Tuesday, November 15, 2011

The Stupid Party Prepares to Lose Again

"There is the stupid party. And there is the evil party. I am proud to be a member of the stupid party." — attributed to Sam Francis.

As the Baloo cartoon indicates, Obama has made an outrageous mess of things, and just about anybody should be able to beat him, right?  All a Republican candidate has to do, really, is keep pointing out Obama's screwups and make it clear that the Republican will be different.  Or even indicate that he'll just tone down the screwups and mess things up in a more moderate fashion than Obama has.

But don't count the electoral votes just yet.  There's one overwhelmingly big issue that the Republicans can crash and burn on, and that's yet another stupid war, this time with Iran.  Now, before you rush to tell me, I've very well aware that Obama's running even more wars right now than Bush ever managed, but that doesn't matter.  The MAG (Media, Academia, Government) remains solidly in the Obama camp, and they will continue to portray him as a peaceful, moderate guy, despite all his military adventuring, and portray the Republicans as the guys who start evil wars.  And the Republican candidates seem to be trying to prove them right. They've been falling all over each other, each trying to sound more belligerent toward the world in general and Iran in particular than all the others.  Their reaction to the flap about Netanyahu the Liar is instructive.  Israel, or the people currently in charge of it at least, would love for us to cripple Iran for them so they can continue to do whatever they damn please in the region without worrying about going too far and getting seriously attacked.

Now, I don't know if Newt or Romney or any of them really give a damn about Iran and its alleged nuclear weapons plans, but they certainly give a damn about the money and media influence of the Israel lobby.  And that seems to be more important to them than the concerns of rank-and-file Americans.  So will they sacrifice themselves, their party, and ensure four more years of Obamugabe out of their fealty to a foreign country.

Oh, there's an exception.  Ron Paul, who thinks any American military action should be in the interest of America, and not Israel or Paraguay or Kosovo or whoever, pointedly does not participate in all this armchair generaling.  He thinks the Middle East should work out its own problems, and we should use our energy and resources to work out our own.  And that's why I remain a Ron Paul supporter, no matter how much the liberals and neocons trash him.

And, as is so often the case, Pat Buchanan feels pretty much the same way I do about all this.  Read his latest on the subject HERE or HERE.  Or even HERE.

And, tangentially, some comments on this by Jerry Pournelle.

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  1. To be fair about Ron Paul... ...I actually see more liberals than conservatives backing him. Promising to End the Fed is, all on it's own, the single most poignant, accurate plan and promise I have seen any politician make in my entire life.

    Just pointing out how bad the other guy merely bemoans a lack of one's own ability to point out failure with one's own success {as opposed to a negative ad attack campaign}.

    /Love the cartoon =D