Saturday, April 30, 2016

Realism v. Fantasy

It's been trendy for some time now to say that the old left-right axis is inadequate to describe politics, and that what we need is the Nolan Chart, which has two axes, which evaluates both personal freedom and economic freedom. And some time back, I came up with a half-joking idea for a Venn diagram instead of either [link].

But now I'm wondering if maybe what we need is a chart that is based on realism v. fantasy. I'm considering that because of a lot of net discussions I've witnessed with two groups that overlap a lot, open-borders libertarians and anarchists.

It's kind of obvious to me that open-borders advocates, whether they're nominally libertarians, liberals, or neocons, are simply unrealistic, because they blind themselves to reality: an open-borders policy will change the country into a hodgepodge of people with no coherence, a situation that isn't good for any of the three ideologies, at least not good for what the ideologies say they're in favor of, but actually inimical to them. To put it another way, advocacy of open borders on the part of believers in any of those ideologies is really self-destructive.

And that goes double for anarchists, whom I've been talking to a lot lately. They keep telling me that a society without government — which will, BTW, certainly be an open-borders society — will be peaceful and prosperous, because it will be based on self-ownership and therefore very capitalistic and antiwar, which is very starry-eyed and blind to historical reality.

My point is that nature abhors a vacuum, and that an absence of government is a vacuum, and will attract every variety of nutty ideological notions, old and new, which will most certainly not be mutually respectful, and will not lead to peace and prosperity, but rather to competition of the violent sort, not the free-market sort.

Am I wrong? Now, I've read plenty of theory, Rothbard and all, about private police and insurance companies providing fire departments, etc., and it all sounds very plausible and persuasive. Then again, if you read other theorist, communism sounds plausible and persuasive. But as we know, communism has had some trial runs, and the practice of it is not like the theory at all. But anarchy, you might say, hasn't been tried, so it might work. Actually, though, I believe it has been tried. Whenever a government has collapsed in history, you get anarchy by definition, until another government develops. And what that tells me is that anarchy is not sustainable, that as soon as you have it, for whatever reason, government or governments start developing. And if you start an organization of some sort to prevent government from developing, that soon becomes a government.

As the quibcag says, that's the kind of animal we are. We are a social species that has a natural tendency to form hierarchies and, however formally or informally, governments. That's human nature, and ideologies that don't take human nature into consideration are not useful ideologies.
Quibcag: The first illustration is actually from some wallpaper I found at The second is illustrated by Shampoo and her panda companion from  Ranma ½ (らんま½)

Friday, April 29, 2016

The Indispensable Steve Sailer Strikes Again!

Steve says that his quote in the quibcag is his new motto. And it's a good one. In fact, it would make a good motto for all of us in the Alternative Right, Real Right, Paleo-Right, or whatever you want to call us. We're the only actual intellectual alternative to the liberal.neocon establishment, and Steve is our core philosopher. This morning,  for example, Steve writes about a strange movement of billionaires to stop Trump by advocating that the Republicans nominate General Mattis instead [link], which is strangely reminiscent of a similar plot by rich guys to nullify FDR with General Smedley Butler many years ago [link]. Some of you will remember that I've always thought highly of General Mattis and have even fantasized about him pulling a Rubicon-drossing [link]. But of course a Trump Presidency coud very well make that sort of thing unnecessary. Anyhow, as I'm a retired Jew right-wing curmudgeon living on a pension, I don't really need contributions, but Steve does, so I direct you to a way to encourage hie here [link]. I urge you to do this, because, as I say, Steve Sailer is indeed indispensable, and we have to keep him viable in order to keep ourselves viable and in the public eye..
Quibcag: It's illustrated by an especially appropriate and intriguing picture of Haruhi of The Melancholy of Haruhi Suzumiya (涼宮ハルヒの憂鬱 Suzumiya Haruhi no Yūutsu)and I swiped this particular drawing of her from Jay's Tee Vee at

Thursday, April 28, 2016

Another Quibcag Dump!

I've been on a quibcag jag lately, with no posts to put them on, so here's another dump with a bit of commentary:
First off, here's one you can use on people who want to dump Jackson for Tubman. They say that those of us who oppose the idea are bigots, etc., and hate Blacks. It's illustrated by "Sensei," of Denkigai no Hon'ya-san (デンキ街の本屋さん?, lit. "The Electric Town's Bookstore")

And here's one I prepared for use when discussing things with the more self-righteous form of libertarian, the kind who think that libertarianism = anarchy.  Illustrated by a K-On! (けいおん! Keion!)  girl.

One of my favorite thoughts here. This is handy when you're dealing with multiculturalists, diversocrats, cultural relativists — the kind the academic asylum is turning out regularly — or whatever they call themselves lately, who insist that the most dysfunctional human tribes are every bit as good as, say, the Renaissance Italians. Illustrated by the sisters from Kiss×sis (Japanese: キス×シス Hepburn: Kisu×shisu), a rather kinky anime, I should warn you.
 This is for use when somebody on the net uses a slogan and thinks he's made an argument. Another K-On! (けいおん! Keion!)  girl.
 Another one to pound "libertarians" with who say they'll vote for whichever bozo the LP nominates even if it makes it likely that Hillary will be elected. This one's illustrated by Hatsune Miku. More about her here:
 For use with anarchists who call you names like "statist" and "collectivist." The girls look like the ones from Strike Witches (ストライクウィッチーズ Sutoraiku Witchīzu)., but I'm not sure.
 Not a quibcag, of course, but you can have fun with it.
 And a good quote to use to push the Trump candidacy and argue against selling the country out in general by Matt Bailey. Illustrated by Kagome of Inuyasha (犬夜叉).
Have fun with these. See you next blog post.

Wednesday, April 27, 2016

Trump's Speech

Believe it or not, I missed Trump's speech. Somehow I didn't think it would be all that important. Okay, I messed up. And then I heard about this tweet:


Whew! Wall Ann does exaggerate, but then I saw excerpts at Vox Day's site [link]. and here's his whole post:

Embracing America's unique heritage

You may not believe Donald Trump. But unlike all the other candidates, he is saying precisely the right things on immigration, on foreign policy, on war, on free trade, and on the existence of the American national interest. 
I will seek a foreign policy that all Americans, whatever their party, can support, and which our friends and allies will respect and welcome.

The world must know that we do not go abroad in search of enemies, that we are always happy when old enemies become friends, and when old friends become allies.

To achieve these goals, Americans must have confidence in their country and its leadership again.

Many Americans must wonder why our politicians seem more interested in defending the borders of foreign countries than their own.

Americans must know that we are putting the American people first again. On trade, on immigration, on foreign policy – the jobs, incomes and security of the American worker will always be my first priority.

No country has ever prospered that failed to put its own interests first. Both our friends and enemies put their countries above ours and we, while being fair to them, must do the same.

We will no longer surrender this country, or its people, to the false song of globalism.

The nation-state remains the true foundation for happiness and harmony. I am skeptical of international unions that tie us up and bring America down, and will never enter America into any agreement that reduces our ability to control our own affairs.

NAFTA, as an example, has been a total disaster for the U.S. and has emptied our states of our manufacturing and our jobs. Never again. Only the reverse will happen. We will keep our jobs and bring in new ones. Their will be consequences for companies that leave the U.S. only to exploit it later.

Under a Trump Administration, no American citizen will ever again feel that their needs come second to the citizens of foreign countries.

I will view the world through the clear lens of American interests.

I will be America’s greatest defender and most loyal champion. We will not apologize for becoming successful again, but will instead embrace the unique heritage that makes us who we are.
I would like to get a copy of On the Question of Free Trade into his hands. I suspect he might find it very useful in the near term. In any event, read the whole thing. It's a great foreign policy speech.

"We will no longer surrender this country, or its people, to the false song of globalism."

How can you not support the man at this point? 
And how can you? Oh, I saw the Ted and Carly show this morning, and while I do sort of like Carly, I'm not ready to trust her with the VP spot. "Like" shouldn't be the criterion, anyway. And, frankly, I see no reason to expect Ted to think anything like:

No country has ever prospered that failed to put its own interests first. Both our friends and enemies put their countries above ours and we, while being fair to them, must do the same.\

I mean, we know very well that Ted has all kinds of things that he puts ahead of America's interests. Israel's interests, for example, and zooming around the world righting wrongs and poking into other people's business. Spending American money and American lives on it all, which is not in America's interests. And, maybe even his wife's employer's interests. You know who they are, right?

And I heard the talking heads just now. One said that it was, I think, arrogant and cowardly. Arrogant because he criticized our foreign policy for the last 36 years, and cowardly, because he expressed a desire to get along with Putin. I guess the idea is that we should threaten Putin for the way he deals with Ukraine, and maybe even, like Kasich, plan World War III over the Crimea.

I have to kind of agree with Ann. He sounds more sensible than any of the other candidtes, Democrat or Republican. I still haven't read the whole speech, but I wouldn't change a word in what Vox quotes.

Liberals Who Think They're Libertarians

There are a lot of liberals out there on the net who either think they're libertarians or want everybody else to think they are. Some of them have learned enough libertarian rhetoric to sound plausible. Here's what one of them just said to me:

If you are a libertarian nationalist, you simply are catering the rednecks. Which means you advocate state determination of societal structuring. Liberterianism, if aligned to any political ideals, is about individual property rights, not about nationalism, nor redneck discomfort about people speaking spanish in Walmart.

I assume he means "catering to." Obviously a liberal at heart, with his gratuitous use of the term "redneck." He rejects nationalism, and implies that having a nation at all is some kind of "societal structuring," that is unacceptable. But opening the borders to everybody and endangering Americansn' property rights is A-OK, and somehow irrelevant to "societal structuring," whatever he might mean by that. And of course his anti-White sentiments shine clearly through. With libertarians like these, we don't need any liberals.
Quibcag: Obviously inspired by the liberal/libertarian described above. Illustrated by a girl from Lucky Star (らき☆すた RakiSuta)

A Useful Meme

Here's one you cn use when you find yourself in conversation with a ditzy SJW on the net. The girl is one of those cuties from K-On! (けいおん! Keion!) 

Tuesday, April 26, 2016

A LIttle More Preening and Showing Off

I liked what Andy Godwin said so much that now I've done it up in a third quibcag version. Moreover, I've added it in another form to the blogroll over there on the right. I thank Andy again, and I thank all of you who enjoy the daily red pill and help me spread it around! This one is illustrated by the lovable Rika Shiguma of Haganai (はがない). Pretty good job photoshopping that bottle of red pills in there, eh?