip Putin in the ring working as a team.  I'm beginning to agree with Baloo's idea here.

Well, the neocons and their puppets in Congress are revealing that they never really disliked communism, they just disliked Russia.  Despite the fact that Russia has progressed a century's worth in a couple of decades, they still want to give it as hard a time as they can.  I guess Putin has stopped letting them in to shoplift like they did during the Yeltsin years.  Their current misbehavior consists of provoking Russia by objecting to its behavior towards Georgia, which behavior makes perfect sense to me.  Pat Buchanan questions this rather idiotic event HERE.
And Robert Lindsay give a summary of the Russia-Georgia conflict HERE.

As I said in my last two posts, how about we mind our own damn business?  Let's tell Russia that we won't second-guess its Caucasus policy if they don't second-guess ours along our borders.  Or would that make too much sense to the louts running our government?

Libya, Oh Libya....

Cartoon by BALOO.  Click HERE.
This is probably the creepiest cartoon Baloo has ever done.  Creeps me out, anyway.  The Hillary image could freak anybody out.  Anyhow, it's here to illustrate our great accomplishment in Libya, I think.  I mean, the Dictator with the variously-spelled name seems to be holding on by his fingernails still.  And it's been how many months now?  Well, when it's all over, Libya will turn into New Hampshire, with orderly elections and thoughtful statesmen and everybody mowing their lawns and joining the PTA, just like things have happened in Afghanistan and Iraq.

Yeah, right.  Qadhafi probably just made the mistake of not being compliant enough with the Big Plans of our neocon masters.  As I said in my last post, striding around the world and sticking our nose, and our bombs, in other people's business all too frequently has unintended consequences.  Or maybe intended consequences that we haven't been informed of yet.  A few hundred thousand Libyan "refugees" moved to small towns throughout the Midwest for cheap labor and enrichment of our leviathan welfare network, perhaps?  It's happened before, with Iraq and Somalia, just to mention two places we've slammed around for no clear reason. An evaluation of this kerfluffle by Richard Spencer HERE.

And Steve Sailer adds his two cents HERE.

Monday, August 22, 2011

Isolationism vs. Minding Your Own Business

Full Disclosure:  I support Ron Paul for President.  I've been supporting Ron Paul for President for about thirty years now.  I like his ideas about foreign policy, domestic policy, and of all the candidates so far, he has the best policy towards immigration.  So, one of the things that the Democrats and gutless Republicans like to do, because they can't answer Paul's arguments, is call him names — "nut" and "isolationist" are two of the most popular.

"Isolationist" has become a term of opprobrium lately, but it was a pillar of American ideology for over a century. John Quincy Adams famously said: “America goes not abroad, in search of monsters to destroy. She is the well-wisher to the freedom and independence of all. She is the champion and vindicator only of her own”
And that made a lot more sense than wasting trillions playing policeman/nanny to the world.

I'm not a rigid ideologue in this.  Sometimes we should get entangled in other people's affairs when they interfere with us.  But not nearly as often or as mindlessly as we've been doing.  Some say the balance tipped when McKinley got us involved in Cuba with the Spanish-American war, though he did have the excuse of the Monroe Doctrine.  The question about all that is whether our involvement did us or the Cubans any good in the long run.  To me, the main question is whether it did us any good.  I think it's hard enough to determine what's good for us, let alone what's good for other people. Then Saint Woodrow got us embroiled in World War I, clearly one of the stupidest, most tragic wars in history.  The  excuse for that was that the Kaiser had to be stopped.  Apparently German empire-building was evil compared to the humane empire-building of the Brits.  And I always thought it a cute detail that nobody ever said here in the US that Napoleon had to be stopped.  Of course, in that series of wars, we were on his side, fighting for our own interests against British imperialism.

I'm no historian, but I know that some historians believe that our entry into WWI, plus our aid to the Brits before our entry, tipped the balance, and that without us, the Germans might have won at the most — and it's hard to imagine them being any harder on the defeated nations than the Allies were on Germany.  Or, the Brits might have won it, but not nearly so decisively, and they would probably not have been in a position to demand their unconditional surrender and humiliate and oppress the Germans and make another World War inevitable.  Or, the war could have ended with nobody much winning or losing, and with a negotiated peace that would have maybe convinced Europeans that fighting each other was a bad idea.  We have no way of knowing.  But we do know what did happen, and it's nothing to be proud of.  The conflict in Europe was None Of Our Business.

Then came World War II, and we blundered around and practically dared the Japanese to attack us, and they did, with results we all know about.  Maybe conflict with Japan was inevitable, considering the kind of people who were running Japan.  Steve Sailer talks about that HERE.  But Roosevelt could have got Hitler on the phone, and assured him that we weren't going to intervene in Europe, but that Japan had attacked us, thereby freeing Germany from any obligation to assist Japan.  Might have worked.  Dunno.  But of course it was never even considered.

And since that war, we've had our noses in everybody's business, striding around the world superhero-fashion, deciding that this country or that country needed to be invaded or assisted or subsidized or something.  We've spent trillions and what have we got now?

Our Peace President is now participating in at least three wars, and has practically declared war on Syria.  What the hell do we know about what's good for Iraq or Afghanistan or Libya or Syria?  Really?  Do any of the genius politicians making the decisions even know this much about the Middle East?  The question is, what is our adventuring in the Middle East doing for us?  Answer:  absolutely nothing.  The money spent alone could have made us energy-independent years ago.  Never mind all the dead Americans.

But, don't you care about all the people in the Middle East, ask the liberals and neocons.  Not me.  Pretending to care about millions of people I don't even know would be phony, and even if I did care, I have no idea what I could or should do to help them out — though I suspect that carpet-bombing them wouldn't be the best way to help.  And, again, if I did care, and did know what to do, I should go there and do it, not get politicians to make all the American people participate in my cunning plans.  Jim Goad doesn't care about the Middle East either, and expresses it very well HERE.

Sunday, August 21, 2011

Fred on Race

Concerning Black riots and flash mobs and looting, what are we actually talking about?  Who are these people and what are they like?  Are they just like other people, only extremely outraged because of actual injustices done them?  Would you and I behave the same way under the same conditions?  Is it true what the cliché says, that people are the same all over?  That when you get right down to it, everybody's alike.

I'm afraid that's pollyanna thinking.  People are most certainly not all alike, and whatever the causes of these differences, genetic or cultural or religious or whatever, the fact remains that they are different, and most importantly for rational public policy, they behave differently.  Fred's been around, and knows a lot of different sorts of people, and here's what he has to say about the rioters and their motivations.

Saturday, August 20, 2011

Ron Paul — World's most ignored Presidential Candidate

Cartoon by Baloo
My pal and co-consprator Baloo, does the comic strip "Atlantea the Beautiful," a sample of which is above. Click on it to see it full-size.  The rationale of the strip is that it takes place thousands of years ago in Atlantis, but many of the characters bear a startling resemblance to today's public figures in America.  In this strip, we see the Creepublican Firstmanial Debates (Republican Presidential Debates) and Katie Cutie is dissing Eljor (Ron Paul).  Can you guess who Katie is?  Anyhow, it's really hilarious how the very liberal media can include big news items about guys like Huntsman and Santorum, but somehow forget to even list Ron Paul's name when they take polls.  US New did such a forgetting, with pretty comical results. Take a look HERE.

David Starkey isn't apologizing. Good for him.

The press thugs, as opposed to the street thugs, are ganging up on David Starkey, and unlike ever so many other public figures who make the mistake of saying something true in public, he doesn't seem inclined to apologize for it. Could he be the tipping point?  Let's hope so.  The "dialog" on race and ethnicity in the West has been a liberal monolog for years now, and consists of blaming Whitey and Whitey rending his garment in abject apology.  Sickening, and, of course, counterproductive, unless the goal is to establish a total lockdown on freedom of speech and thought.

Anybody "offended" by Starkey's comment is a fool or a liar.  His observation that lower-class Whites are absorbing Black gangsta culture is dead on.  It's true in the UK, and, to a lesser extent, in the US.  Read about it here in the Mail.

Joe Biden's Basketball Diplomacy

One thing White liberals keep forgetting is that nobody else thinks quite like they do, not even their beloved nonWhites, and, amazingly, not even nonWhite communists!  Thing is, only White liberals have the Orwellian detachment to not notice Black misbehavior.  As in the famous Tottenham riots, White liberals are capable of watching a Black riot and attributing it to "youths," or "teen-agers."  Only a flaked-out White liberal has this particular world view, which can be summarized this way:

All people are equal, except for the White race, which has historically oppressed everybody else, by colonialism, slavery, capitalism, racism, bigotry, sexism, homophobia, and such evils.  These evils are restricted to the White race, and all nonWhites abhor all these things and would never practice them. But the White race is divided into really bad rednecks and enlightened White liberals.  This latter group is actually superior to all other groups, in its sensitivity and benign values.  Therefore, all nonWhites are really good people, and being so good, would get along really well if it weren't for those damn Rednecks, so any nonWhites anywhere are an asset to the world, and it can only improve a country to import more of them.

Disappointingly, the Chinese don't quite grasp this principle, and actually think Black misbehavior should be resisted and even punished!  The original story is HERE.  And HERE is the Irish Savant's observations on the incident.

Friday, August 19, 2011

Obama vs. Ron Paul

We're hearing more and more that indicates that a Rick Perry presidency would represent no actual change from our current mess.  Perry is in favor of huge deficits — I think we can dismiss his deliberate gaffe about the Fed as an attempt to convince people he's like Ron Paul, only 'electable.'  We're going to hear that a lot.  The refrain will be that although Perry is in favor of amnesty for illegal aliens, big government deficits and war after war abroad, he can beat Obama.  The fact that replacing Obama with a President who behaves the same way won't help a bit doesn't get on the radar.  Some people don't think Rick Perry is all that electable, and that on the contrary, Ron Paul is.  They think that Obama would be delighted to run against Perry and fears Ron Paul.  That's what Steve Watson says HERE.

Brilliant Black Scientists Discriminated Against by Racist Bigot Nazis at the National Institutes of Health!

Now, I've never met a Black scientist, but they're all over TV, so I'm sure there are plenty of them.  So what's the deal, here?  When they submit grant proposals to the NIH, they're less likely to get approved than proposals from White scientists.  Since all human races (not that there are any human races) are precisely equal, the cause is racism, of course.  HERE'S the story.

Now, cranky old Steve Sailer has the notion that Affirmative Action might, just might, have resulted in a slight tendency for institutions to be a little less strict about granting degrees to Black students than they are to students in general, since if they don't, they'll end up looking like they're discriminating, and here comes Al Sharpton and Eric Holder.  So, conceivably, the average Black scientists might be just a tad less brilliant than the average White scientist. You know, like the average Black President might be a tad less competent than the average...  Nah.  Couldn't be.  Anyhow, it gets even more complicated than that.  Steve elaborates HERE.

Gypsy, Rom, Romany, Gitano, Zigeuner, цыган, यायावार

Gypsies are interesting.  They're a stateless nation, like Kurds, Parsis, Jews till recently, and dozens of other little groups you never hear about.  They're mostly compared with Jews, because they have in common the fact that they both came from out of Europe and are now dispersed throughout Europe and European colonies and former colonies, and to one extent or another, each considers itself a nation apart from the countries in which it lives.  Big difference are that Jews of course have a unifying religion, but Gypsies don't seem to, usually just belonging to whatever religion is dominant in their place of residence.  Jews used to have a couple of unifying languages, Hebrew and Yiddish, but that's going out of style these days.  Gypsies seem to hold on to the Romany language, which is a fascinating thing in itself, obviously related to the Indic group in India, in its various dialects.

My first encounter with Gypsies was when I was a sack boy in a supermarket back about fifty years.  Suddenly dozens of them burst into the place, scaring the bejeezus out of the manager — he knew what was happening, but I was naive.  Of course they shoplifted like mad, and there wasn't a damn thing we could do about it.  Then they hopped back into their convoy and headed for the next victim.  So 'flash mobs' are nothing new.

Many years later, I was in Paris, and encountered the "ring scam," so my experience with Gypsies haven't reflected very well on them.  What about everybody else's?  Also usually not very well.  Here's what happened to an immigration official in Airstrip One.

That's an unusual story for the press, because they usually don't call Gypsies Gypsies, but prefer to refer to them by their national origin, usually "Romanian," which is extra confusing, because Romania derives its name from the city of Rome, but the Rom of Romany, which is the Gypsies' name for themselves, has a completely different origin.  So a lot of readers of the European press are under the impression that Romanians are a thieving, scamming lot.  This is compounded by the fact that a lot of Gypsies do come from Romania.

One last point:  Gypsies are an excellent example of how much cultural inertia there is out there. European government have been trying for centuries to make Gypsies assimilate, and I suppose some have, but when your whole culture is based on scamming and robbing outsiders, the transition is a tough one.  Even when a communist government, with no concern for human rights, makes forced assimilation a priority.

And, you may be surprised to see people like Bob Hoskins on this list of famous Gypsies.

Finally, I get lots of hits when I mention Hatsune Miku on this blog, so here she is, doing what sounds like a Gypsy dance, although I suspect it's actually more like Russian:

Thursday, August 18, 2011

Southern Poverty Law Center — Southern, but not much about poverty or law.

Have you heard of the Southern Poverty Law Center?  It goes by its initials, SPLC (some of us call it the $PLC), in order to confuse people into thinking it's somehow the same thing as the SCLC, the Southern Christian Leadership Conference, in order to give itself some sort of gravitas and moral authority.  It has neither.  The Wikipedia article on the former is a tad misleading, in that it treats the group as something other than a large-scale con game.  It seems to make its money by persuading people that it's doing good works and squeezing contributions out of them.  One of its cutest stunts is publishing lists of "Hate Groups,"which, essentially, includes any group that isn't far left/liberal.  If you're against gay marriage, you're a hater. If you want immigration laws enforced, you're a hater. If you're skeptical about Obama's qualifications, you're a hater.

Interestingly, they list Michelle Bachmann, Glenn Beck, and Ron Paul as "enablers" of all this evil stuff the valiant SPLC is fighting.  Read it HERE.

Currently, it's trying to wipe Jared Taylor out.  Here's what he says.

And here's a portrait of the moral disaster who runs the SPLC, Morris Dees.

Rick Perry and Open Borders

Democrats are basically either looters or really stupid people who don't mind being looted, and they always  accuse Republicans of being really dumb.  They're not entirely wrong about that.  I know, this may just be a surge for Rick Perry that'll evaporate pretty quickly, but maybe it won't, and it astounds me that any Republican with any principles would even consider nominating this phony.  Many, of course, just don't know much about him, and his demeanor is certainly attractive.  He's non-boring personally, which makes him a more appealing candidate than the indistinguishable Mitch Daniels, Tim Pawlenty, etc.  Do remember, though, that the liberal press delights in emphasizing their intrinsic boringness, and not noticing similar soul-destroying boringness among some Democrats, like, say, Al Gore.

Perry seems to have caught on that the Ron Paul movement is a very important factor in all this, so he's tried to run out in front of that crowd by criticizing the Fed, which God knows needs to be criticized, but I somehow doubt his sincerity.  And, by the way, he's quite right to call Bernanke "traitorous," though again, I doubt his sincerity.  I think the remark was made to make him look tough.

Enough namby-pambying around.  Perry is for open borders. He's called for the "free flow" of individuals between the US and Mexico, which, effectively, means the free flow of everybody in the world into the United States.  Including plenty of Somalis. And individuals bring stuff with them, don't forget, like drugs and lifestyles totally incompatible with American values.  But Perry's big-shot contributors want lots of cheap labor, and are perfectly willing to let the taxpayers cover the actual costs of the labor with big outlays for welfare, food stamps, bilingual education, more cops, more prisons, the whole bit.

Stated in simple terms, if Perry replaces Obama, our risible immigration policy will not improve, but will only get worse.  Here's a summary from the Washington Times.

And if his Obama-esque immigration policy isn't enough to convince you, Steve Baldwin has some more information for you HERE.

Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Feeding the Hand that Bites you

When you stop and think about it, the only reason you should give campaign contributions to a candidate is (a) you trust him, or (b) you're trying to bribe him to do what you want him to.  For (a), you're making a mistake unless it's Ron Paul or one of his sons.  For (b), it comes down to a case of dueling bribes, because the other guy's making the contributions, too.  And matching funds just makes it all worse, because you're forced, through your taxes, to contribute to swine that you hate.  Scott Adams, of Dilbert fame, has a cunning plan to short-circuit the whole mess, based on an idea from the Starbucks CEO.  It's a step beyond "Don't vote — it only encourages them."  Read his proposal HERE.

Tom Sowell on Riots, Black and Otherwise.

Design by Baloo.  Buy it HERE.
In a recent post, The Black Problem, I pointed out that the Black 'leaders' we always hear about are just puppets of White liberalism, and that their efforts serve not to advance Black Americans, but to retard their development, teaching them that the race card works better than self-reliance.  White Liberals put the Clown Obama in power, a slap in the face to all decent American Blacks.

As is often the case, I find that what I say about the race issue in America has already been said better by Tom Sowell.
Read his columns on the subject, Part I and Part II.

Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Race and Tottenham Riots

Listening to the British media go on about the Tottenham riots, one would think that it was all committed by Alex and his droogs, in that the implication is that the thugs were some sort of cross-section of British demography.  You know, 90% White, 2% Black, 8% this and that.  Now, despite the fact that when you look at it, the rioters were overwhelmingly Black, there is a White underclass of welfare-dependent no-hopers who do indeed participate in this sort of thing.  In Britain.  In the US, and seemingly in all the British-derived countries like Canada, Australia, etc., not to mention the rest of the White world, that White underclass is underdeveloped.  Not that all these countries don't have a criminal class, and it certainly overlaps with the welfare-dependent bunch.  However, it's tiny in comparison to the Black underclass wherever you go, and there seems to be upward mobility out of it.  Why does the UK have a big class like that while the rest of White countries don't?  Because of the heroic efforts of the British government, which has for generations now taught people that they really don't need to work, in fact it's kind of stupid to work, because the taxpayers will provide you with all the housing and food and spending money you need.  As I said in the previous post about Blacks in America, that kind of treatment will make any ethnic group deteriorate.

The Black Problem

Blacks are a problem in America and the UK, and, more importantly to them, they have a problem.  Here are some quotes:

A little learning, indeed, may be a dangerous thing, but the want of learning is a calamity to any people.
Frederick Douglass 

No greater injury can be done to any youth than to let him feel that because he belongs to this or that race he will be advanced in life regardless of his own merits or efforts.
Booker T. Washington 

I regard the Klan, the Anglo-Saxon clubs and White American societies, as far as the Negro is concerned, as better friends of the race than all other groups of hypocritical whites put together.
Marcus Garvey 

A little less complaint and whining, and a little more dogged work and manly striving, would do us more credit than a thousand civil rights bills. 
W. E. B. Du Bois 

Education is the passport to the future, for tomorrow belongs to those who prepare for it today.
Malcolm X 

 What went wrong?  White liberals went wrong.  The principles of industry, prudence, self-reliance, and all those boring bourgeois characteristics, the behavior that caused Western Civilization and the White race to rise to greatness, were deemed by White liberals to be too stringent for their Black puppets or charges or pets, or whatever you want to call them.  The original White liberals, psychopaths like John Brown, and the do-gooder abolitionists in general, had a mission to destroy those awful Virginia aristocrats and Southern rednecks, and the Blacks were useful pawns in that struggle.  Having done that, the White liberals first of all organized the newly-freed slaves to vote and keep the Republicans in power forever (FDR screwed that up for them a few decades later), and then only to some extent tried to help Black acquire those bourgeois behavior patterns.  But a lot of Black leaders understood what Blacks needed to do far better than their White mentors, and you can see what they thought above.  As Tom Sowell is fond of pointing out, Blacks were making lots of social and economic progress all over the place till the Great Civil Rights Movement, when they were encouraged by White liberals to whine and threaten to get what they wanted, rather than work for it.  The last gasp of Black self-reliance and self-help was Malcolm X, who was reviled while Martin Luther King, the head whiner/threatener, was revered.  Now that Malcolm X is safely dead, and can't say anything to contradict White liberals, he's become an icon, but his person is sacred, not his beliefs, which are pretty much all gone.

White Liberals are firmly in the driver's seat now, and so-called Black 'leaders,' like Sharpton, Jackson, and, yes, Obama, are nothing but sock puppets for the White Liberal Establishment, making excuses for Black misbehavior, like our flash mobs in the US and the Tottenham riots in the UK, and completely neglecting anything that might actually lead to Black progress.  Actually, they pretty much dump on such things, calling them 'acting White.'  Oh, they talk about education for Blacks, but they soon segue into plans for more school integration (what a great success that always is) and lots of efforts to make sure Black kids are never punished for their misbehavior, because that would be racist, of course.  These people are all about racism, you know.  And when they do fix it so Blacks get formal education, it's always in counterproductive areas like law and sociology and Black studies and crap like that.  Never in engineering or science or any fields where they can actually become productive.  Any ethnic group in the world that was managed that way would deteriorate.

Well, I'm ranting.  James Jackson ponders the problem HERE.  And he uses this quote:

“On one side, there’s black people. On the other, you’ve got niggers. The niggers have got to go. I love black people, but I hate niggers.”
Chris Rock