Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Picking a Fight with Russia

I've always liked Russia and Russians, even back when they were trapped in that slave-pen called the Soviet Union.  I like Dostoevksy and Solzenitsyn and Gogol.  I love Russian music and dance.  I posted this on the Tolmachevy sisters awhile back, but it's worth another look:

They gave up communism awhile back, and it proved to be damn difficult to dismantle a mess like that without a lot of looting.  Our neocons zipped right over there to show them just how looting was done. Yeltsin was a heroic chap, climbing up on the tank that way, and I give him heaps of credit for that — unfortunately he also stood by while international vultures gnawed away at the Soviet corpse.  To all too many of our neocons, who pose as conservatives, capitalism means government-assisted looting, and that's just what they taught selected Russian pals of theirs.  Well, Yeltsin did one more good thing, and that was to arrange for Putin to be his successor.  No, Putin isn't perfect, but in contrast to our last few Presidents, he seems actually to have the welfare of his own country as a high priority.  He wangled his way into being Prime Minister after his Presidency, so he basically just continued being President on a technicality, but it shows the progress Russia has made that he needed to come up with a technicality.  He went after most of the oligarchs, and a lot of them are now living the high life in places like the UK and Israel, and I for one, if  I was US President, would gladly look the other way if he arranged for whatever they call the KGB these days to put an end to their fun.  And Putin lifts weights and goes skin-diving and probably wrestles bears.

Putin does make our current crop of Republican candidates look pretty feeble. Rick Perry is inviting more illegal aliens in to work at under minimum wage for his contributors, Michele Bachmann is a nice, smart lady, but she is a lady at a time when we need an Alpha Male running things.  Ron Paul is being ignored by all the media except John Stewart.  Mitt Romney still looks like a guy modeling shirts in the Sears catalog.  And Huntsman and Cain and the rest probably couldn't whip Putin in the ring working as a team.  I'm beginning to agree with Baloo's idea here.

Well, the neocons and their puppets in Congress are revealing that they never really disliked communism, they just disliked Russia.  Despite the fact that Russia has progressed a century's worth in a couple of decades, they still want to give it as hard a time as they can.  I guess Putin has stopped letting them in to shoplift like they did during the Yeltsin years.  Their current misbehavior consists of provoking Russia by objecting to its behavior towards Georgia, which behavior makes perfect sense to me.  Pat Buchanan questions this rather idiotic event HERE.
And Robert Lindsay give a summary of the Russia-Georgia conflict HERE.

As I said in my last two posts, how about we mind our own damn business?  Let's tell Russia that we won't second-guess its Caucasus policy if they don't second-guess ours along our borders.  Or would that make too much sense to the louts running our government?

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