Monday, February 28, 2011


Moderation in the pursuit of anything is a waste of time and effort. This is especially true of politics, where all the shrill voices shrieking for 'civility' and 'moderation' are more extreme and fanatical by far than their opponents. Thomas Sowell elaborates HERE.

A Silly Post

Liberalism Screws Everybody Up

Over at OneSTDV there's an essay on the Black plight in America, and who caused it, and who keeps making it worse. Hint — it wasn't Calvin Coolidge. Read it HERE.

Christianity Spreads and Dies

When Christianity came to Europe, it changed, incorporating many European ideas and customs, and turning the old gods into saints, more or less. And when Christianity spreads elsewhere, it does likewise, often turning into something the missionaries never expected. Anyhow, you can read a treatment of this at BRUSSELS JOURNAL.

Lacrosse Players Beware

The Government really hates lacrosse players. Remember the guys that Duke, the government, and the press well all trying to destroy? With phony rape charges? Well, that didn't work, but now they're trying to destroy one of them again, this time with the IRS. Read about it HERE.

Sunday, February 27, 2011

Khadafi — Another Open Borders Immigration Enthusiast

Government Unions vs. Regular Unions

A lot is being said about the foofraw in Wisconsin without it being made clear that there's an enormous difference in practice between government employee unions and traditional unions, that operate out there in the real world where they actually produce goods and services. Thing is, government is about monopoly, which is rare outside government, and is not about making a profit, which is essential in the actual universe most of us live in Consequently, the union/management dynamic is a totally different animal. Tom Dilorenzo explains this further HERE.

Charlie Sheen

You've all heard the Charlie Sheen story by now, but did you know its ethnic basis? Charlie could have said "F*** America!" or "F*** Jesus, and that would have been perfectly okay. Just an indication of what a lovable rogue he is. But he violated the biggest taboo in Hollywood. Read about it HERE.

Saturday, February 26, 2011


Somebody on the net just said that Americans are 'xenophobic' despite our inviting anybody and everybody — Somalis, hmong, Iraqis, you name it — to come here and be citizens and sign up for welfare. There are obviously degrees of xenophobia.

Asian Genes

When did 'Oriental' become a bad word and give way to 'Asian,' which is silly, considering that Asia contains all kinds of people — Mongoloid, Caucasoid, and Australoid? Anyhow, here's an article on how there are Asian (what used to be 'Oriental' or 'Mongoloid') genes all over the place,

Strange physics

Obama's new social secretary


Thugs win in Seattle

The Government and other institutions always cave in to thugs — Black thugs, Mexican thugs, Muslim thugs, whatever — effectively short-circuiting the First Amendment. They raise hell and make threats, and they get whatever they want. That's why Whitey always loses. He's too nice and accommodating, and inclined to be "civil," as Obama puts it. So he loses. It's Sam Francis'

Peggy Noonan

Peggy Noonan is almost always worth reading. HERE she talks about 'crisism' and how the internet is making political insurrection more possible.