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The popular term these days for people with an irrational fear of, or aversion for, guns and other firearms is "hoplophobe," and the word for the condition is "hoplophobia." This is all on the pattern of other phobe/phobia terms, like the established acrophobia or ailurophobia, or the recently coined Islamophobia or homophobia.  It serves, but the problem with it is that the first part comes from the Greek ὅπλον (hóplon, “arms, armor, weapon”), which seems a little too vague and all-inclusive. So I have an alternative suggestion: sfentonaphobia/sfentonaphobe, from the Greek σφεντόνα  (sfentóna), meaning "sling," as in the illustration, and as a thrower of bullet-like stones or pellets, a sling is the closest equivalent to a gun in ancient Greek usage. My reasoning is that those who fear and hate guns mostly don't have a generalized fear/hatred of weaponry in general. I could be wrong. Thoughts?

America: State Versus Nation

A state is an area ruled by a government, while a nation is a group of people united by blood, history, and culture, which may or may not be coterminous with a state. The Soviet Union was a state, certainly not a nation, while modern Russia is both a state and a nation.

So what is the United States? We resemble the Soviets in some ways, in that while there is a core American nation — the descendants of our British founders, plus other European immigrants who have assimilated — we also include other nations within the state, most notably American Blacks, who, are a separate people with their own culture and history. I'll leave it to you to figure out what other nations we include.

Liberals, neocons, and too many brainwashed libertarians reject this whole concept, and think that we're a propositional nation. There's no such thing, of course. Countries who declare themselves propositional nations (the Soviet Union was a propostional nation, the proposition being communism) always end up being totalitarian, because a country that is not a natural nation has no natural cohesiveness, and has to be held together by force. Sam Francis explains that HERE.

And if you had any doubts about the direction we're going, Obama just simplified it for you. The American nation is obsolete, and the American state is doing everything it can to destroy it and replace it with third-world immigrants who will not be assimilating, thank you very much. This is from

Can We Stop Pretending Yet?
The Obama Amnesty

Can we stop pretending yet? Can we please just stop with this sick farce of Constitutions, and Dreams, and Exceptionalisms and all the rest of it?
It’s over. It’s done. The Experiment failed.
At this point, what is the point of all this?
Barack Obama just abolished immigration law by granting amnesty to an estimated five million illegal immigrants. All of the children of these illegal immigrants will be citizens. He did this unilaterally and illegally. We know it was illegal because he told us so on multiple occasions over the last few years.
If the rule of law, the principle of sovereignty, and even the distinction between foreigner and citizen is to be abolished, why do we have this government to begin with? It seems incredible that this massive apparatus commanding vast intelligence agencies, terrifying military and paramilitary forces, and nightmarish weapons capable of destroying the world ten times over is simply giving up.
History tells us that revolutions occur when the ruling class loses faith in its right to lead. To the more conservative among us, it might seem like this is precisely what is happening. An exhausted white ruling class is simply giving in to demographic reality. As Bill O’Reilly noted after Barack Obama’s re-election, the “white establishment is now the minority.”
Yet there’s something deeper underneath all this. Contra the predictions of imminent collapse, the federal government is now reporting record tax revenues and the our expanding federal deficit means little as long as the dollar is secure as the world’s reserve currency. Some believe that other powers are rising to counter American influence, particularly Russia. Yet the entire Russian stock market is worth less than Apple (as are Singapore and Italy.) And the United States has overtaken Saudi Arabia and is now the biggest oil producer in the world. Put simply, the pax Americanacontinues and Bismarck is proven correct – “There is a special providence for drunkards, fools, and the United States of America.”
The terrible truth is that the decision to essentially hand over the country to a foreign population is being done from a position of strength. The ruling powers of the country have made the conscious decision that they can tighten their control by electing a new people. The new Third World “American” population will be willing to accept lower living standards and the transfer or resources from labor to capital. At the same time, the multicultural Left is far more concerned about attacking European-Americans and transferring their wealth to nonwhites than seriously confronting structural inequality. Socialism has been replaced by racial socialism and both “Right” and “Left” are aligned against the remnants of Middle America.
Dana Milbank (a man, evidently) in a column giggling about the “tired blood” of white Americans, wrote that the United States is undergoing a “rapid decoupling of race and nationality.” Such racial mysticism is quite acceptable when it is used as a weapon against whites. But Milbank is slightly off — the United States is actually undergoing a rapid decoupling of nation and state.
As Carl Schmitt taught, the “friend-enemy” distinction is critical to understanding the structure of politics and the purpose of the state. After the age of nationalism, a state was held to be the political expression of a particular people, with citizens who belonged to both the state and the nation (the ethnic community) being the pillar of each state.
This is usually compromised, as there are usually many citizens of the state who aren’t members of the ethnic community. Nonetheless, each state has a “core” population that gives its character to the state. For the United States, it is the White Anglo Saxon Protestant founding population that answered Samuel Huntington’s question, Who Are We?, with the larger European population assimilating into this basic type.
Obama’s amnesty represents something rarely seen – a formal acknowledgement that the “state” is turning against the “nation.” The core European-American population – what Peter Brimelow of VDARE calls the “historic American nation” – is disposable. Indeed, in the eyes of our rulers, both Republican and Democrat, it is a liability. And as Jack Donovan has said, it makes sense, from their perspective.
Therefore, any critique premised upon this being American leaders being “stupid” is misguided. Even the eventual loss of American territory – a real possibility someday, if not anytime soon – doesn’t really represent a “loss” to our leaders. Indeed, it is actually a benefit, a development that paves away for the eventual European Union style economic and political integration of the North American continent. As Sam Francis spent his career explaining, the current leadership of the United States has no real stake in the continued existence of the American national community.
So why bother waving a flag or being loyal to a “nation?” It seems self-evident that European-Americans should turn on those who have betrayed them, renounce the failed American experiment, and secure their own destroy by any means necessary – secession, rebellion, and the eventual goal of the White Republic. Unfortunately, it’s not that simple.
The very beneficiaries of the government’s largesse are those who are most eager to destroy the symbols of the state. We are in an ironic position where the government subsidizes and rewards those who burn its flag and attack its law enforcement officers.
Meanwhile, European-Americans who are consistently betrayed and sabotaged by own government are still eager to leap to the defense of the symbols of the Old Republic and lay down their lives to fight her perceived enemies.
Nor is this simply European-Americans being foolish or stupid. One is reminded ofCommander George Lincoln Rockwell, a man who openly paraded under the swastika of German National Socialism, saving an American flag from being destroyed at the hands of a Vietnam War protester. Even those who should know better (including me) find themselves moved by the symbols and songs of national institutions that we know full well are being used against our people.
This takes the form of a curious doublethink. If a right-minded friend wears an upside down American flag or even burns the federal banner, I’ll approve it as a form of outraged protest and response to betrayal. If I see pro-immigration protesters burning the flag and cursing out the United States, I’m probably getting in a fight and going to jail to try to save that bit of cloth. I fully recognize the absurdity of this. It changes nothing.
It’s all very well to write a critique snarking about some “Tea Party patriot” in Murietta, CA waving the flag of the United States Army to protest the decisions of the government those soldiers are defending. But even though it makes no logical sense, the actions of misguided paleo-Americans still somehow rings true.
The United States of America still belongs to European-Americans in some primal way that can never be transferred via a piece of paper. The flag is still ours in some way that can’t be touched by anyone else. And this remains true even though the rot was present at the beginning of the American experiment and it’s hard to see how America could have ended up any other way.
If European-Americans can’t break away from this totemic fixation on the United States, they will not long survive. White survival on this continent depends upon the historic American nation recognizing that it is a European population and but a branch of a greater Western family. The pathetic fear of American conservatives that “we will end up like a European nation” and must remain a New Jerusalem is what has led us to this point.
But this will be far easier said than done. The psychic hold of the American Dream on our people will not be easily sundered. What is required is an ingathering, a conscious attempt by activists and thinkers to form the core of a self-aware people. Political activity framed explicitly as in the interests of European-Americans will further this ingathering. We have to give our enemies what they want and let their hatred and rage at our collective activity forge our people together in spite of ourselves.
Yet it’s equally true any mass movement of European-Americans will borrow heavily from the iconography and rhetoric of the very regime it is rebelling against. Even the Confederate States of America took as its seal the image of the Father of Our Country, George Washington, the federal government’s first President and an advocate of strong central authority.
Moreover, the breakdown of the United States, which is already unlikely in the short-term, won’t necessarily lead to some glorious new dawn for European-American populations. After all, what “ethno-nationalism” could conceivably emerge ex nihilo out of the North American Empire? It seems far more likely that if the United States collapsed tomorrow with whites in their current deracinated state, we would simply end up with miniature versions of the same system that we have today. It might even be worse, as we could simply be citizens of “independent states” that function as colonies of international finance.
Regardless of what metapolitics or theoretical construct is created, European-Americans are now a common people with a common destiny on this continent by virtue of nothing else than that is how they are regarded by their enemies. These enemies now include the very people who govern “their” country. We are but one among the various stakeholders on this continent. We are divided amongst ourselves by region, religion, and political orientation, but such differences do not change our common fate.
No progress will be made unless European-Americans become conscious of themselves as Europeans abroad, as a people in their own right, and as possessing a destiny separate from that of the larger Washington, D.C. regime. The actions of the Obama Administration and the accelerating hysteria of the media against European-Americans is actually simplifying our task. Now that it is clear that the Washington regime is willing to do without us, we must be willing to do without it, at least within our own minds.
Quibcag: The illustration is, appropriately enough, Europa

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A Rant for Adano, by Neale Osborn

A leftist friend of mine on the net just assured me that all stories about citizens using guns to protect themselves or others

are lies spoonfed to a targeted audience to get those folks to buy more guns.

Boggles the mind, all those lies.  The same guy also believes that Zimmerman stalked and murdered Trayvon, so you certainly can't count that as a righteous kill. Clever of Zimmerman to pull Trayvon over on top of himself and beat his own head against the sidewalk that way.

Well, this week Neale points out that warning shots are a bad idea, something I'd never thought about before, and a strange story about choppers hovering.  Some good news from California, and some crazy news about John Kerry and the United Nations. Then some nutty news from California. Then some more lies designed to get a targeted audience to buy more guns, finishing up with similar lies from the likes of Dead White Males (or, as Steve Sailer puts it, "Stale Pale Males"). Whew!  So many lies! Oh, the illustration is Captain Barkhorn of Strike Witches (ストライクウィッチーズ Sutoraiku Witchīzu). getting ready for battle. No time to explain the ears right now.

Neale's Gun Rant for 11-16-2014
by Neale Osborn

Attribute to L. Neil Smith's The Libertarian Enterprise

By now, only the idiots, morons, and those who are reading this for the first time don't know how these start. Mama Liberty, that saint of self reliance, that paragon of self-ownership, starts these off. And today is no different. [Link] Today, she discusses ways to practice when "Baby it's COLD outside!".

And what do I always say at this point in the game? Damn Straight—Go ye forth and read Mama's article!!

Pay close attention to this one—I happen to totally agree. [Link] NEVER fire a warning shot—EVER!!
A Wheeling, West Virginia Sunday School teacher was walking after church when he and his fiancée were surrounded by a group of nine men who began making threats. Chris Harris and CC Roxby said they were frightened for their lives. "It was one of the most scariest experiences I have ever been through," Roxby told WTOV Television. Harris added, "They surrounded me saying... they were going to rape my wife in front of me, cut me." Even after Roxby called 911, the aggression continued.
Finally, Harris pulled his gun and fired a warning shot, prompting the men to flee. Police arrived and handcuffed Harris and charged him with wanton endangerment for firing a gun in a public place.
Christopher Burg explains why firing a warning shot is never a good idea...
Warning shots are a bad idea both defensively and legally. Defensively a warming shot is a loose round, which means where it lands is anybody's guess. That's a major risk to innocent bystanders.
Legally speaking warning shots take away your claim of being in immediate fear of death or great bodily harm. By firing warning shots you legally admit that you believed the situation could be resolves with something less than lethal force in that moment so employing a lethal weapon was not warranted. In other words, legally speaking, if you use a firearm you damn well better believe that lethal force is the only option left to you to preserve your life.
Nope, NEVER!!!

One wonders whether the chopper would have fired back if an "AD" happened to hit the airframe. After all, the Chopper WAS trespassing on a legitimate business's property by hovering that damn low. [Link]
A family visiting co-workers in Salt Lake City was taken out to a gun range in the Utah desert to shoot pistols and shotguns but their day was interrupted on two separate occasions by the chopper.
According to the wife of the man who uploaded the video to YouTube, "you could see the gun under the nose waving at us."
The video shows the Apache swooping across barely 30 feet above the heads of the family, while a subsequent clip shot later in the day shows the chopper hovering nearby as it appears to be keeping tabs on the gun owners.
Taxpayer dollars being used to intimidate taxpayers. Hmmmmm.
Kahleefourneeyah, against it's will, may become Shall Issue instead of "We might give you a CCW if we feel like it, but probably not." [Link] Funny thing is, the ruling of the appeals court doesn't actually say CCW's are even legal.........
A panel of the U.S. Court of Appeals voted 2-1 today to deny a bid by California Attorney General Kamala Harris, a gun control organization and two police lobbying groups to challenge the court's February ruling that any responsible, law-abiding citizen is entitled under the U.S. Constitution's Second Amendment to possess a concealed firearm in public for self-defense.
I don't see anywhere in that that "entitled" means a license must be issued—entitled means entitled—you don't need a license for an entitlement. Or do all those welfare entitlements require a license?
Now, don't get me wrong—I'm super glad the daughter was recovered before the scumbag left the property. But the parents SHOULD have been armed, so that the kidnapper had NO choice in the whole thing. [Link] Who the hell wants to rely on a lazy kidnapper who just hands over his victim when confronted?
Troy Morley, 48, was arrested before dawn on Friday just blocks from the child's house in Sandy, a suburb of Salt Lake City, after being challenged on the front lawn by the child's stepfather and relinquishing the girl, police said.
As I said, glad they got her back.

Merry Christmas from Spray-Tan John Kerry (who served in Viet Nam) and the Dectators' Club (the United Nations). [Link]December 24th, the UN Arms Trade Treaty goes into effect across the world. Of course, Jackass Kerry signed it, even though the Congress refused to ratify it. IF they did ratify, arguably it would become the law of the land—but the Constitution DOES happen to over-rule treaties—for this to actually be enforceable, the 2nd would have to be repealed. Now, as many many anti-Constitutionalists love to claim "no one is out to take your guns!", I have to wonder what they think it means to have a world-wide treaty that requires countries to disarm ALL civilians. That sure sounds to ME like they want to take our guns.

I've become quite fond of a man named Rob Morse. He writes blogs on "Slow Facts" his blog. He's a pretty smart guy (despite still living in Kahleefourneeyah........), and he has been keeping me informed about the gun laws on the left coast. In fact, he's invited me to do a Pod Cast (??) next week with him. I'm thinking about it....... Ennyhoo, he tells us about the latest crap from Ca. and elsewhere designed to make gun owners less able to keep their arms safe (and then, they will prosecute the owners for failing to secure them). [Link]
I am a responsible firearms owner. Say I have contractors working at my home, or my home is damaged in some way and is no longer secure. In some states, I can't move my guns to my neighbor's house for safe keeping. You heard that right. It is against the law to move the firearms to a safe place off my property. Another good reason to store my guns with a friend for safe keeping is if I'm going to be away from home for several days. Some states outlaw that simple practice. I suppose I could sell my firearms each time I go on vacation, but it is illegal for me to store them in someone else s gun safe on a temporarily basis. To do so would be a misdemeanor. In some states it is a felony for my neighbor to return my guns back to me. Those are a few of the ways crazy firearms restrictions put all of us at greater risk.
Some states restrict firearms education. In those states, temporary possession of a firearm is against the law. That means I could neither bring a firearm to your house for non-shooting educational purposes, nor could you come to my house or business to learn basic firearms safety about your new gun. Instruction is only allowed at approved shooting ranges. This is as ridiculous as requiring that student drivers must own their own car before they can take driving lessons. Oppressive firearms regulations have made it illegal for an instructor to take someone out on private property and teach the student to shoot. These overly restrictive laws certainly restrict firearms education. The anti-rights bigots forgot that ignorance about firearms is dangerous! Maybe they never cared in the first place.
You should start reading his work. He's good.
This week's "Well Armed American" segment starts with "A tale of Two Idiots". Two armed entrepreneurs learned a pair of hard lessons the best way—well, the best way for society. [Link]
A Phoenix businessman squashed two serial bank robbers' latest heist when he took the keys out of their getaway car and fatally shot one of the would-be raiders, police said.
Lyndell Cherry, 29, died at the scene Wednesday while his partner in crime, 21-year-old Vincent Jones, fled. He was arrested shortly after his escape and told police the duo were involved in a slew of previous bank robberies, the Arizona Republic reported.
As the article mentions, they learned two lessons—don't leave the keys in the ignition of the getaway car, and make sure surrounding businesses do not have armed employees or owners who might take exception to a robbery in their neighborhood. Sucks to be these guys!
I'll call this next "Well Armed American" link "9 Safe Citizens" and let Y'all do the reading and watching. [Link] Here's a little taste to wet your whistle-
December Long, a clerk at the Stop & Go in Toledo, Ohio, learned from a past robbery and decided to keep a gun behind the counter to protect herself and her customers.
In November 2013, a second robber tested Long while she was on duty. After being shot in the abdomen, Long returned fire and killed her assailant.
I guarantee that at least one asshole reading this will claim she would have been fine if she had just caved in to the creep. There are 8 other tales there, not all of the result in deaths, or even shootings. But they ALL end in a crime stopping at the hands of a good guy (or gal) ((or girl child)) with a gun. And when you get to the child, at least one asswipe will whine about children with guns, preferring she be abducted, raped, beaten, or even killed rather than soil her hands with an eeeevil nasty killy-bang-bang! Thanks for the link, Gunny. Semper Fi!
Zeig Heil! A Saratgoga, NY cop shows two scumbags (otherwise known as common citizens) who's boss. At least, that's what he THOUGHT he was doing! [Link]
Saratoga County Deputy Shawn Glans had no idea he was being recorded as he tried to intimidate a man into allowing him to search his car, which is why he slapped him on the back of his head while yanking the keys out of his hand, tossing them to another deputy who searched the man's car and found nothing illegal.
But he does know now after Adam Roberts uploaded the video to Facebook where it began going viral Friday.
In a Facebook message interview with Photography is Not a Crime, Roberts explained that he and his buddy, Colin Fitch, who owns the car, had parked it at a business that was closed and walked to a nearby party Thursday night. They didn't spend much time at the party but when they walked back to the car, they were confronted by deputies who had spotted a rifle in the back seat and wanted to search the car.
One wonders what would have happened if the piggly-wiggly had noticed the camera.

And we finish up, as usual, with our quotes of the week, provided by The Right to Bear ([Link])

"To preserve liberty, it is essential that the whole body of people always possess arms, and be taught alike, especially when young, how to use them..."—Richard Henry Lee

"Firearms are second only to the Constitution in importance; they are the peoples' liberty's teeth."—George Washington

"A woman who demands further gun control legislation is like a chicken who roots for Colonel Sanders."—Larry Elder

"One loves to possess arms, though they hope never to have occasion for them."—Thomas Jefferson

"The best we can hope for concerning the people at large is that they be properly armed."—Alexander Hamilton

"The world is filled with violence. Because criminals carry guns, we decent law-abiding citizens should also have guns. Otherwise they will win and the decent people will lose."—James Earl Jones

"Those who would give up essential liberty to purchase a little temporary safety, deserve neither liberty nor safety."—Benjamin Franklin

"Gun control is like trying to reduce drunk driving by making it tougher for sober people to own cars."—Unknown

"You cannot invade the mainland United States. There would be a rifle behind each blade of grass."—Admiral Isoroku Yamamoto

"I have a very strict gun control policy: if there's a gun around, I want to be in control of it."—Clint Eastwood

Thus endeth another lesson........

Immigration Made Simple

There's a lot of opposition to Obama's latest immigration shenanigan in the media, but it's almost entirely wrongheaded and point-missing.  To summarize:

1. The fact that Obama doesn't have the legal authority to do what he did is a valid point, but irrelevant. The point is that it shouldn't be done by him or by Congress, legally or illegally. It's a bad thing to do.

2. It's also not important whether what Obama has done is 'like' what Bush and Reagan did before. What Obama has done is wrong, and what Bush and Reagan did was, though mostly not as serious, also wrong.

3. What Obama announces is only the tip of the iceberg. It has already resulted in the conviction, among potential illegal immigrants, that now is the time to cross the border, and amnesty and government benefits, are sure to follow. In other words, the amnesty Obama has announced is only part of the story.

4. We are no more a nation of immigrants than any other country is, so please stop saying that, okay? Check THIS out.

5. Finally, the question is whether immigrants are good for the United States, not whether immigration is good for the immigrants. And John Craig, as he so often does, puts the question clearly and memorably, and compares our immigration policy to the immigration policies of more sensible countries.  This is from his blog here:

How the argument against illegal immigration should be framed

Both Republicans and Democrats have always claimed to speak for the middle class, the backbone of the country. But in fact, the Republicans have by and large promoted policies designed to help the upper class, and the Democrats policies which helped the lower class (along with a few select cronies in the upper class).

As a result, the middle class has been squeezed from both ends. Blue collar wages are lower than they were 30 years ago, recent college graduates have had a much tougher time finding jobs than graduates in previous generations, and the percentage of the population receiving various forms of welfare (like food stamps) has increased, putting a strain on everyone else.

Obama's executive order on immigration -- which in the long run will only encourage more illegal aliens -- is just the latest nail in the coffin of the middle class.

Whichever party wants to truly help the middle-class will:

(1) Secure our borders, and not just pay lip service to that end.

(2) Abolish, or at least weaken, NAFTA (and the exporting of American jobs that has resulted in).

(3) Lower the corporate tax rate to the point where it is no longer economical for companies to do inversions. In the long run that will increase revenues from corporate taxes, the same way Reagan's lowering of personal income taxes resulted in more tax revenue.

(4) Make it less economical for companies based in the US to export jobs. Every time you phone the help department of a major company and are answered by someone speaking in an Indian or Filipino accent, that's a job which has been lost to an American. Every time you buy an article of clothing or computer which has been assembled abroad, that's another job lost to an American. If that requires tariffs, so be it.

And (5) balance the budget. In the long run, the only way for the US to escape its debt burden is to inflate its way out of it, and make no mistake, that is what will happen eventually. That hurts the middle class most. The rich, with their financial assets, have all sorts of ways of staying ahead of inflation. But the middle class, whose biggest asset tends to be the house they live in, do not. And the poor, who have almost no savings anyway, have no stake in ensuring that the dollar keeps its value.

I know I'm oversimplifying here, and I know that free trade has always been what's best for the world overall. But recently, more than ever, what's best for the world has not been what's best for this country, and it's time for this country to act in its own self-interest -- and the interest of the majority of its people.

China has four times the number of people in their military that we have in ours, but doesn't waste its manpower or money intervening in the civil wars of other countries, or "nation building," or trying to act like the world's policemen. And they have economic policies in place which benefit their country, period. That's why their economy has grown so much faster than ours in the past two decades, and thats why it's projected to overtake ours in the near future.

We are the only country in the Americas whose immigration policy is basically, "What can we do for you?" Every other country in this hemisphere asks, "What can you do for us?"

It's time for us to start acting more like our neighbors, and our competitors abroad. We can't afford not to.

Frankly, it doesn't look as if either party has the political will to do these things. But they are what needs to be done to save the middle class.

The more the middle class shrinks, the less the US will be like the US, and the more it will be like Latin America.
Quibcag: Symbolizing China, and its vigorous behavior in its own self-interest, is the formidable Shan-Pu (Shampoo) of Ranma ½ (らんま½).

FEMA Is Your Friend


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Still Another View of Eisenhower

My last post on Ike HERE really caused a stir. Like I said then, I've not made a study of Eisenhower, but I reprinted the piece from the Irish Savant because I found it intriguing. Greg Cochran, who is one of the half-dozen people I know who are almost always right about things, commented on it thus:

Every line is false. Eisenhower never killed off lots of German prisoners, he wasn't Jewish , his class rank at West Point was 61st out of 164.

When you're a Nazi, you gotta lie. The truth isn't any too appealing.

His reference to being a Nazi, I would guess, refers to Rense, about whom I know very little, but whom I've seen lots of references to on the right. If I'm wrong about that, Dr. C, please let me know.  Other commenters reacted to this by calling it an instance of Godwin's Law, or "reductio ad Hitleram," but it isn't. Cochran means what he says literally, not polemically, I'm certain.  Elsewhere, Operation Keelhaul was mentioned, which is worth reading about, though I have no idea to what extent Eisenhower can be linked to it, if at all. I leave all of this to your own thoughts.

But, coincidentally, a completely different take on Eisenhower just came up at Takimag. It begins:

Ike the Ringer

I have been reading Paul Johnson’s new short biography of Dwight Eisenhower. This fulfills a long-standing intention of the feebler kind—a velleity, Bill Buckley would have said. Thus:

In his 1983 book Modern Times, Paul Johnson made a point of talking up U.S. presidents then regarded by orthodox historians as second-rate or worse: Harding, Coolidge, Eisenhower. He wrote:

Eisenhower was the most successful of America’s twentieth-century presidents, and the decade when he ruled (1953-61) the most prosperous in American, and indeed world, history.

That planted in me the wish to read a full biography of Ike. I kept putting this off, though, perhaps because my desire to read about underrated U.S. presidents was sated by the researches I did in the 1990s on Harding and Coolidge. (I even read Carl Anthony’s biography of Mrs. Harding, which is more interesting than you’d think. She had an illegitimate child at age 20, and supported herself and the child by giving piano lessons.)

It was the author’s name that prompted me to read an Ike biography at last. Paul Johnson has been a companion—in the literary sense; he doesn’t know me from Adam—all my adult life. I’m a fan from way back: from the mid-1960s, when P.J. and I were both lefties.

Read the rest here:

A Beatiful Dream — #2 in a series

From Dave the sage, here:

Oh, the #1 in the series is here: