Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Mind your own business

What exactly is the point of our messing around in the Middle East at all? I mean, the Russians need to keep on top of the mess, because there it is, right there, and it can have a direct effect on Russia itself. This is also true of China, perhaps to a lesser extent. And to an even lesser extent, Europe might consider the place something to be alert about.

Luis Gutierrez, a Congressional Traitor

Here's a Congressman who knows where his duty lies. (Hint: it's not to that flag behind him.) Steve Sailer tells us about him HERE.

Israel's Parasite Class

Saturday, November 27, 2010

Another reason to despise "educators."

The value of Somalis

Anybody want to explain exactly why any Somalis should be admitted to the United States? The liberals and neocons are united in the neurotic belief that ethnicity and religion don't mean anything (unless you're a White evangelical or fundamentalist, in which case you're beneath contempt). But of course ethnicity and religion are how people define themselves. Ethnicity and religion are what makes them who they are. In the case of Somalis, who they are is incompatible with what an American should be. They're Muslims and they're very primitive. They don't want to be Americans in any meaningful sense. It's insane to bring them here to live. Anybody who participates in doing so is basically committing treason. What gets me is idiot churches who think it's a good idea to bring Muslims here to live. Centuries of resistance to Islam on the part of Christendom has now been replaced by a white flag and a welcome mat. Don't get me wrong. I actually have a lot of respect for Islam. But, not being a moron, I'm well aware that Islam is not compatible with Western Civilization. Anyhow here's the STORY on this fine young chap.

Thursday, November 25, 2010

Japanese Superheroes are Different

Over here, we get to watch Iron Man.

Korea, Palestine, etc.

Pat Buchanan asks why our foreign policy is so idiotic HERE.

Immigration again

Friday, November 19, 2010

O, Canada

The Canadian Charter of Rights has a little disclaimer, that, essentially, means no freedom of speech in our frozen pal to the North. Check it out HERE.

The Memory Hole

Hey, all you Obama supporters — remember how you were going to elect Obama and he'd end the two wars that made you hate Bush so much? Why aren't you hatin' on Obama now? Same wars. Unless you think shuffling the troops around in Iraq means we've ended the war, we have the same wars going on — and we're always considering adding Iran to the mix. So what's the deal? When Obama kills people it's nicer somehow than when Bush did? Or are you giving Obama a pass because he's... liberal? a Democrat? Black?

Voodoo Anthropology

A glance into the Orwellian liberal academic mind from Steve Sailer HERE.

Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Why Is It Permissible to Profile Packages But Not Passengers?

Satoshi Kanazawa ask the question HERE, and a darned good question it is.

Revilo Oliver

Good Goddle Mighty!

Bad Eagle on the Bike Flag Controversy

American Renaissance

Monday, November 15, 2010

Quote of the day

"Berzelius Windrip was a DEMOCRAT." — Anon

George Soros and Glenn Beck

I haven't been paying much attention to Glenn Beck, but Kevin MacDonald sure has — HERE.

Oh brave new world, that has such people in it...

How Obama can get re-elected

Saturday, November 13, 2010

More on the flag/bicycle problem

See the next-to-last post, if you haven't heard about the gutless school administration that forbade a kid to have a US flag on his bike at school. As he often does, Jerry Pournelle makes astute observations on the situation:

"American exceptionalism depends on assimilation, which is to say the Melting Pot. The notion that we must defer to "other cultures" and pay for it with public money is a bit bizarre. Apparently one entitlement is for any "culture" or any interpretation of it to be "respected", and that means "diversity." At one time the goal was "tolerance" of views well outside the general American culture; the law requires a degree of tolerance. That is not "respect" or agreement. As for example pacifism in time of war: yes, it is tolerated. There is even a degree of respect for it; but we do not stop honoring our fallen dead because that might offend pacifists.

"Of course the liberal notion of diversity is different. Americans are exceptional, but it is an evil exceptionalism for which we ought to apologize. Our President said as much at G20. It is a view of America, and apparently one taught using public money in the public schools, and a view to which we are not merely entitled but required to accept. God save us."

Read his whole post HERE.

Nixon and Obama

Nixon was a cuddly plush toy compared to Obama, who claims the right to murder you if he sees fit. Paul Craig Roberts explains HERE.

Thursday, November 11, 2010

Biggest Comic Strip Blunder Ever?


Left-wing scumbags the world round

Invasion of the Party Snatchers
Look — the British left is just like ours!

Tuesday, November 9, 2010

For Vets and Active Duty Guys

Open Letter

From Albert Perez, perez180ehs@hotmail.com.
An open letter to Tim Wise:

The following is addressed to Tim Wise. Please be so kind as to forward it to to him,

Hola pendejito,

Tengo mas confiansa en el conservativo mas racista en este pais que en cabrones socialistas como usted. A decir la verdad ellos aman los Estados Unidos y los puedo confiar a conservar nuestra patria,pero socialistas como usted van a robar nuestra patria y dejar nada por el anglo, negro, chino o latino.
Ademas, mi experiensa es que uno puede ganar el respeto de los conservativos , hasta los mas racistas, pero gente como usted faltan la capacidad a sentir respeto por gente. Piedad por victimas si, respeto por los que luchan y ganan su propio lugar en el mundo, no.

Y a decir la verdad, la mayorea de los conservativos no so son racistos, pero se aparece a mi que usted esta racista contra su propio gente.

Merisas ser objecto de piedad.

Since I am primarily an Anglophone the above may not be clear so....

Hello little fool,

I have more trust in the most racist conservative in this country than in a socialist pimp for his own mother like you. To tell the truth they love the United States and I can trust them to conserve our nation (literally, fatherland), but socialists like you are going to rob our nation and leave nothing for the Anglo, Black man, Chinese (i.e East and Southeast Asian) and Latino.

Also my experience has been that you can earn the respect of conservatives, even the most racist, but people like you are incapable of feeling respect for people. Pity for victims yes, respect for those who struggle and gain their proper place in the world, no.

And to tell the truth, the majority of conservatives are not racist, but it seems to me that you are racist against your own people.

you deserve to be an object of pity.


What does the Mexican Government have against Mexicans? Alan Wall discusses it HERE.

Sunday, November 7, 2010

Incredibly Politically Incorrect Vonnegut Movie

Too many people think of the late Kurt Vonnegut as just a generic leftie. Must be the hair — he looked like Gilbert Shelton drew him. Anyway, he's much more complicated than that. They've made a movie based on his story, "Harrison Bergeron," which may be the Birth of a Nation of our time. Check it out:

Bernardine Dohrn